2014-2015 CPT Structure

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications, Marketing
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2014-2015 CPT Info Session Jayesh Srivastava- Executive Director Macauley Rybar- External Director Allison Schaffer- Internal Director Marissa Alaniz- Planning Director Theron O’Halloran- Operations Director

DM VISION • Transparency throughout entire organization • Effective & efficient use of resources • Accepting community and diverse dancer experience • Positive Dancer, Family, and Partner experience • Stewardship in ALL relationships • ALL TO INCREASE IMPACT FOR THE KIDS!

LEADERSHIP CULTURE • All 4 Associate Teams contribute to entire DMUM Vision • Opportunities for everyone to express opinions and ideas on all matters, regardless of position • Emphasis on consistent associate leadership experience • 1 Leadership Team = 1 Identity = 1 Family





• Weekly 2 hour meetings on Sunday • 2 Retreats (1 per Semester)

• Expected to hold weekly 1 hour meetings • Cross Associate team meetings as necessary

Associate Team Chairs

• Weekly 2 hour Meetings • Depends on Needs

Entire Associate Team

• Depends on associate team, but no more than 1 hour a week

Steering Meetings

• Monthly 1 Hour Meeting


LINEDANCE • What is important about this position? • All associate teams represented • 2 Main Fulfillments ▫ Dancer Engagement throughout the year ▫ Marathon linedance

• Linedance leaders: 3 from CPT

LINEDANCE (CONT.) Internal Responsibilities, managed by Dancer Engagement (Internal Chair) • Assigned to 2-3 teams • Hype/ bonding/ pod wars • Role: being All-Star dancers Planning Responsibilities, managed by Line Dance Chairs • Song selection • Choreography approval (planning director) • Marathon scheduling (planning director)

LINEDANCE (CONT.) Logistics • 26 dancers – 20 on stage at a time • All Coords are selected in Spring for committees • Early Fall: Linedance apps open • Linedance Leaders selected from the CPT body (with the exception of Finance, DR and DE)

PLANNING VISION The Planning associate team will focus on creating and implementing the framework for programming and events throughout the year in order to: • Act as a support to our internal organization to facilitate relationships between dancers, dancer captains, and steering members • Target the external community to further develop partnerships and garner support for our organization • Engage the internal and external communities with our cause

ENGAGEMENT EVENTS Acting as a support to the internal organization through developing and implementing: • A fall event • Family engagement events • Small activities at the Marathon

ENTERTAINMENT Encouraging internal engagement through: • Developing and showcasing relationships with student and external performers • Creating and implementing the schedule of programming for the Gala and the Marathon

EVENT MANAGEMENT Providing logistical oversight by: • Addressing facility requirements • Ensuring personnel requirements • Scheduling for preparations, maintenance, and conclusions of events

FUNDRAISING EVENTS Engaging both the internal and external audiences of our organization through: • Organizing sustainable fundraising efforts • Expanding into new mutually beneficial partnerships to raise funds and engage dancers

EVENT PARTNERSHIP Supporting our internal organization through: • Developing mutually beneficial partnerships with multi-faceted sponsors • Garnering in-kind donations

PLANNING Planning Director

Fundraising Events


Engagement Events

Event Management

Event Partnership

EXTERNAL VISION The External Associate Team’s efforts will focus on developing genuine, mutually beneficial relationships that will support our organization and our image as a professional non-profit in Ann Arbor, the state of Michigan, & beyond. This will be accomplished through: • Engaging with corporations on a large scale basis in order to emphasize successful partnerships • Streamlining external communication to spread one, united organizational message • Stewarding all organizational donors and providing resources for the rest of the organization to accomplish this • Sharing our cause and inspiring advocacy across the organization and in the community • Supporting, engaging, and expanding the organization’s role in local schools

CORPORATE FOUNDATION RELATIONS Capitalizing on large external fundraising opportunities through: • Applying for grants • Large scale reach outs to corporations • Maintaining relationships with monetary corporate donors • Showcasing mutually beneficial relationships

DEVELOPMENT Providing resources for the organization to steward all donors through: • Working on major gifts • Applying stewardship models • Alumni Advisory Board liaison • Alumni relations

