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« Wolves » in Ancient Times… …and now… by Laurie A She-wolf is said to have breast-fed Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.

The wolf is also present on many coats of arms: here it is represented in Albany’s coats of arms. But we can also find it in Navarra’s coat of arms (Spain), Scotland, Denmark, Switzerland…

Wolves in literature • The wolf is part of our imaginary world. It’s the animal which has produced most myths and legends… • Generations of story tellers have described its cruelty, its beauty, its shrewdness or its stupidity… • All children know tales with wolves. I’m going to present a few examples: Kolta, the grey wolf

Little Red Riding Hood In France

« Little Red Riding Hood » in Germany

Rahan: Belesta’s treasure

The three little pigs

Wolff and the Queen of the wolves

« I am the wolf »

Stories with werewolves

The Three Wolves

Sylvain and Sylvette: an adventure that ends badly

Brother Wolf

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (1894)

« Mr Seguin’s goat », by Alphonse Daudet, a French writer. He had warned her that there was a wolf on the mountain, but she disobeyed his orders…

The wolf in the « Fables » of Jean de La Fontaine, a French satirist (17th Century).

He wrote 240 fables. E.g.: « the Wolf and the Dog » « The wolf who became a shepherd »

In this satire the wolf is presented as a lover of liberty. « The Wolf and the Calf » (1668): « The wolf and the stork »

here, the moral of the story is that « the reason of the strongest is always the best » « the Wolf who became a Shepherd »

« The wolf and the dog »

Wolves in music, cartoons…

Music written by Prokofiev, 1936

Tex Avery’s cartoons

…movies In this film, the wolves are symbolic for happy and free life.They are massacred like the Indians by the progress of civilization. It was written in 1906 by Jack London. Here, the wolf has an exceptional courage.

« Dances with Wolves », Kevin Costner, 1990

An advertisement for shortcake biscuits

…advertisements …

A German advertisement for down-hill or crosscountry skiers and snowboarders to boast the quality of the equipment

An advertisement for an overequipped car! There must be « a wolf » in it!

An advertisement for sunglasses.

…on phone cards or on banknotes… Japanese phone cards.Many other countries have used the wolf…

…on lottery tickets… In China…

In France…

or on stamps… in

POLAND! Dear friends, have you ever seen these stamps? Thank you for reading me! BYE! BYE!

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