A Journey of Remembrance and Celebration of Life

January 7, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Psychotherapy
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A Journey of Remembrance and Celebration of Life

ACPE National Office

Arabella Young Died November 2008  ACPE Conference Manager for many years  2006 Recipient of the Helen Flanders Dunbar Award  Retired after the 2006 Annual Conference in Tampa, FL  Wife of the late ACPE Supervisor Don Young 

East Central Region

Benjamin Preston Bogia   

Died November 2009 Retired as CPE Supervisor from the University of Kentucky Previously served as an Institutional Chaplain and CPE Supervisor in the:  South Central Region at the Boys Industrial School in Topeka, KS, and Mid-Atlantic Region Regional Director in the South Central Region in the early 1980's Ordained in 1959 by the Presbyterian Church 

 

Mid-Atlantic Region

John Constello  

 

Died March 2010 Director of Chaplaincy at Wake Medical Center Prior to this he served at the Triangle Chaplaincy Program in Raleigh, NC, and Pamona State Hospital Served as parish pastor, institutional chaplain, seminary professor, administrator, and conference presenter, as well as in the U.S. Navy One of the first CPE Supervisors in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and co-founder of Pan Lutheran Ministries Ordained by the LCMS in 1957

North Central Region

Wilbur Hughey  

Died December 2008 In his final position he supervised CPE part-time at the Iowa Lutheran Hospital in Des Moine and the Genesis Medical Center in Davenport, IA Prior to this he served as CPE Supervisor at:  Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa, and  in Anna, Illinois and Harrisburg, Illinois Served in the U.S. Air Force Ordained in 1953 by the Disciples of Christ

James Frank Mossman   

 

Died January 2010 Served as CPE Supervisor at Hastings State Hospital Retired from CPE to become a pastoral counselor at Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota and opened a private counseling practice Still attended North Shore continuing education events in the North Central Region on occasion Ordained by the Lutheran denomination and was part of the original Lutheran Advisory Council

George P. Polk    

 

 

Died January 2010 Served in the Advocate Health Care System, then the Evangelical Health System in the North Central Region Director of Pastoral Care / CPE Supervisor at Advocate Bethany Hospital Previously served as CPE Supervisor in the:  Eastern Region in New York, and  Mid-Atlantic Region in Virginia and Washington, D.C. One of the first African-American CPE Supervisors and first African-American to be nominated for President of ACPE Founding member of the ACPE Racial Ethnic Minority Task Force, predecessor to the Racial Ethnic Multicultural (REM) Network 1994 Recipient of the NCR’s Distinguished Service Award Ordained by the United Church of Christ, active in parish ministry

Donald Schmauz  

 

Died October 2009 Chaplain and CPE Supervisor to the Mendota Mental Health Institution in Madison, from which he retired in 1966 Previously served as Chaplain / CPE Supervisor at the Wisconsin School for Boys at Wales After retiring from ACPE, he became a master psychotherapist and healer, educating therapists and clergy Ordained to the Catholic priesthood in 1960, served as a parish priest as well

John Rea Thomas   

  

Died November 2008 Chaplain and CPE Supervisor in various hospitals for over 30 years, retiring from Mendota Mental Health Institute Previously served as Chaplain and CPE Supervisor in:  Cook County, Univ. of Illinois, and Univ. of Wisconsin Hospitals, and  the Southwest Region at Austin State Hospital in TX Chaplain in the U.S. Naval Reserve and numerous parishes Part-time Regional Director of the North Central Region from 1967 until elected President of ACPE in 1979 Ordained in the Presbyterian Church in 1944, honorably retired in the PCUSA and as Captain in the U.S. Naval Reserve

Carl Kahrs Mattson Towley  

 

Died January 2009 Supervised last unit at Altru Hospital in Grand Forks, ND Previously served as CPE Supervisor in the:  South Central Region as Director of the VA CPE Program in Kansas City, MO, and  Northeast Region as Director of Pastoral Care at Berkshire Medical Center in MA Created the Berkshire Religious Resource Center to train students in the field of Clinical Pastoral Education Served two parishes in Wisconsin before serving in the U.S. Army as a chaplain in for 22 years, retired as full Colonel Ordained in 1958 by the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church

Northeast Region

Leicester R. Potter, Jr.      