COMMUNICATIONS Visionary for all external communication outside of the organization through: • Public Relations • Engaging all aspects of the organization to further DM’s name in the community • Media Contacts • Champion Newsletter / Blog

K-12 ENGAGEMENT Advocates for our cause and Dance Marathon as an entity in K-12 schools by: • Expanding and growing Mini Marathon programs • Disability Awareness Days facilitation and school support programs • Engaging with other external partners to provide resources to the organization

EDUCATION THERAPY RELATIONS Showcasing the DM cause within the organization and to the external community through: • Liaison between therapies, therapists and the organization • Stewarding relationships with our hospitals • Educating donors, partners and dancers • Facilitating relationships with community partners • Fundraising motivation through cause inspiration

EXTERNAL External Director

K-12 Engagement


Corporate Foundation Relations


Education Therapy Relations

INTERNAL VISION The Internal Associate Team will broadly focus on the stewardship of all members and potential members of Dance Marathon with specific focus on: • Providing a revamped Dancer experience focused on widespread, personalized appeal with fewer expectations and a vast array of opportunities • Facilitation of resources directed specifically at dancer and team needs • Emphasizing engagement across the organization, accomplished by supporting dancers on the team level • Development of novel family resources • Providing individual, team and pod resources to bring dancers to their fundraising goals and beyond • Education and development of future leaders

DANCER RELATIONS Responsibilities include: • Liaison between resources of internal, DM as a whole, and captains • Communication • Pod Unity

FAMILY RELATIONS Responsibilities include: • Family resources • Cause education • Fundraising motivation • Initiatives ▫ Alumni family programming ▫ Family recruitment

DANCER FUNDRAISING Responsibilities include: • Individual dancer resources • Assist pod and team fundraising • Resource tool kit • Large fundraising initiatives with fundraising events

RECRUITMENT Responsibilities include: • General campus recruitment • Dancer deadlines • Providing resources to: ▫ Student organization teams ▫ Greek life teams

• Initiatives: ▫ Increase diversity of DM ▫ Retention of 1st-year dancers

DANCER ENGAGEMENT Responsibilities include: • Creating initiatives to be implemented by engagement representatives/linedancers on teams • Managing and supporting engagement reps/linedancers • Pod unity (lipsync, pod wars) • Collaborating with planning • Organization cheerleader

INTERNAL Internal Director

Dancer Fundraising

Dancer Engagement

Family Relations

Dancer Relations


OPERATIONS VISION The Operations Associate Team will broadly focus on the improvement of efficiency by being a specialized resource hub for all other associate teams mainly focused on: • Using information gathered from dancers to capitalize on opportunities for growth • Keeping the website up to date with resources provided by other committees • Managing promotion of our organization through social media on our campus, and larger community • Ensuring financial stability and 501(c)3 status by updating financial records and organizing budgets

MARKETING Promote the organization through: • Social Media • Media Production • Design

FINANCE (Co-Chair) Maintaining financial stability via: • Funding Applications • Budgeting • Financial Record Keeping

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (Co-Chair) Improve the dancer experience: • Check-in • Team Placement • Data Base Management • Website Update

OPERATIONS Operations Director


Finance (2)

Info Management (2)

RECAP • 4 Associate Teams (Planning, External, Internal, and Operations) • Planning – Event Management, Entertainment, Engagement Events, Fundraising Events, Event Partnership • External – K12 Engagement, Development, Corporate Foundation Relations, Education Therapy Relations, Communications

RECAP (CONT.) • Internal – Dancer Fundraising, Dancer Relations, Family Relations, Recruitment, Dancer Engagement • Operations – Finance (2), Info Management (2), Marketing • 20 Chairs, 5 per associate team

Questions? Contact Us • Jayesh Srivastava: Executive Director 734-2625273 [email protected] • Macauley Rybar: External Director 810-2522613 [email protected] • Marissa Alaniz: Planning Director 734-8838160, [email protected] • Allie Schaffer: Internal Director 415-8280097, [email protected] • Theron O’Halloran: Operations Directors 269348-2712, [email protected]

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