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Physical Recreation and Play

What is leisure time? What affects whether people use their leisure time in an active way? What are the characteristics and objectives of physical recreation and play?

Leisure time Play, physical recreation and sport Characteristics  ‘Spare time’ during which you choose what to do- Personal Choice  Available once all other commitments are completed  E.g. Going to school ,part-time job, homework etc

 Various ways to spend it  Some choose to relax  Some look for excitement and danger

Objectives  Benefits to individual



 Relaxation, Socialising and improved fitness

 Benefits to society  Social and racial mixing, civilises society and encourages conformity (reducing crime)  Difficult to separate as improved fitness level

of an individual will reduce demands on NHS

Social and racial mixing

Benefits of leisure

Encourages conformity / reduces crime

Civilises society

Improves fitness

Leisure time cont.

Play, Physical recreation and sport

Factors affecting participation in leisure activities  Socioeconomic status  Disposable income and free time

 Stereotyping  Traditional view limiting participation e.g. Female bodybuilder or male dancer

 Disability  Availability of specialised facilities and coaching

 Age  Activities seen as being suitable for certain people e.g. Only young people go skateboarding

 Ethnicity  Less emphasis placed on leisure than educational achievement or religious observances

 Lack of facilities  Poor quality of facilities despite necessary income and free time

Physical recreation Characteristics Recreation is defined as the active aspect of leisure time  Voluntarily entered into during free time- Personal Choice  Focus on participation- not results  Flexible  Rules, duration and space used

 Available to all

Benefits  To individual

 To society

 Stress relief

Community integration

 Relax and unwind

 Meet new people

Less strain on NHS

Crime reduction

Employment opportunities

Economic benefits

 Do something you are proud of- self fulfilment  Improved health and fitness

Play Characteristics 

Fun- designed for enjoyment

Spontaneous- spur of the moment decision

Simple and childlike


Self administered- participants in control

Simple equipment- ‘Jumpers for goalposts’

Objectives For a Child 

Mastering Reality  Social skills- making friends  Physical skills- co-ordination  Emotional skills- accepting defeat  Environmental skills- safety awareness  Cognitive skills- decision making  Moral skills- fair play

For an Adult •

Escaping from reality


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