2015 Candidates for Economic Empowerment Chair

January 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Psychotherapy
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2015 Executive Board Elections

2015 Candidate for President

Jason Ross

I am interested in running for President of ULGDYP because I have a deep passion for the need of parity amongst African American and other minorities in in the country and more specifically DFW. I have served as a member of ULGDYP since 2009 in a multitude of different roles, including but not limited to Vice-President. I would like to run on the following platform: • Impact Change • Wealth Development (Financial, physical, Professional and spiritual) • Learn and Support local Black Business • Build and Develop Partnerships with other Organization

Jason Ross

2015 Candidate for Vice President

Travon Talley

For the past six years, I have been a member of the Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professionals. During that time I have served as a member on the professional development committee, been professional development chair and served as treasurer. I have attended numerous national and local Urban League Conferences. Therefore, I am both knowledgeable and passionate about this movement. I am running for vice-president of the ULGDYP because I grew up in the movement in this chapter, seen tremendous growth, and I am very passionate about who we are, what we do and the impact we have in the Dallas community. I have worked on the executive committee as treasurer so I’m fully aware of the duties and responsibilities of the members of the executive committee and vice-president in particular. I am positive that I can enhance this position and help set this organization to be more efficient and structured moving into the future.

Travon Talley

2015 Candidates for Secretary

Brittany Steward Michelle Williams

The ULGDYP organization is an amazing young professionals group that I am proud to be a part of. I have been an active member for roughly one year now and have both contributed my skills and talents to the benefit of the organization as well as received and been positively impacted by the people I have met and events I have attended. I am a native of the DFW metroplex and until now have not found a group/organization like YP that has such an amazing concentration of young professional minority talent coming together towards positive goals and personal growth. Upon joining YP I immediately got involved- I joined the HQL committee where I helped to plan and execute the successful Fit in the City event. I also had the opportunity to share my professional knowledge and expertise as an HR professional during one of the General Body Meetings in which I presented on the subject of tips and advice for job seekers. Furthermore I recently spoke and lead the women’s lounge workshop at the September YP Leadership Conference in which we dialogued on the subject of women in the workplace. I mention all of this to say that I love to be involved! When I am a part of something that I am passionate about like YP I believe in going all in! For me the next step of involvement, dedication and commitment to the organization would be to serve on the Executive Board. I would be honored to serve in the role of Secretary and believe my talents and commitment to the YP mission would be a perfect fit. My goals as Secretary would be to ensure that YP maintains a high standard of excellence in regards to the structure of meetings, communication to the Executive Board and membership as well as the proper maintenance of any documents and information that would fall under the responsibility of the Secretary. I consider myself a leader and as such want to use my leadership to both contribute and execute valuable ideas as well as support the missions and visions of our committees and membership as a whole.

I have great organizational skills and am experienced holding leadership positions within other professional organizations. During my collegiate years I was involved in the following: Delta Sigma Pi (Co-Ed Business Fraternity)- Former Fraternity Vice President and Social Chair of Pledge Class- Baylor University Hankamer Student Organization- Former President of this student lead organization of the Baylor University Hankamer School of Business I look forward to this upcoming election and hopefully being selected to serve as the upcoming Secretary for the ULGDYP.

Brittany Steward

During my elected term there are a few things that I would change, specifically surrounding the flow and structure of the General Body Meetings. The first change that I would implement is ensuring that we regularly have “working” meetings. I believe that the best time to get people involved in the movement is to engage them when we have their attention. Our GBM are our first impression… our “salesman” that should close the deal on visitors making a commitment to our organization. Quite often, our GBM speakers are hit and/or miss which does not allow new/prospective members the pleasure of seeing the depth of our organization. Also, many people simply don’t know how to get plugged in, and are not driven (or convinced) enough to put forth the effort to find out. In order to facilitate this restructuring, I will provide our committee chairs with a flexible template of what should get done in that meeting. This will prevent circular, unproductive talk and ensure that every committee chair leaves with concrete commitments. Lastly, I think it is imperative to ensure we continue to foster regular communication between the organization and the General Body. This includes stepping up and ensuring there is clear communication surrounding key events that YP may be throwing regardless if I am officially helping with that event or not. In my opinion, it is the secretary’s responsibility, with the support of the communications chair, to make sure that our body has all of the information they need to become involved and serving members. This means that if there are upcoming events, the information should be drafted and presented (ideally) by the specific committee chairs but followed up by the Secretary. Sometimes, we have events where the committee chair is not present to make presentation and the President has the scramble to find someone else to make the announcement. However, if the secretary takes ownership of this, that scramble is eliminated.

