01 LT IFE approval CASC HAR v2

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Spelling
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Update on approval phase of the CASC HAR v2

• The HAR of CASC will be submitted to the relevant NRAs by early October. • CRE and CNMC as well as other concerned NRAs will formally approve the rules in their own jurisdictions.

• Without prejudging the respective Board decisions, CRE and CNMC do not expect significant difficulties for approving the rules with regard to the provisions applicable to the French-Spanish interconnection.

• In Spain, the HAR will be submitted to the Electricity Consultative Council for (maximum) 20 working days. Afterwards, the Board of CNMC would be able to approve the rules by mid November. CRE intends to make the formal approval decision by then too.

• The rules will be applicable to the 2015 annual auction and subsequent monthly auctions.

SWE IG meeting – 6th October 2014


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