2013 AVID Newsletter - Greenwood Academy Denver Public Schools

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications
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Welcome to Greenwood Academy Middle School AVID Pre-Collegiate Program AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. 98% of AVID students graduate from high school and continue on to College! That’s impressive.

AVID students will be expected to participate in extra-curricular activities, volunteer in their school community, maintain a positive attitude, excel academically and be responsible school leaders. Students come to class every day prepared to learn with all necessary supplies. AVID students demonstrate “SPARC” values every day. COME JOIN OUR AWESOME AVID FAMILY

“I would describe Ms. Richardson as a motivating person because she motivates us to keep going and to go on to college. I feel that is one of use got discouraged to go to college, she would cheer is on to keep going. Another word that describes Ms. Richardson would be funny.” - - Valerie Briones—

AVID Stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. In simple terms that means YOU are the only one that can make it happen. You can have success ONLY if YOU do the work. Your future is up to you!

 AVID is a year-long elective class taught by Ms. Richardson at Greenwood - that is a lot like an academic class. AVID is a commitment you make to achieve your goals. AVID has continued to be a successful program for the past five years.  AVID is not for everyone. You can ask to be considered for the AVID class, but only students with good teacher recommendations will be chosen. You must also have good behavior, good attendance and a good attitude to be chosen for AVID. You must be willing to work hard and to study at least 1 hour every night. All AVID students are required to take Cornell notes and have an organized binder used for all subjects.

AVID Curriculum W-Writing •Essay and Narrative •Learning Logs •Goal Setting I-Inquiry •Costa’s level of questions •Weekly Tutorials •Philosophical Chairs C-Collaboration •Group Projects •Fun Team Building Activities O-Organization •Binder and Planner R-Reading • Annotating the text •Socratic Seminar

AVID IS: Leadership

TUTORIALS If you ever have something you don’t understand in your regular classes, bring it to tutorials. Bring a set of Cornell notes that have to do with your question and Tutorial Request Form. Your tutor and your colleagues will help guide you towards the answer.

THE AVID BINDER In AVID, you will learn how to keep your binder organized, without worrying about losing work that may be important.

SPEAKERS Once-a-month in AVID the students have the learning experience of having guests come into the school to teach them about colleges, scholarships, careers, and service.

COLLEGE/TRIPS: AVID trips are great way to focus on what the goal is - getting to college and how the college experience will be like.

TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES: Team building is getting to know your peers and bonding to buildup our AVID FAMILY

“What advice would you share with middle school students about being a successful student and attending college?” GESTEM

4th grade TCAP Buddies

I would tell them to take risks and not let other students pass them by. I will also tell them to stay focused and to not get side tracked by what others are doing. ---Deidra Ward, College Junior {CCD}--I would tell them to go to class all the time. Always ask questions and communicate with their teachers. ---Caprice Ringold, Community College of Denver---

8th grade College and Career Fair

8th Grade Continuation 2013

AVID CELEBRATIONS AVID coordinator, Ms. Richardson tcap spirit week GO wonderwoman!!!!

 Moving towards a “NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL”  AVID 8th graders accepted into the following high schools: GW-IB program, CEC, Noel Arts, DCIS, High Tech, & DSST.  Dontae Pickard and Jesenia Sandoval-Soto recognized as Denver Mile High Scholars-2013  6th graders Camp-in at the Museum  AVID Family CU Football Game  Students involved in a variety of afterschool activities  100% of 6th graders returning to be in 7th Grade AVID 80% of 7th graders returning to AVID for THIRD YEAR! 100% Support from Mrs. Payne and Mr. Sanders: School-wide AVID and College-going environment.

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