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January 14, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Architecture
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5 Themes Of Geography San Francisco,California

Place Physical Characteristics: Some Physical Characteristics of San Francisco are that it is very hilly there. In San Francisco there are two major waterways the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. In San Francisco it is very foggy due to the cool ocean air and the warm water of the Pacific Ocean. San Francisco has lush forests with many animals in the hills. Human Characteristics: Some Human Characteristics of San Francisco are the Golden Gate Bridge it’s located between San Francisco and Marin County. There are also large skyscrapers. Another Human Characteristic is houses. Parks are also a Human Characteristic of San Francisco. In San Francisco and most of California there are many different races and religions.

Human Environment Interaction Some Human Environment Interactions of San Francisco is population, it causes traffic. The population of San Francisco alone is about 776,733 people. Earthquakes are the biggest threat of natural disaster in California. Large earthquakes can destroy building, roads, and bridges and sometimes damage whole cities. Pollution is another threat in California. Chemicals from cars, factories, and other sources cause pollution.

Location San Francisco’s Absolute Location is located 37 degrease North Latitude and 122 degrease West Longitude. The Relative location of San Francisco is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. San Francisco Bay to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West. During the California Gold Rush San Francisco was a major center of banking because everyone wanted to cash in there gold.

Movement Movement is also transportation and some ways to get around in San Francisco are airports, highways, waterways, street cars, and bridges.Transportation is important in San Francisco because the population is so high so it’s important to have many different transportation systems.

Region San Francisco’s culture consists of many different races and is very diverse. San Francisco has many different cultures living there as well as all of California some examples are Americans, Mexican’s (Spanish), and Oriental. San Francisco has many Ethnic groups that’s what makes it diverse this is an example of Cultural Characteristics. Some Physical Characteristics of San Francisco are bays, beaches, and mountains.

Presented By: Ellen Loy Class: Borkowski

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