Michelle Williams

2015 Candidate for Treasurer

Michael Brown

My interest in the Treasurer position with UGLDYP stems from my overall commitment to the organization and its success. I want to use skills that I’ve developed in the Corporate realm in order to drive the goals and objectives established by the incoming President. I believe that good accounting and financial controls are key contributors to good decision making and overall success for most organizations. In my role as Treasurer I plan to achieve the following: • Monthly Flash Reports • Financial Controls that protect current and future assets • Bring more technology resources to the table • Help drive positive cash flow to the organization

Michael Brown

2015 Candidate for Community Outreach Chair

Kobla Tetey

Community is the lifeblood of growth. With strong community comes strong minds, and strong bodies. It is through community that we can reach the ultimate heights in progression of our interests. Too often we make the assumption, form a 50,000ft view, that our community needs “this” and our community needs “that.” Ultimately the best way to build the community is to go into the community and ask them what their needs are. The next step is to follow through and appeal to those needs. How do we help build character of a child if we have never met the children? How do we provide outlets for growth beyond what kids see on the streets if we are not there to show them the path? It is my wish to get directly into the community and begin with the friendships that allow other to see the young professionals of urban league in a positive light. Everyone will not be won over but if we move one, two, or three people to change and progression we have done our part. As the Chair of The community outreach Committee I will make it and obligation to not only engage the African American community but also engage other young professionals groups to reach all facets of the community. Through a collective front, of all minority young professional groups, the Urban League can make a major impact that resonates throughout the Dallas Metroplex. This will be my goal as chair.

Kobla Tetey

2015 Candidate for Civic Engagement Chair

Melissa “Nikki” Hearon

I spent the first half of my life as an Air Force dependent and During that time, I lived both in the U.S. and internationally. The singular commonality for every base in which I lived was the awareness of the military community and how this community affected the city, or country, in which we lived. The biggest concern was always to represent the military and U.S. well. My family did this by getting involved in the communities—being active on the local level and becoming familiar with the culture and concerns of surrounding citizens. This practice is one I carried into my adult life from college until now. How am I representing my community well? Am I involved? Have I tried to understand the culture in which I find myself? What is important to the communities around me? I am a relatively new transplant to Dallas, having just moved here two years ago. But Dallas, and its surrounding communities, are now my home. I want roots here. I do not want to be on the sidelines watching and hoping that an impact can be made by my casting a vote during mid-term elections or national elections. Civic engagement is a grass roots effort that begins with knowing how my community is affected even from just a ten-mile radius from my own home. I want to impart the importance of “local.” I want to take what I’ve learned as a military dependent—understanding diverse communities and adapting to the needs—and give it to my new and permanent home of Dallas, Texas.

Melissa “Nikki” Hearon

2015 Candidates for Economic Empowerment Chair • Devin Guinn • Quinton Thompson • Roshea Roussell

As elected Economic Empowerment Chair I would encourage young professionals to take a leap of faith and explore entrepreneurship based on my experience in starting a design build company at the age of 22. I would like to use my knowledge and skills to help our organization and community expand on topics such as capital funding, taxes, business planning, marketing, and financial decisions.

Devin Guinn

My interest for developing others to achieve financial independence has led me to my career as Financial professional. I believe through sound advice, education, time, and persistence anyone can achieve this beloved dream. Financial Independence is more than just having a lot of money; it is about achieving a “lifestyle” that makes you and your family happy. As a young professional, I have dedicated my career to helping others attain their goals and objectives through sound financial advice.

As a candidate for the Economic Empowerment Chair, I look to expound on my calling by providing our members and community with the resources and education needed to help them make better financial decisions. My plan is to build a team of members to position The Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professional as a go to resource in helping others achieve financial success. As the visionary/leader, I vow to commit my time and talent into making The Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professionals a valuable resource not only to its members, but also to those in the community.

