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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Theatre
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By Luke T, Travis, Saxon and Dylan!

In term 3 week 8 Years 5 and 6 attended an overnight excursion at the Sydney Y Hotel. We visited many historic landmarks that many students haven't visited before. This was a very good chance for us to discover more about Sydney and its history.

Throughout the walk in Hyde Park we had discovered many interesting facts about Hyde Park such as Hyde Park used to be a sporting ground and a Horse Racing Track. We saw many statues of famous people like Captain Author Phillip and we also saw a cannon!

We were very lucky to visit the NSW Art Gallery as it was an amazing experience. The students were very surprised with the paintings, sculptures, buildings and more ! Even the early Australian paintings were realistic and looked like they had taken a photo!

 At

State Parliament we had lots of fun as we watched question time. It was very exciting to see the two sides using childish behaviour towards each other! We also saw Kristina Keneally and we met Mr Greg Piper the independent member of lake Macquarie.

 After

State Parliament we had walked to the rocks and we saw some historic, sandstone buildings that were quarried by hands from the convicts. There were wavy patterns in the sandstone.

 After

The Rocks we visited Darling Harbour and unfortunately it was very windy and was sprinkling. We had decided that we would go to the Imax theatre first before we went to China Town to have dinner. At the Imax theatre we watched Hubble in 3D. It was a story about a telescope that launched into space and the problems in the future.

Next we went to Chinatown for dinner and had some really interesting food luckily, some children did not have to eat Chinese as there was fish and chips in Chinatown.

 On

day 2 the students walked through Hyde Park towards the Barracks. When we had finally got there we waited for a while until our tour guides were ready to take us on a new journey! Hyde Park Barracks was a jail for the convicts that were men.

 At

Manly Beach we had lunch and free time on the sand. The Y Hotel had provided us lunch which included a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a popper and a piece of fruit cake. Many students had lots of fun at the beach and couldn't wait for the next feature of the day.

The next feature was amazing it was the walk across the HABOUR BRIDGE!!! We got four seasons which included a very windy and cool breeze, next was hail, torrential rain and the sun came out! Everyone was soaking wet and we were all laughing!

 Finally

we went to the Zoo by coach. The zoo had provided us dinner and drinks. after that we went on a twilight safari and saw many amazing animals such as the Zebra, the Komodo Dragon and also the Giraffe.

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