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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Law, Criminal Justice
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Poloa’i CJ Kruse se isi nofoaga taofia ai se ali’i pagota… 3


Polynesian canoe Hokulea departs Hawaii to begin its worldwide voyage… 5

The Heat returning to NBA Finals, top Pacers 117-92… B1

Saturday, May 31, 2014







Fa’afetaia fa’apitoa tautua matavela tama ma tina matutua atunu’u…

tusia Ausage Fausia

Se tasi o tina matua i le taimi na sa’asa’a ai i le taeao ananafi, i le fa’amanatuina o le aso mo tagata matutua i totonu o le teritori, lea na fa’ataunu’uina i le malae o le Su’iga’ula a le Atuvasa [ata: AF] i Utulei.

DPS wants Tualauta residents to be proactive for protection

O lagona o le fa’afetai ma le fa’amalieina o le agaga na mafai ona fa’aaoga e le malo i le taeao ananafi, e fa’aleo ai le agaga fa’afetai i tama ma tina uma o Amerika Samoa, e tusa ai o le latou tautua matavela sa faia mo le atunu’u mo le tele o tausaga o lo latou soifua tautua, ina ua tu tu fa’atasi ta’ita’i o le malo, ekalesia ma le atunu’u atoa, e fa’amanatu ma fa’ataua le aso mo tagata matutua i le taeao ananafi. E ui o se polokalame e fa’atasi ona tupu i le tausaga, peita’i na vaaia le sagi sagi fiafia atu o nai tama ma tina matutua e fia auai i le fa’amanatuina o lo latou aso fiafia, ma ua atili matagofie ma maualuga ai le aso fa’amanatu i siva ma pesega na mafai ona fa’atinoina i le taimi atoa o le polokalame. O le afioga i le kovana le tumau, le tofa a Taeaoafua Dr. Meki Solomona na fai ma sui o le malo e fa’afetaia le tautua a tama ma tina matutua, o ia fo’i lea na saunoa i le saunoaga autu o le aso, a o fa’agasolo ai le polokalame i le taeao ananafi i le malae o le Su’iga’ula a le Atuvasa i Utulei. Na amata le polokalame i le solo tele a tama ma tina matutua mai luma o le Fale Laumei i Utulei, lea na ta’ita’ia mai e le sui kovana le

tumau ia Taeaoafua, o le Fa’atonusili o le Ofisa o Tagata Matutua, le tofa Ale Tifimalae, atoa ai ma ni isi o sui o le kapeneta a le kovana, ma aga’i sa’o atu ai loa i le nofoaga e fa’ataunu’uina ai le sauniga e tatala ai le fa’amoemoe, lea sa faia i luma o le Fale Samoa i Utulei. O se malologa puupuu sa faia mo le au valaaulia fa’atasi ai ma le malu taeao, sosoo ai loa ma le amataina o le polokalame i se tatalo na saunoa e le Faifeau malolo a le Ekalesia Asofitu o le Toe Afio mai, susuga Pr. Luafitu Tuliatu, ina ua tuai atu le ali’i faifeau sa fa’atulaga na ta’ita’ia le sauniga lotu, susuga Elder Rev. Pesaleli Poufa. E tusa ai o le polokalame sa fuafuaina, o le itula e 9:00 i le taeao na fa’atulaga e amata aloaia ai le sauniga lotu, peita’i e taunu’u le ali’i faifeau ua ta le itula e 8:36 i le taeao, ae o le taimi lea ua mae’a ai le saunoaga autu o le aso na saunoa i ai le kovana le tumau. Saunoa Taeaoafua e fa’apea, e anoanoa’i igoa eseese o lo o fa’aigoaina ai e le atunuu, aiga ma le malo tagata matutua i totonu o se aiga ma le atunu’u, ma o nei igoa eseese ua vavala mai ai le tele o le sao a tagata matutua o lo o faia mo le manuia o aiga, nuu ma le atunu’u. (Faaauau itulau 14)

