54th Massachusetts Regiment

January 7, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, US History, The Civil War And Reconstruction (1850-1880), Civil War
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54th Massachusetts Regiment By.Regine Reid

What is the 54th Massachusetts Regiment One unit that insisted on fighting without pay. The organized date was in March 1863 In July 1863, earned its greatest fame The first African Americans regiment organized in the North http://images.nypl.org/index.php?id=485460&t=w

How African Americans have the rights to fight in the war. Lincoln made it possible for African Americans to fight in the war Lincoln freed the slaves Lincoln thought that if he didn’t free the slaves they wouldn’t have won the war 180 thousand African Americans we in the war

About the African Americans  Over 4 million African Americans lived in the United States in 1860  Most of the African Americans lived in the Southern States where mostly slaves  Nearly all of them served in the union army  Black soldiers often won the grudging admiration and respect of white soldiers, but they still faced strong racial hostility both on and off the battlefield  Sergeant William H. Carney was the first black soldier to receive the medal of honor http://digitalgallery.nypl.org/nypldigi tal/explore/image/203_large.eg

The War !! The war began in the 1861 Black Troops fought in almost 500 battles in the war About 400,000 African Americans died in what became a war to end slavery an as well to defend the union 135,000 of the men in the war and navy were former slaves

Later on in the 54th Massachusetts Regiment The survivors of the fifth-fourth went on participate in the eventual capture of fort wager several weeks later The fifty fourth continued to serve throught out the remainder of the war They fought at Olustee , Florida; Honey hill; South Carolina And finally at Boykins mills, South Carolina

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