13. CH6-Gaining Self

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Chapter SIX: Gaining Self-Awareness




Note: No late assignments will be accepted. 2

Quiz Time


Reminder 50% of your grade in this class • • • • • •

College Strategies Presentation (50 pts.) Major and University Search (50 pts.) Individual Ed Plan Assignment (50 pts.) Group Ed Plan Assignment (50 pts) TBA Presentation (50 pts.) Personal Philosophy of Success Essay (50 pts.)


Gaining Self-Awareness


Case Study in Critical Thinking • Read Strange Choices (page 172) • Which student made the strangest choice?


Recognizing when you are off course • In which of your life roles are you aware of being off course? – Roles such as student, employee, brother, sister, parent, athlete, friend, etc.

• Do you know how you got there? • Close your eyes, take a deep breath, relax, and consider your journey so far • “How well am I doing?” • “Am I reaching my goals?” If not, why? 8

Jerome’s Story • • • • • • • • •

Freshman in college Dream: Accounting Firm Goal: earn 60k a year by 30th birthday Long-term: Degree and pass CPA (certified public accountant) Exam Short-term: A’s in every class Created self-management system Showed interdependence Created study group At end of semester, he fails Accounting 101… 9

Jerome failed Accounting 101…Why: • • • • • •

Skipped his accounting class 3 times to work a part-time job Did not attend one class because he was angry at his girlfriend Missed two classes because of the flu Came late 5 times because of parking problems Did not do his homework because he is busy Did not hand in one important assignment because it was confusing • Stop going to study group after 1st meeting… he is not sure why • As the final exam came closer, he got a lot of anxiety and cram for the final exam. On day of exam, he blank on the exam.


Jerome’s story (cont.) • Was it his fault? • Was it possible for him to get back on course?

“Invisible force comes along and bumps us off course”




Anatomy of a Script Habit Patterns • Habitual Thoughts: “If I don’t understand a subject right away, I never will.” • Habitual Emotions: “When I don’t understand a subject immediately, I get frustrated .” • Habitual Behaviors: “When I get frustrated, I quit.” Core Beliefs • “I’m not smart enough to succeed in college.” 13

Applying the Concept: Scripts Identify each statement as possible Thought, Emotion or Behavior


• • • •

I’m so dumb Being irritated Being very angry Driving around instead of stopping to ask directions BEHAVIOR • Often arriving late to class EMOTION • Frustration THOUGHT • I’m no good in math 14

Applying the Concept: Scripts What Core Beliefs (left) might lead to the Behavior (right)?

• • •

Core Beliefs Cheating isn’t really a big deal Not trying is better than failing Asking for help is a sign of weakness Effort is rewarded

• • •

Behaviors Studying math for 4 hours straight Skipping a final exam for English class Copying answers during a test Avoiding the tutoring center 15

Calvin and Hobbes


1717 17

Self-Awareness at Work • Career planning requires self-awareness • Identify your hard skills (special-knowledge skills that you’ve learned to do throughout your life from other people. E.g. abilities in sport, writing, computer programming, cooking, solving problems, etc.) • Identify your soft skills (ones you have developed to cope with life. E.g. seeing yourself as a Creator, developing relationships, being flexible, finding lessons in experiences, manage your emotions, feeling confidence, etc. 18

Self-Awareness at Work (cont.) • Identify your personal preference – Strong Interest Inventories – Self-Directed Search – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – Holland Code


Why is this important? • It will help you identify which career is suitable for you • That’s why the Journal Entries are important. They assist you become self-aware of you behaviors, beliefs and attitudes. • Know this can help you excel in your workplace and in life


Homework • • • •

Journal 21 – page 182 Journal 22 – page 185 Journal 23 – page 194 Read Wise Choices in College – Taking Tests – page 198

Journals for 5th edition only: • 20, 21, 22


Study Guide • • • •

Unconscious forces Victims and Creators Scripts (chart) The impact of outdated beliefs


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