by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter





Commissioner of Public Safety, William Bill Haleck is calling on the Tualauta residents, to ban together with their neighbors if possible to organize and create for themselves a “Neighborhood Watch Program” for added protection, and to assist the DPS by reporting any suspicious activities right away to 911, including strangers in their respective areas that don’t belong there. Haleck was responding to Tualauta Faipule Larry Sanitoa’s letter raising concerns over a reported series of break-ins earlier this month in the Tualauta area, and asking what DPS was doing to address the issue. In response, the Commissioner wrote the faipule in a letter dated May 15, 2014, that he’s aware of these reported break-ins and “our Tafuna Sub-station West is doing the best they can to deal with this situation.” According to Haleck, on the same day the letter was written, he met with Chief of Police Vai Maiava, who is currently in charge of the Tafuna Sub-Station West, and Captain John Cendrowski, who is in charge of the Traffic Division for DPS, “to review these reported break-in cases and address your concerns with them to insure that DPS is doing all we can for the safety of our community, homes and property.” (Continued on page 14)

Fogavai Tufanua Maae of Kanana Fou High School with a huge smile, after receiving her Congressional Award yesterday morning during their Commencement ceremony that saw 70 Stallions officially approved as the KFHS Class of 2014. (See story and photos in Monday’s Issue – videos and [photo: TG] photos can be seen online at samoanews.com or on our Samoa News Facebook page.)

Buckle up & CRASHES Save a Life! LOCAL HIGHWAYS 01-01-14 to date




office of highway safety

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samoa news, Saturday, May 31, 2014

2 cops fired for not acting in rape case

Pictured here on her graduation day, is Anastasia Ioane, who graduated from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland on May 23, 2014 as 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps. Twenty-one-year old, she is the daughter of Maselino and Antonina Ioane. Anastasia gave her “First Salute” to her cousin, 30-year-old Staff Sergeant Thomas Salina (L) also in the Marine Corps. The picture of the happy occasion was submitted to Samoa News by her cousin, Fatu Jr. Salima, who said, “We are all proud of her and wish for her other family members to share in the moment.” [courtesy photo] Samoa News extends congratulations to Anastasia and her family and friends.

Compiled by Samoa News staff

local TSUNAMI & RIP CURRENT VICTIMS TO BE REMEMBERED IN FLOATING LANTERN CEREMONY The floating lantern ceremony next week Friday will cap off the weeklong Rip Current Awareness week. The ‘sharing’ ceremony seeks to send remembrances and prayers from families whose loved ones have perished at sea and includes those lost in the September 2009 tsunami, which killed 34 people in American Samoa. This is according to organizers of the event, jointly sponsored by the local Department of Homeland Security and the National Weather Service in Tafuna, along with their local partners. Among the messages to be included is that from the Fagatogo family of Eric Joseph Scanlan, the first Samoan lieutenant governor for the territory during the tenure of Gov. Rex Lee, says Elinor Lutu-McMoore, with the National Weather Service. According to an Associated Press dispatch published by the Kansas City Times newspaper, dated Aug. 13, 1962, then Governor H. Rex Lee sent a message to Honolulu saying that Scanlan, who was also the Secretary of American Samoa, had died while swimming at Pago Pago. Lee’s radiogram said Scanlan was playing with his 2-year-old daughter in the surf when a strong current swept him out to sea, the newspaper said, adding that Mrs. Scanlan saved the little girl but was unable to reach her husband. In addition, the organizers of the Rip Current event received a request from Leone village, where 11 people died in the 2009 tsunami, to be included in the ceremony — with their 11 floating lanterns with messages from Leone families for the victims of the tsunami, LutuMcMoore told Samoa News yesterday. She said Leone village is building their own lanterns for the ceremony, which is set to begin around 5p.m. next Friday in Pago Bay — behind the Market Place area — with the release of the lanterns around 6p.m. “We have also reached out to Korean community and any other member of the community whose loved ones were taken by the tsunami to join us during the ceremony,” she said, adding that organizers will provide the floating lanterns. For residents who have lost someone at sea and during the tsunami, “it’s an opportunity for closure,” she said. Anyone wanting to join the floating lantern ceremony with a message for a