Quinton Thompson

My overall goal for the Economic Empowerment Committee is to capitalize on our network and have a group of motivated individuals with different perspectives working together towards the common goal of wealth creation by understanding and actively practicing investing in Equities, Real Estate & Entrepreneurship

Roshea Rousell

2015 Candidate for Professional Development Chair

Courtney Sanders

My interest for developing others to achieve financial independence has led me to my career as Financial professional. I believe through sound advice, education, time, and persistence anyone can achieve this beloved dream. Financial Independence is more than just having a lot of money; it is about achieving a “lifestyle” that makes you and your family happy. As a young professional, I have dedicated my career to helping others attain their goals and objectives through sound financial advice. As a candidate for the Economic Empowerment Chair, I look to expound on my calling by providing our members and community with the resources and education needed to help them make better financial decisions. My plan is to build a team of members to position The Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professional as a go to resource in helping others achieve financial success. As the visionary/leader, I vow to commit my time and talent into making The Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professionals a valuable resource not only to its members, but also to those in the community.

Courtney Sanders

2015 Candidates for Communications Chair

• Gabby Rosemond • Lydia Redic

When we think about communications we should think about relationships. Telling stories. Creating lasting impressions. At its core communications is about using effective storytelling to motivate and inspire people to action. Our story is one of civil rights and economic empowerment. As Communications Chair I will lead the way in providing clarity in our brand message. A message that is familiar but different. Familiar enough to be recognizable yet different enough to stand out and win share of heart, mind, and wallet from our members, advocates, and potential supporters.

Gabby Rosemond

Since joining YP, I have had the opportunity to serve under the leadership of Tracsean Hamilton communications chair. Being active in the group really shows you how much passion and determination this organization and people have for their community. While serving, I was able to produce the weekly newsletter and take photos at he monthly general body meetings. Being appointed those task, displayed my willing to serve the YP and desire to promote the mission of the organization. My goal will be to continue and enhance the communication the organization, also, to make our line of communication more engaging for new and current members. By implementing new ideas to engage YP will keep the BUZZ going about our amazing organization.

Lydia Redic

2015 Candidate for Social & Cultural Chair

Herbert Smith

The Social & Cultural Committee Chair position interests me because of the possibilities in it. In the Social & Cultural committee I see the potential to aid and support various other committees in turn strengthening YP as a whole. By providing engaging social/cultural events I believe we can see a growth in membership and member retention. Also in organizing events that are not only engaging but profitable we would be able to aid the Fundraising committee in their mission to raise funds for the organization. In all I think I can steer this committee to new plateaus, which will benefit the YP chapter.

Herbert Smith

2015 Candidate for Membership

Freddie Harris

Hi, my name is Freddie D. Harris, and I have been a member of ULGDYP for the past 4 years. Unfortunately I have only been an “active member” for 2 of those years. The above statement is the reason I want to be the chair of the ULGDYP Membership Committee for the 2015-2016 term. Using the experience gained over the years from holding several leadership positions with numerous organizations, I know I can reduce the number of non-active members and convert those young professionals to ACTIVE MEMBERS. Below you’ll find five points extracted from a plan of action, showing how we can do just that:

• • • • •

Create an easy and efficient way to become an Active Member of ULGDYP by maximizing the resources the organization already has Show the Value in becoming an Active Member; Let them see their $75 at work Provide Exclusive benefits/discounts/event-access to Active Members Have more of a presence at ULGDYP sponsored events and other events in the Dallas YP community Provide Discounts/Incentives for becoming an Active Member with in a Timely Fashion

Freddie Harris

2015 Candidate for Public Relations Chair

Sabrina Jackson

2015 Candidate for Development Chair

Erin Cross

It is my desire to further advance the work of ULGDYP in the areas of donor relations and corporate partnerships. I would like to create a plan to increase the affinity of young adults in the North Texas region to help extend the reach of programs and services. This plan would include friend-raisers and fundraisers within the realms of economic empowerment and professional development. Additionally, I would analyze the current donor/partner relationships to discover new ways to reconnect lapsed members, donors and partners.

