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Overall Goals • World-class professional sporting event • Link together Utah regions and tourism assets • Significant economic impact • On-site spectators (tourists)

• National and international media exposure • Successful public-private partnership • Community pride • Promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle

Key Partnerships • Public-Private Partnerships - State and Local Government; Corporate Sponsors

• Larry H. Miller Group of Companies • Medalist Sports



The Race • August 9-14, 2011 • UCI Sanctioned 2.1 • 400+ Grueling Miles • 120 World-Class Cyclists • 15 International and Domestic ProTeam, Professional Continental and Continental Teams • All Disciplines: Sprinters, Climbers, Overall • Levi Leipheimer, Mark Cavendish, Jeff Louder, Taylor Phinney, George Hincappie, Thor Hushovd

Competition • The Tour of Utah is one of three world-class, professional cycling events in its category in the United States. • Four of the top ten ranked teams in the world have committed to competing in Utah this summer. • Five of the top 15 cyclists in the world will compete in the Tour of Utah. • Olympic and world champions, national champions from an estimated 20 countries. • Defending champion Levi Leipheimer who is also an Olympic Bronze Medalist and a three-time Tour of California champion.

Teams ProTeams

Pro Continental

Accepted HTC Highroad RadioShack BMC Garmin Cervélo

Accepted UnitedHealthcare Team Type 1 Geox-TMC SpiderTech


USA USA Spain Canada

Pending Liquigas-Cannondale Italy Continental Accepted Endura Trek LIVESTRONG U23 RealCyclist Pure Black Racing Garmin U23

Great Britain USA USA New Zealand USA (Chipotle Development Team)


Audience Unique six-day access to an educated, affluent audience.

Number of active cyclists in the U.S.

17 million

Number of cyclists worldwide

900 million

Avg. household income in U.S.


Avg. household income in Utah


Avg. spent per year on cycling products


On-site spectator spends daily


Economic impact in Utah

est. $39 mm

Avg. days visitors will spend in Utah

3.1 days

Spectators likely to buy sponsor products


Spectators Estimated Spectators 300,000 total 130,000 unique 25% outside state 75% inside state


Male 55%

Female 45%

Education High School College Grad School Post Grad Other

Main Media Source TV 39% Radio 14% Print 13% Internet 34%

Spectators Will Come From 20 countries 20 states (60%, Salt Lake DMA) All counties in Utah

15% 32% 22% 18% 13%

Age 0 – 17 18 – 25 26 – 35 36 – 50 50+

Travel Habits 100 Miles or less 41% 100 to 250 Miles 10% 250 + 23%

10% 11% 24% 40% 20%

Case Study Overview Tour of Missouri

500,000 Spectators over the course of seven days

$38.1 million direct economic impact

In planning their trip, 83% of non-Missourians said the Tour of Missouri was the reason they came to spend time in Missouri.

The average out-of-state visitor spent more than four days in the Show Me State.

Average income for Missourians is $87,708, and for Non-Missourians is $105,542

The average age for both Missourians, and for NonMissourians is 45.3

Direct Spending (Case Study) 2009 Statewide Direct Spending:

Food and Drinks

$8.77 million


$8.66 million


$9.71 million


$5.86 million


$5.51 million $38.51 million total

Media Coverage (Case Study) Media coverage generated over five months leading up to the Tour of Missouri: •

463 million newspaper impressions. $2.1 million value

330 million website impressions

5.3 million magazine impressions

5.6 million TV viewers on Versus Network

1.4 million TV viewers on FOX Sports Midwest

168 countries viewing live webcast

10 states ran pre-produced video news releases

26 countries ran pre-produced video news releases

Total of 21,121 news articles published 1/27/09 9/30/09

Media Coverage (Case Study) Tour of Missouri Website Statistics: •

More than 24 million requests on the site during race week

360,000+ visitors from 168 countries over seven days

More than 1,024 hours of video viewed

Average person viewed 17.3 minutes live video stream

Live Webcasts: • Viewers from 168 countries • Use of Adobe Tour Tracker to follow race action • Three hours average broadcast per day

• Promoted and aired on Universalsports.com

Marketing Platforms • • • • • • •

Television Radio Newspaper/Magazine Website Social Media Print Collateral Materials Mobile App

Marketing Positioning Regional/ Local • Top U.S. Cycling Event • Free world-class event • Meet world-class athletes • Family friendly • Festival (community celebration) • Utah’s Tour de France • Healthy living, “wellness”