loved one who died at sea or during the tsunami, to please call Lutu-McMoore at 256-1334. (The floating lanterns ceremony has become a way to send remembrances and prayers of lost ones in wars and disasters and is held in Hawai’i, annually. It is Buddhist in origin, with the first one happening in Hawaii in 1999.) Department of Public Safety stats show that between 2011 and 2013 there were 27 incidents relating to rip currents, and of that number, 18 were rescued or saved and nine were found deceased or never found. Monday is the official opening ceremony for the Rip Current Awareness week at Utulei Beach and the public is invited to attend. See yesterday’s advertisement in Samoa News for more details. THREE ASG EMPLOYEES SET FOR EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM Three government employees — Magdalene Petaia-Suisala, Leifiloa Tanoi and Salamasina Satele — have been accepted into the Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP), which is funded by the U.S. Department of Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs and managed by The Graduate School USA’s Pacific Islands Training Initiative. The ELDP selection process is highly competitive and merit-based, and the Department of Commerce Director, Keniseli Lafaele commended these young professionals for their efforts. “ELDP is designed to help insular governments develop and retain highly qualified staff; identify a cadre of professional staff that can be promoted into leadership positions; help ensure continuity in areas such as accounting, budget, finance, procurement, and audit, as senior officials retire; build cross-departmental and cross-governmental networks and cooperation, and; create and support the government human resource infrastructure to lead government to the next level of performance, and into the future,” Lafaele said. He explained that participants from all Pacific Insular jurisdictions will attend four separate classroom sessions over the course of one year. The one-week classroom sessions will be held on Guam, American Samoa, Palau and Hawai’i. As a result of ELDP, participants will develop their skills in leadership, management, government finance, procurement and auditing. He said so far, American Samoa has nine ELDP alumni currently working in leadership and management positions in ASG: ELDP Class (Continued on page 12)

LUCKNOW, India (AP) — Facing relentless media attention and growing criticism for a series of rapes, state officials in north India have fired two police officers for failing to investigate the disappearance of two teenage cousins, who were gang-raped and later found hanging from a tree. But in a country with a long history of tolerance for sexual violence, the firings Friday also came as the state’s top official mocked journalists for asking about the attack. “Aren’t you safe? You’re not facing any danger, are you?” Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said in Lucknow, the state capital. “Then why are you worried? What’s it to you?” The gang rape, with video of the girls’ corpses hanging from a mango tree and swaying gently in a breeze, was the top story Friday on India’s relentless 24-hour news stations. But in just the past few days, Uttar Pradesh has also seen the mother of a rape victim brutally attacked and a 17-year-old girl gang-raped by four men. Uttar Pradesh is India’s most populous state, with nearly 200 million people. Official statistics say about 25,000 rapes are committed every year in India, a nation of 1.2 billion people. But activists say that number is very low, since women are often pressed by family or police to stay quiet about sexual assaults. Indian police and politicians, who for decades had done little about sexual violence, have faced growing public anger since the December 2012 gang-rape and murder of a young woman on a moving New Delhi bus, an attack that sparked national outrage over the treatment of women. On Friday, the state’s former chief minister lashed out at the ruling government. “There is no law and order in the state,” said Mayawati, who uses only one name. “It is the law of the jungle.” Hours later, the chief minister ordered that suspects in the attack be tried in special “fast track” courts, to get around India’s notoriously slow judicial system. The girls, who were 14 and 15, were raped in the tiny village of Katra, about 180 miles (300 kilometers) from Lucknow. Police say they disappeared Tuesday after going into fields near their home to relieve themselves, since their house has no toilet. The father of one girl went to police that night to report them missing, but he said they refused to help. When the bodies were discovered the next day, angry villagers silently protested the police inaction by refusing to allow the bodies to be cut down from the tree. The villagers allowed authorities to take down the corpses after the first arrests were made Wednesday. Police arrested two police officers and two men from the village, and were searching for three more suspects. The girls were Dalits, from the community once known as “untouchables” in India’s ancient caste system. The fired policemen and the men accused in the attack are Yadavs, a lowcaste community that dominates that part of Uttar Pradesh. The chief minister is from the same caste. On Thursday, officials suspended two local police officers for ignoring the father’s pleas for help. They were fired Friday. Top state official Anil Kumar Gupta said the two policemen had been charged with criminal conspiracy for refusing to file a complaint or take any action. Meanwhile, the chief minister’s mocking comments to reporters were not a surprise to many in India. Last month, Yadav’s father — a former chief minister and head of the state’s ruling party — told an election rally that the party opposed a law calling for gang rapists to be executed. “Boys will be boys,” Mulayam Singh Yadav said. “They make mistakes.” Kavita Krishnan, a women’s rights activist, said such comments make clear to police that rape isn’t taken seriously by officials. She called the chief minister’s Friday comments “a trivialization of rape.” While sexual assaults are reported across India, there have been a string of high-profile attacks in just the past few days in Uttar Pradesh. On Thursday, police arrested three men for brutally attacking the mother of a rape victim after she refused to withdraw her complaint. The attack, in the town of Etawah, followed the May 11 rape of the woman’s teenage daughter. A local man was arrested after the mother filed a complaint with authorities. Five men — including the father, a brother and a cousin of the man accused in the rape — followed the victim’s mother away from her house on Monday and beat her relentlessly, demanding she drop the accusation, said Dinesh Kumar, the town’s police superintendent. The mother was in critical condition in a hospital, with numerous broken bones and internal injuries. Police arrested three men Thursday for the attack and were looking for two others. On Wednesday, a 17-year-old woman was attacked in a field and raped by four men in southwestern Uttar Pradesh, police said. One man has been arrested.