Erin Cross

2015 Candidate for Health & Quality of Life Chair

• Ashley Wells • Mesia Davis

As the Health/Quality of Life Chairperson my goal is to focus the organization’s efforts to achieving its principals by driving awareness and providing education to Dallas residents surrounding the importance of total wellness including: preventive health measures, mental health awareness and spiritual growth. During my candidacy, emphasis will be placed on mental health as it aids in the management of the other two areas. Despite growing suicide rates, prevalence of depression and anxiety, mental illness and stress management is not widely discussed due to the sensitivity of the topic. Continued success of organizations such as the Urban League is dependent on total wellness, especially mental health to achieve its goal to drive community empowerment. My first plan of action is to educate members on the importance of mental health through forums with health professionals, greatly because the demographic of ULGDYP experience various changes as young professionals that require strong mental health. “The more anxiety we face, the more we deplete our water-soluble vitamins. Essential fatty acids, high levels of Vitamin B Complex and adrenal support can help in fortifying the body’s ability to work under increased stress” (Center for Disease Control). In addition to creating community events such as various health screenings, I also plan to connect individuals and families experiencing hardships with counseling services by partnering with mental health facilities and professionals. If selected as the Health/Quality of Life Chair of ULGDYP, I am committed to supporting members and the Dallas community in continual effort in becoming a healthier version of themselves through education and resources to enhance quality of life and foster total wellness.

Ashley Wells

To begin, and ultimately complete, any task, you have to make up your mind that you can. This requires a healthy mindset and belief in oneself. It also requires the ability to reflect on past experiences, the triumphs and failures, and the ability to reconcile these experiences toward future success. I see the decline of mental health as an issue that many communities are facing; however, the African-American community, as well as other minority communities, do not acknowledge nor seek help to overcome these issues. I would like us to engage the community in conversations about knowing the signs of and understanding these issues, as well as presenting methods of treating them.

Once we get our minds together, we have to put our bodies in action to implement the plans. For African-Americans, our bodies are preset to face several issues that can delay our plans: asthma, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, lupus, and strokes, to name a few. Many of these are genetically based, and knowing our family history would shine light on “what things may come”. Though we are not able to change our genetics, we can make lifestyle changes that will alter our likelihood of expressing many of these traits, and possibly change the genes that we pass on to future generations. I would like to see us host community events that feature specialist in various areas of health, including preventatives, nutrition, exercise, and treatment, that are tailored to the individual. Lastly, as many of our members move to the Dallas/Fort Worth area for school and/or work, they are coming into an unfamiliar place where they may not have family or friends they can engage with. To that end, in the “spirit” of friendship, which is one of the greatest bonds in the quality of life, I would like us to spend time getting to know each other as people, so that we may offer each of us our very best. This would be accomplished through attending and participating in various member & community efforts: walk/runs, religious activities, network functions, supporting each others non-profits, book clubs, potlucks, date nights, etc. Here are just a few of the monthly events/topics I have in mind: Goal setting (nutritionist/trainer); time setting (planning); recipe share in YP monthly email; healthy cooking demos; doctor referrals for annual checkups; detox/fast; family tree biology; importance of blood type for diet/exercise; chiropractic adjustment; breathing training; gardening techniques for city living; bike ride at White Rock Lake; walk the Arboretum; monthly visit to a member referred religious gathering; and annual spa date!

Mesia Davis

2015 Proposed Bylaw Amendments 1. 2. 3.

Change the name of ULGDYP Decrease Committee Chair Terms Establish vetting process for Committee Chairs

Proposition #1: The ULGDYP membership proposes to change the name of Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professionals (ULGDYP) to a name that is more marketable and easier to brand.

Amendment to change the name of ULGDYP

Proposition #2: The ULGDYP membership proposes to change the length of leadership terms for committee chairs from two years to one year. In addition, the membership proposes to have annual elections for each committee chair role, opening the position to another member. The chair currently serving the role will also have the opportunity to run for another term if they wish.

Amendment to decrease the duration of Committee Chair Terms

Proposition #3: The ULGDYP membership proposes ULGDYP Officers to establish a vetting and/or interview process for approving committee chairs before placement on the ballot for elections.

Establish vetting process for Committee Chairs

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