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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Spelling
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Short Stories Notes: 8-5

“The Battle by the Breadfruit Tree” • Setting: African plateau by tree, modern times • Protagonist: camera man…I…baboon?? • Antagonist: leopard/their inability to film/frozen state • Conflict: leopard wanted to eat the baby…fight/missing filming • Climax: ambush! Rescue! • Ending: tied up- all explained • OS: “Smith and I were anxious to procure…” • POV: 1st person

“The Gun” • Setting: basketball court, bad neighborhood, 1970s • Protagonist: Derek • Antagonist: detectives • Conflict: Derek messed w/a gun, questioning • Climax: find out Derek killed someone • Ending: twist- unexpected • OS: “He runs…” • POV: 3rd

“Finding Myself” • Setting: gym, high school, Pascack, 1980s • Protagonist: Jeannie Ryan-athletic • Antagonist: Jeannie’s lack of desire to score/lack of self-confidence • Conflict: not good at basketball/shooting • Climax: makes the jump shot • Ending: tied up • OS: “Coach Ely said that I’d know when it was right.” • POV: 1st

“The Secret” • • • • • • •

Setting: the moon, future Protagonist: Henry Cooper Antagonist: Dr. Hastings/agency Conflict: won’t tell him the secret Climax: he tells him Ending: cliffhanger OS: “Henry Cooper had been on the moon for two weeks…” • POV: 3rd person

“On the Outside” • Setting: 1930s, train, Detroit to NY • Protagonist: businessman/man on the train…observer/the boy • Antagonist: hunger/GD/poverty/capitalism • Conflict: hunger/boy alone? • Climax: they discover the dad’s dead • Ending: twist/tied up? • OS: “I can’t remember when the boy got on the train.” • POV: 1st

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