Poloa’i CJ Kruse se isi nofoaga taofia ai se ali’i pagota

tusia Ausage Fausia

Ua poloaina nei e le afioga i le fa’amasino sili ia Michael Kruse le Sui Komesina le tumau o le Matagaluega o Leoleo ia Save Liuato Tuitele, ina ia saili se isi nofoaga e ese mai i le toese i Tafuna, e tuli ai le fa’asalaga a le ali’i pagota o Leuma Malala, ina ia mautinoa ai le tulaga saogalemu o lenei ali’i. O lea poloaiga mai le ali’i fa’amasino sili, na tu’uina atu lea i le afioga a Save lea fo’i sa i ai i totonu o le potu fa’amasino i le taeao ananafi, ina ua mae’a ona fa’ailoa e le ali’i pagota ia Malala le fasiga o ia e ni leoleo o le falepuipui fa’apea ai ni isi o pagota, ma ia talosagaina ai loa le fa’amasinoga mo se auala e mautinoa ai lona saogalemu, pe afai ae tu’uina atu se fa’asalaga fa’a falepuipui mo ia. Ina ua mau e Malala le avanoa e fa’atoese ai i le fa’amasinoga e tusa o lana solitulafono sa faia, sa ia fa’atoese ai loa i ali’i fa’amasino fa’apea ai le malo o Amerika Samoa, ona o le solitulafono sa ia faia. Sa ia fa’atoese fo’i i lona aiga aemaise lona to’alua na a’afia i lana gaioiga, ina ia fa’amagalo o ia. A o fa’atoese Malala i luma o le fa’amasinoga, na fa’afuase’i ona ee le ali’i fa’amasino sili ma valaau mai i se tasi o ali’i leoleo o le falepuipui pe aisea e ata ai, pe mana’o e fia ofu i le ofu lanu moli lea o lo o laei ai pagota o lo o i totonu o le potu fa’amasino, na tali le ali’i leoleo e leai. O le mataupu ua ta’usalaina ai Malala, na afua mai i se fa’alavelave na tula’i mai i totonu o lona aiga, i se la vevesi ma lona to’alua faapea ai ma le tuagane o le fafine, ma ia taumafai ai e fa’alele se fana ina ia fa’afefe ai lona to’alua ma lona tuagane, ae fa’afuase’i ai ona pa le fana ma manu’a ai lona to’alua. Na umi se taimi na fa’aalu e le ali’i fa’amasino sili e talatalanoa ai i le mataupu a Malala, lea na ta’usala i moliaga mamafa e lua o lona umia fa’asolitulafono o se a’upega malosi e le fa’atagaina i le teritori, fa’apea ai ma le moliaga o le fa’ao’olima i le tulaga lua. Na talosaga le loia a Malala o Michael White i le fa’amasinoga ina ia fa’anofovaavaaia le ua molia, ina ia mafai ai ona maua le avanoa e toe fo’i atu ai i lona aiga, peita’i na finau le loia a le malo o Tiffany Oldfield i le fa’amasinoga ina ia fa’asala Malala i le toese i Tafuna mo le umi e 10 tausaga, ona o le matuia o le solitulafono sa ia faia. Na umi se taimi o iloilo e ali’i fa’amasino se fa’asalaga mo Malala, ma i’u ina valaauina ai le ali’i pule o le Ofisa Nofova’ava’aia e fa’atatau i se mataupu sa molia ai Malala i luma o le fa’amasinoga fa’aitumalo i le 2012. A o le i tu’uina atu e le fa’amasinoga le fa’asalaga mo Malala i le tuana’i ai o se taimi umi o iloilo e ali’i fa’amasino se fa’asalaga, na muamua fesili

