A JTS Lecture Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

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A JTS Lecture Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

Volume 22, January 4, 2011

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A JTS Lecture Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

JTS Alumnus Gives Invocation at Signing of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Act

“A Jew at Christmas” by Chancellor Eisen in the Huffington Post

Young Conservative Leaders Contribute “Far Beyond Their Proportions in the American Jewish Populace”—Report Spearheaded by JTS Professor

A Salute to Joan Rosenbaum, Director, The Jewish Museum

What’s Happening at 3080 Broadway and in Your Community

multicultural congregation. A former professor of Preaching at Union Theological

Making News

Seminary, he has been awarded 13 honorary degrees. Dr. Forbes has been co-chair

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On Wednesday, January 19, at 7:30, the Reverend Dr. James Alexander Forbes Jr., senior minister emeritus of the Riverside Church, will give a lecture at JTS entitled “Preaching the Gospel of Martin Luther King Jr.” Dr. King became a great friend of The Jewish Theological Seminary through Abraham Joshua Heschel, and accepted an honorary doctorate from JTS in 1964. Rabbi Heschel marched with Dr. King and other civil rights leaders for voter registration rights for African Americans in Selma, Alabama, in 1965. And in 1968, two weeks before his assassination, Dr. King attended a Rabbinical Assembly convention.

Dr. Forbes is the ideal person to speak about the legacy of Dr. King. Dr. Forbes was the first African American to serve as senior minister of Riverside’s renowned

of A Partnership of Faith, an interfaith organization of clergy among New York’s Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim communities, since 1992. He is president of the Healing of the Nations Foundation, a consultant to the Congress of National Black

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Churches, and past president of the Martin Luther King Fellows. Do you know someone who The lecture, which is being presented under the auspices of the Louis Finkelstein

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JTS Alumnus Gives Invocation at Signing of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Act

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When President Obama signed the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Act into law on December 22, 2010, in a packed auditorium at the Interior Department, JTS alumnus Rabbi Arnold E. Resnicoff (RS ’76) was there to give the invocation.

Before his study and ordination at The Rabbinical School, Rabbi Resnicoff served as a line officer in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War and with naval intelligence in Europe. After becoming a rabbi, he served as a chaplain with the United States Navy for many years. Rabbi Resnicoff was part of a small group of Vietnam veterans that worked to create the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, in Washington DC; he delivered the closing prayer at the dedication of that memorial. He is a consultant on interfaith values and interreligious affairs; a recipient of the Defense Superior Service Medal for his work with military and civilian leaders throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East while serving as the Command Chaplain for the U.S. European Command; and a former National Director of Interreligious Affairs for the American Jewish Committee. The prayer given by Rabbi Resnicoff reads, in part:

" . . . Today we honor all brave men and women, Including those who served so long without the honor they deserved. Oh Lord our God, and God of generations past, Help us move forward, Toward a nation a little more united, more indivisible, A union a bit more perfect, founded on a great deal more respect. Let us pray that if the day has not yet dawned When we can see the face of God in others Then we see; at least, a face as human as our own . . . "

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“A Jew at Christmas” by Chancellor Eisen in the Huffington Post In a recent blog entry for the Huffington Post, Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen reflects on the American Jewish experience of Christmastime: “As a religious Jew, I relate easily to the satisfaction Christians take in focusing themselves and the country for one short spell on the values that should be guiding us year-round . . . ” Read more on the


Huffington Post blog page for Chancellor Eisen, where you can also sign up to receive email alerts of his new posts.

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Young Conservative Leaders Contribute “Far Beyond Their Proportions in the American Jewish Populace”—Report Spearheaded by JTS Professor Dr. Jack Wertheimer and a team of researchers have recently completed a report entitled “Generation of Change: How Leaders in Their Twenties and Thirties Are Reshaping American Jewish Life.” The team initiated the study, under the auspices of the AVI CHAI Foundation, to learn how Jewish women and men between the ages of 22 and 40 who serve as leaders of Jewish programs, initiatives, and organizations think about Jewish concerns and their upbringing. Learn more, and watch Dr. Wertheimer teaching List College students about the results of the report. The report is available at www.avichai.org.