Died July 2009 Chaplain at Boston Medical Center for 39 years Director of Pastoral Care and Education at Boston University Member of Quincy Community United Methodist Church Member of Masons-Scottish Rite 32nd Degree, Rural Lodge, Quincy, MA Ordained by the United Methodist Church

Pacific Region

Gerald Walcutt    

 

Died April 2010 CPE Supervisor at Sharp HealthCare, San Diego Hospital Association for many years Canon for Pastoral Care at St. Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego, CA Previously served as a CPE Supervisor in the:  Southwest Region at San Antonio State Hospital,  Mid-Atlantic Region at Community Methodist Church, then  Pacific Region in a number of institutions prior to Sharp Very active in the Pacific Region leadership Ordained by the Methodist Church, then to the priesthood by the Episcopal Church in 1969 Memorial Eucharist to be held today, April 24, at St. Paul's Cathedral in San Diego, CA

South Central Region

Joan Fleming   

Died February 2010 As CPE Supervisor, developed CPE program at Saint Louis University Hospital Previously served as CPE Supervisor and developed CPE programs in:  St. Louis, MO at St. Joseph Hospital and St. Louis State Hospital, respectively, and  the Mid-Atlantic Region at St. Joseph Hospital in WV Prior to CPE she worked as a teacher and principal for 23 years in schools in southern MN and served in several parishes Entered the Sisters of Saint Francis Order in 1938

Arthur M. Lucas   

 

  

Died January 2009 Director of Spiritual Care and CPE Supervisor at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis Prior to this he established hospital chaplaincy and ethics programs, as well as the Samaritan Counseling Center, at Heartland Health Center, St. Joseph, MO Helped found professional chaplaincy in Latvia and Kenya National consultant and trainer for U.S. Navy Chaplains Co-edited with Larry VandeCreek, The Discipline for Pastoral Care Giving: Foundations for Outcome Oriented Chaplaincy (2001) Very active in leadership roles in ACPE and APC Received the 2009 ACPE Helen Flanders Dunbar Award Ordained by the United Methodist Church in 1976

Southeast Region

Don Cabaniss  

Died May 2009 Supervised programs of CPE at Central State in Milledgeville, GA and at Georgia Baptist in Atlanta until his retirement Consultant to the Department of Corrections, State Board of Pardons and Parole, and the Georgia Building Authority Certified in 1966 as a CPE Supervisor by the Southern Baptist Association of Clinical Pastoral Educators

Daniel C. DeArment    

    

Died June 2009 Last supervised part-time at Tampa General and at Florida Hospital Previously served as CPE Supervisor at Presbyterian in Philadelphia for 25 years in the Eastern Region Under his tenure, Presbyterian was instrumental in founding numerous CPE programs, and was one of the first to explore creative accreditation innovations, such as Satellite Centers Served ACPE as Chair of Standards and Accreditation, and ran for ACPE President in 1987 Became ACPE's first International Committee Chair 2008 Recipient of the ACPE Distinguished Service Award Named Emeritus Supervisor by the Eastern Region, which he twice served as Regional Chair Ordained by the Presbyterian Church

Herbert W. Hillebrand  

 

Died December 2008 Last served as CPE Supervisor in Miami, FL Previously served as Hospital Chaplain and CPE Supervisor in the:  Mid-Atlantic Region at Washington, D.C. General Hospital,  East Central Region at the University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Arbor, and  Southwest Region at Oral Roberts City of Faith, Tulsa Oklahoma Also served at Wakari Hospital, Dunedin New Zealand Ordained by the United Church of Christ

Marilyn Mayse   

  

Died November 2008 Last served as CPE Supervisor at Florida Hospital in Orlando, FL Previously served as CPE Supervisor at:  Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, AL, and  Shand’s Hospital in Jacksonville, FL Very active in the Southeast Region, holding numerous leadership positions over the years One of the early women ordained in the Southern Baptist Church Holy orders were then conferred on her as priest in the Episcopal Church in 1992

Ralph Graham  

Died January 2009 Retired from a distinguished thirty-year ministry as a CPE Supervisor within the Federal Bureau of Prisons In 1981 he became the Executive Project Director of the American Protestant Correctional Chaplains Association Ordained in the American Lutheran Church, which later became part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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