10 Commandments for Guardian Directors of Music

January 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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10 Commandments for Guardian Directors of Music BGC/DGG Leadership Training 2012

Commandment #1 • Thou shalt NOT play a country’s national anthem to escort that country’s flag… –

S.I. 21-20 The National Anthem of the country shall be played after the flag is presented west of the Altar Note: the new Music Ritual contains updated appropriate escort music for all JDI National emblems.

Commandment #2 *NEW*




• Thou shalt play a chord “for the Chaplain to rise after attending at the Altar” • Change from our previous direction to play a preparatory chord AFTER the Chaplain rises…

Commandment #3 • Thou shalt consider the optional songs: – Chaplain to the Altar for Obligation: may play either “Holy, Holy, Holy” OR “Sweet Hour of Prayer” – Optional words for “Onward, Christian Soldiers” (“Forward, all Job’s Daughters”) – Optional words to “My Faith Looks Up to Thee” – In closing cross, may sing either “Nearer, My God, to Thee” OR “Let There Be Peace on Earth” Refer to new Music Ritual for other suggestions…

Commandment #4 • Thou shalt ensure your Daughters are aware of wording changes in new Music Ritual: – “Open the Gates of the Bethel” – 2nd verse is now “Open your hearts to each other; that Love dwells with us always.” – “Now Our Work is Over” – 1st verse is now “Now our work is over, God has blessed our hands”; 2 nd verse is now “May God give his children calm and sweet repose; With his tend’rest blessing, may our Bethel close” – No other wording changes…

Commandment #5 • Thou SHALT have choir practices!!! • That’s all, just… • …Thou SHALT have choir practices!!

• and think of creative ways to reward the Daughters for their efforts!

Commandment #6 • Play some FUN music!! – Remember that music not in the Music Ritual may be used for Escort, Coin March, removal of chairs – be creative! (but be legal…) – Involve the Daughters in your choice of alternate music selections – Consider for the Bethel Librarian’s report a short instrumental piece played by a Daughter - we have some TALENTED young ladies!!

Commandment #7 • PRACTICE with your Chaplain!! • She will have great pride in floor work to the Altar done well… • And you will not have to play extra notes or end early!

Commandment #8 • Encourage your budding musicians • Loan them a Music Ritual and flag some pages of the simplified songs • Soon you’ll have an installed Daughter Musician!

Commandment #9 • You need practice, too… • Try it with a metronome to check the speed at which you are playing…

Commandment #10 • Remember… • She who sings, prays twice!!

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