5 Best places near Jodhpur that make your trip complete

July 29, 2019 | Author: yugtechnology.akshitajain | Category:
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Unmissable Tourist places near Jodhpur within 300 Kms:-
Located within the range of 200 kms, these are some amazing places to visit near Jodhpur that makes your trip amazing and to stay longer in Rajasthan. First thing you need to do is book a Taxi in Jodhpur so that you can explore the best places near the Jodhpur. Rajasthan taxi Service Day Tour is one of the best options for visiting places near the Jodhpur. They provide all kind of cabs and taxi services. you can include Jodhpur sightseeing and many other amazing destinations.
1. Jaisalmer
2. Mount Abu
3. Pushkar
4. Ranakpur
5. Khimsar
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