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Charles Ray Hatcher Alli Streed

The Crimes leading to. •Hatcher was continuously arrested and released for a variety of different crimes, with some he pled for insanity and was released. •Had many other crimes that led to the killings such as: •Bullying as a child • Stealing multiple cars •Forging checks •Escaped from prison, attempted a burglary and was sentenced to prison again. •Attempting abduction of a young boy, but was arrested after it was reported •Kidnapping young boys •Later convicted of molesting a young boy •Raped and stabbed his inmate to death while in prison •Attempting to kill a 17-year old boy •Knife fight

Dates of Crimes. • 1947-1963: Hatcher committed crimes such as auto theft, forging, burglary, and then killing him fellow inmate. • 1969-1977: Hatcher started his kidnappings, sexually assaulting, and killing children. • 1978-1982: Hatcher was arrested 4 more times for assaulting more kids, and then arrested in Iowa for a knife fight. • 1983: Hatcher was arrested again for murdering a young girl, where a few days later he confessed to 15 other child-murders since 1969.

The Killings. Charles Ray Hatcher did a number of various crimes, but is known for his killings. He killed a total of 16 children. Hatcher used fake identities, and was sometimes arrested under those false names. Many times Hatcher would confess to his crimes, allowing him to decrease his sentence times.

Victims. Charles Ray Hatcher was convicted of killing 16 people, mainly children, including these children:

• Steven Pellham(16)- attempted to kidnap while threatening him with a butcher knife.

• • • •

Jerry Tharrington- his inmate whom he raped and stabbed to death William Freeman(12)- was abducted and strangled to death Gilbert Martinez(6)- was beaten and sexually assaulted Thomas Morton(7)- was assaulted and Hatcher had attempted to stab & kill him

• Eric Christgen(4)- had been sexually abused and died of suffocation • Michelle Steele(11)- had been beaten and strangled to death near the Missouri River

His Punishments. First time in jail he was sentenced for 2 years, however only was in for a little over a year. A few months later, he went back in for a few months for forging a check. In 1951 Hatcher escaped prison, attempted a burglary, was caught and was sentenced to an extra two years in prison. Once released, he stole another car and was sentenced to 4 years; he attempted to escape and received an additional two years. In 1959, after attempting to abduct Steven Pellham, Hatcher received 5 years. While in prison, he stabbed an inmate, and claimed to need psychiatric treatment, however it was refused. His sentence was reduced to ¾ the original time though. After confessing to abducting William Freeman, Hatcher spent the majority of his time going back and forth between court and the hospital. In 1973, Hatcher was sentenced 1 year to life & sent to medium security prison in Vacaville for attempting to escape prison again. After being found guilty for more murders, Hatcher was sentenced to life in prison, and so he requested a death sentence but the jury refused, and a few days later, he killed himself.

His Disorders.

While on trials, Hatcher would continuously claim he heard voices, faked delusions, and had multiple suicide attempts.

Was diagnosed with having a passive-aggressive personality as well as paraphilia and pedophilia. In January 1972, he was sent to California State Hospital as a “mentally-disordered sexual offender.” Was declared insane and incompetent to stand trial. Was found to be a “manipulative, institutionalized sociopath” Was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1973.

A.K.A. he was crazy!

Disorders in detail. • Paraphilia- a medical term used to describe the sexual arousal to objects, situations, or individuals that are not part of normative stimulation.

• Pedophilia- a medical diagnosis characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in children(13 years or younger); the child must be at least five years younger to be considered pedophilia.

• Paranoid schizophrenia- a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by poor emotional responsiveness. Usually consists of hallucinations, delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction.

About Charles.

The majority of the time Charles got caught was because he confessed to his crimes, but would then claim he was ill. Other reasons he got caught would be for his reoccurring action of stealing cars.

He is believed to have began his killing spree based off his childhood. His father was an exconvict and abusive alcoholic. Hatcher was also bullied in school, which led to him bullying others.

Committed suicide on December 7, 1984 by hanging himself in his cell at the Missouri State Penitentiary

Also known as: “Crazy Charlie” “One-Man Crime Wave” “Mr. Prince” He was classified as a serial killer

Article. • http://www.crimezzz.net/serialkillers/H/HATCHER_charles_ray.php http://maamodt.asp.radford.edu/Psyc%20405/serial%20killers/Hatche r,%20Charles%20-%20fall,%202005.pdf]

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