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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Engineering & Technology, Electrical Engineering
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Department of Engineering Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi)

Full- Time Higher Diploma In Aircraft Maintenance Engineering ( HDAME ) ( Course Code: EG114704) ( Program Leader: Ir TANG Sek Man)

General Course Information Title:

HD in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering


2 years


Credit based


Full Time

Due start:

Sep 2014

Collaboration with GCAC •The course is in the collaboration with the Guangzhou Civil Aviation College (GCAC) •GCAC specializes in providing sub-degree programmes in civil aviation field •GCAC will be responsible for the major part of the practical training

•The specifications are defined by ENG/TY •Medium of Instruction is English

Aim of the course To equip graduates with the right kind of:

Knowledge and skills to Hong Kong Aviation Requirements Part 66 (HKAR-66) B1.1 level to •start their career

•be competent on jobs •be contributive to society

HKAR 66 B1.1 license holders may

issue certificates of release to service following line maintenance on aircraft structure, power-plants, mechanical and electrical systems plus replacement of avionic replaceable units.

To Qualify for HKAR 66 B1.1 License: • Attempt and pass all 13 Moduleexams; • Acquire at least 5 years working

experience on aircraft maintenance engineering after completion of


• Attempt and pass all 13 Module-

exams; • Acquire at least 2 years working experience on aircraft maintenance engineering after completion of HDAME and getting a HKAR-147

Certificate of Recognition (CoR)

Course Curriculum & Modules Syllabuses are available from the following web-site:


Communication with Department • All IVE students are given an e-mail account Address of Web-mail Service:

http://webmail.vtc.edu.hk/ Login ID: {your student number}

• An ENG web site http://tyneng.vtc.edu.hk is set up for communications between ENG students and the department.

• It is the responsibility of students to check their mailbox and the ENG web site as often as they could.

• The files of this Induction Day are uploaded on http://tyneng.vtc.edu.hk for students’ reference.

Timetable for Classes • Timetable can be accessed via Internet at home


Student Representatives (SR) • To represent his/her group of students in the Student Representative Meeting (SRM) • If there is no volunteer, the first student in the list of each tutorial group would be appointed as the SR.


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