National • Premier sporting event • One of the top three-ranked stage races in North America • World-class event • An elite U.S. cycling race • World’s best conditioned athletes • Extreme • Growing in popularity (event and sport) • First major North American event for top teams and riders post Tour de France

Market Segmentation Market Segments • • • •

Trade (cycling, endurance sports) Family Sports fans Curiosity seekers

Core Markets • Utah • Idaho • Colorado • Arizona • Nevada • New Mexico • Washington • Wyoming • Oregon • California

National TV Broadcast This year’s race will be televised nationally on FOX Sports Network, regionally on ROOT Sports and locally on KJZZ-TV. Nightly, hour-long programs are planned with a two-hour-wrapup show on Sunday, August 14. FOX Sports Network • 10-11 p.m. • 19.2 million cumulative audience over six days. ROOT Sports • 10-11 p.m. • 570,000 cumulative audience over six days. • Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, South Dakota, Washington, Oregon, western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, western Maryland and parts of eastern Ohio.

Local TV and Radio Broadcast KJZZ-TV •9-10 p.m. • 240,000 cumulative audience over six days. • southwestern Wyoming, southeastern Idaho, Nevada, southwestern Colorado and northern Arizona 1320 KFAN Radio • KFAN sports radio will provide live updates every twenty minutes during the race itself.

and Public Relations MEDIAMedia RELATIONS & IMPACT The Tour of Utah will generate local, national, and international media attention. An emphasis will be placed on sports media while also targeting active lifestyle/wellness and travel outlets.

Impact With its increase in status, the Tour of Utah is expected to be covered by print and on-line publications as well as radio and TV stations, beginning in January and running through September 2011.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Media and Public Relations 2011OBJECTIVES • Position the Tour of Utah, “America’s Toughest Stage Race”, as one of the premier cycling events internationally. • Build excitement and generate spectator enthusiasm for the Tour by promoting the rolling festival. • Communicate that the Tour is one of few professional sporting events that is FREE for spectators.

Hospitality Start Line • Entry into the VIP hospitality venues at the start line includes complimentary breakfast with selection of beverages. • Pass holders will also have access to Autograph Alley where they can get autographs and photographs from cyclists before the start of the race.

Hospitality Finish Line • Entry into the VIP hospitality venues at the finish area includes complimentary gourmet cuisine with a selection of beverages. • Pass holders can watch the race live on flat screen televisions while dining. • Pass allows access to the VIP viewing area located across from the finish line and awards ceremony stage.

Start & Finish Areas Start • Autograph Alley • National Anthem • Hospitality • Athlete Accessibility Finish • Interviews with athletes • Awards Stage • Press Conference • Autograph Tent • Expo • Live Race Telecast • Hospitality



The Tour of Utah is so much more than just a pro bicycle race. It is also a rolling festival of activities to help promote a healthy lifestyle. The Expo area will include : • • • • • • •

children’s activities stunt bike demonstrations product sampling food/beverage stations race merchandise health-focused information big screen TV to watch race live

Merchandise Official licensed apparel is being handled locally by Drive Marketing. They will create both clothing for spectators as well as assist us with securing a vendor to produce the winner’s jerseys for the Tour and the participant jersey for the Ultimate Challenge. Licensed apparel will be sold on the Tour of Utah website as well as at all stages of the race in the expo area.

Volunteers In 2010, the Tour of Utah had over 233 volunteers doing more than 650 jobs in six days.

Again this year, we’re looking for a great group of volunteers to fill a variety of positions. We encourage interested applicants of every experience level to apply. Volunteering is a great way to get plugged into the community, get closer to the race and be a part of the wonderful festivities. Volunteer Assignments • Course Marshals • Security • Media • Economic Impact Surveyors • Volunteer Check In Register: www.tourofutah.com

Get Involved Our vision for the Tour of Utah is to be a cornerstone of the cycling movement in this state – an event taking place each summer that our community looks forward to and helps all aspects of the local cycling industry thrive and survive. How you can get involved: • • • • •

Ride in the Ultimate Challenge Volunteer Gather your friends, line the route and watch the race. Watch the nightly wrap up show on TV. Tell your friends around the world to watch the race live at www.tourofutah.com. • Place Tour collateral material in your store or business.

Get Involved More… • • • • • •

Pass out race information to your fellow club members. Visit the expo during the event. Purchase an expo booth and show your wares. Have your children participate in the kids’ events. Come to the opening night team presentation gala. Blog, Tweet or Facebook about your experience at the Tour. • Take fan video at the race and post it on YouTube. • Purchase a Pace Line Package or hospitality pass. Go to www.tourofutah.com and get involved!

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