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A Salute to Joan Rosenbaum, Director, The Jewish Museum After 30 years of remarkable leadership, Joan Rosenbaum (who received an honorary doctorate in Hebrew Letters from JTS in 2003) is retiring from her post as director of The Jewish Museum, an institution that began in 1904 when Judge Mayer Sulzberger presented his library and 26 objects to JTS to serve as the initial establishment of a Jewish museum. Joshua Nash, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Jewish Museum, said that “Joan Rosenbaum is the most influential leader this institution has had in its 106-year history.” Read Chancellor Eisen’s salute to Joan Rosenbaum and his thoughts on the next steps in the ongoing partnership between our two institutions. The new exhibition Marriage Contracts from The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary will open at The Jewish Museum in March 2011.

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What’s Happening at 3080 Broadway and in Your Community Dr. David Kraemer will teach a special course (exclusively for current students of Context, the flagship program of the Institute for Jewish Learning), Transmitting Tradition: Biblical and Rabbinic Texts from The Library, on January 23. • Dr. Eve Feinstein delivers a lunchtime learning talk, “Sexual Pollution in the Bible: From Genesis to Ezra,” on January 25. • A panel discussion on end of life issues and the New York Palliative Care Information Act will be held at JTS on January 25 under the auspices of the Louis Finkelstein Institute. • Dr. Carol Ingall discusses her new book The Women Who Reconstructed American Jewish Education, 1910–1965, in a Library Book Talk on January 31. (The Library Book Talk is free, but requires reservations: email Hector Guzman at [email protected] for more information or to register.)

On January 9, Dr. Jonathan Milgram delivers a lecture on “Judaisms of the Second Temple Period” in Stamford, Connecticut. • January 13–15, Dr. Benjamin D. Sommer will be speaking in California—“The Bible and Kabbalah: Divergence and Convergence” at Stanford University and a follow-up session on January 13 and 14, and two additional lectures in Berkeley on January 14 and 15. • Dr. Raymond Scheindlin will deliver a lecture in Maryland on January 23: “The Bible and the Quran”; and another, “Caged Vulture: Ibn Gabirol's Poetic Manifesto,” at Stanford University on February 10. • Four dynamic young alumni of List College—Jennifer Adler, Gabe Miner, Hillary Paige Yohlin Waller, and Sarah M. Waxman—will be honored during the 59th Jewish Educators Assembly conference in Philadelphia, January 23–26. • On January 24 and 31, Dr. Eitan Fishbane teaches a course entitled “Jewish Mysticism and the Spiritual Life” as part of the “Hodesh Limud” at Siegal College of Jewish Studies in Cleveland; Dr. Fishbane’s presentation will be done via video conference. • Dr. Alan Mittleman will lecture on “Theorizing Jewish Ethics” at Tennessee’s Vanderbilt University on January 28.

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Making News “People of the E-Book? Observant Jews Struggle With Sabbath in a Digital Age,” an article on the website of The Atlantic, quotes Rabbi Daniel Nevins, who is writing a teshuvah on the use of electronic devices on Shabbat. • In “Judaism on the Road,” south Florida’s SunSentinel profiles JTS Rabbinic Fellow Rabbi Andy Shugerman, who writes commentary on midrash biweekly for Torah From JTS. • Dr. Shuly Rubin Schwartz has an opinion piece in the Forward, “Standing on Henrietta Szold’s Shoulders.” • New York magazine’s number-one reason to love New York? “Because Pluralism Is Our Fundamentalism,” which features a photo of Professor Burton Visotzky, one of the JTS leaders who have made great strides in the cause of interreligious understanding. Unable to attend an event, but interested in what we’re doing? You can still share in the inspiration, wisdom, and community of JTS. Listen to lectures, programs, performances, commentary, and more. Connect with your fellow alumni and friends of JTS—check out our Social Media Initiatives. And visit our online community calendar to find out about upcoming talks and events on and off campus. You can now receive JTS Torah commentary automatically, as soon as it’s posted online, through RSS feeds such as Live Bookmarks or Google, by signing up at http://www.jtsa.edu/x15092.xml.

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