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Speaking about British schools ПО УМК Enjoy English-6 Автор презентации : Ягодарова Ангелина Николаевна учитель английского языка высшeй категории МБОУ «Мари-Турекская средняя общеобразовательная школа» 2013

British schools


Hello everybody, Hello everybody, Hello everybody, It's so nice to see you today!

It is time for

school to

We'll do



Math and Art. We'll all learn





School teachers students

read write play learn attend Clubs library

Primary secondary

Wear Uniform trousers shirt jumper

School Primary teachers school year secondary students read write starts Wear play finishes Uniform learn attend trousers Clubs Summer Holidays last shirt library Foreign language jumper


English, Russian ,Literature Mathematics, Science, IT, History, Geography, French, Art, Drama, Music, PE

Do you study History? Literature? Geography? Drama? What is your favourite subject? What is the easiest subject for you? What holidays do you have?

Answers 1 .Starts

in September, finishes in

July. 2 . Christmas , Easter, Summer holidays 3. Summer holidays last six weeks 4. black trousers, a white shirt, a blue jumper, black shoes. The girls wear skirts. 5. French

Maths lesson -We study for three terms. The summer holidays last for about six weeks. We have a two-week holiday at Christmas and a twoweek holiday at Easter. Each term has one- week break. 6 10 11 13

Schools British

• School starts in September Holidays 2+2 + 6 +1+1+1 = 13 • Summer holidays: 6 weeks • School uniform • Foreign Language


• School starts in September • Holidays 1+2+1+12=16 • Summer holidays : 12 weeks • School uniform • Foreign Language

Follow school rules

1)You have to do at school: Answer teachers’ questions Learn poems by heart 2)You can do at school (if you want)

Do a project Have a lunch Join a school club

After school activities

Some students have Joined a school music club. They will sing a song

ex.57 ex.58 • Чтение текста.Read the conversation. Guess Nikita’s and Olivia’s questions • Listen to Nikita’s and Olivia’s questions and check if you were right.

Game In this lessons, students study what has happened in the past

1 Art 2 Science

3 History

Game In this lessons, students study how to draw and paint

1Geography 2 Art


Small talk -What is your school like? - My school is new. - What clubs and sports facilities has your school got? - The school has got a big gym and a sports field.

Homework 21.What subjects do you study at school? What is your favorite subject? What do you do in your favorite subjeсt? 22 b. You have 10 minutes to do this task. Any questions- Could I …. There are some new words in this task. use a dictionary

Match ●






school rules


a school club

school uniform a project a dictionary

a foreign language

join wear learn

do use follow

-a school club -a school uniform -a foreign language a project - a dictionary -school rules

Homework p.38 ex.21 ab 22 a (b. повышенной сложности)

You can use a dictionary.

Good luck!

When does the school year start?

We go to school every day except weekends, national holidays, and school holidays. We study …from September until July. And then we have the summer holidays.

Alice, could you tell me a few things about your school? Do you and Jim study in the same school? •

Yes, we study at secondary school in •… London. •


What… school? •


do you study at

Lots of subjects: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, IT, History, Geography, French, Art, Drama, Music and P.E. •

Technology In this lesson boys study how to work with different instruments and girls learn how to cook.

Ресурсы интернета http://www.englishteachers.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=2310 тематическое и поурочное планирование 6 класс •

http://www.englishteachers.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=2610 тексты аудиозаписей



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