Kruse i le ali’i leoleo o le toese sa ata po o ai lona igoa atoa, na tula’i le ali’i leoleo ma fa’ailoa i le fa’amasinoga, o lona igoa o Lauolo Fuimaono. Ina ua nofo i lalo le susuga a Fuimaono, na saunoa ai loa Kruse e fa’apea, i le mae’a ai ona iloilo e le fa’amasinoga o fa’amatalaga uma e fa’atatau ia Malala, ua maitauina ai o ia o se tagata e ita e faigata ona fa’atonutonu lona ita. Na taua e Kruse e fa’apea, i le faila a Malala na aumai i luma o le fa’amasinoga fa’aitumalo, o lo o taua ai se mataupu na tula’i mai i le va o ia ma lona to’alua, ma aga’i atu ai loa leoleo mo le taumafai e foia lea fa’afitauli. Ina ua taunu’u leoleo ma su’esu’eina le mea sa tupu, na maua ai e leoleo i totonu o le tama’i ato a Malala se pulu sila o se fana mata’utia toe malosi, ma molia ai loa o ia i le moliaga mama o lona umia fa’asolitulafono o se pulufana e fa’asaina i luma o le fa’amasinoga fa’aitumalo. Na taua e Kruse e fa’apea, ina ua fesiligia o ia e le ali’i fa’amasino o le fa’amasinoga fa’aitumalo e uiga i le fana e fa’aaoga i ai le pulu fana sa maua ia Malala, na tali ai le ua molia, ua uma ona ia tia’iina le fana, peita’i o lea tali sa ia tuuina atu e pepelo e pei ona saunoa Kruse, ona o le fana lava lea o lea ua toe molia ai o ia i luma o le fa’amasinoga maualuga. Na taua fo’i e Kruse e fa’apea, e ui sa fa’asa e le fa’amasinoga fa’aitumalo ia Malala ona ia toe umia se a’upega mata’utia po o ni pulufana, peita’i ina ua toe tula’i mai fo’i le isi vevesi i le va o ia ma lona to’alua ma a’afia atu ai ma le tuagane o lona to’alua, na alu ai loa le ua molia ma toe eli mai le fana sa ia nana i totonu o lona ma’umaga ma ia taumafai e fa’afefe ai le fafine ma lona tuagane, ae na avea ma itu na pa ai le fana ma lavea ai lona to’alua. “O le matou fa’aiuga la lea ua faia i le mataupu lenei, o le ali’i o Malala, o se tagata e mata’utia pe a oo ina ita, o ia fo’i o se tagata e le mafai ona faatonutonu lona ita i le taimi e oso ai le ita, lea lava ua i’u ina manu’a ai ma lona to’alua,” o le saunoaga lea a Kruse e fai ai o ia ma sui o alii faamasino lagolago ia Logoai Siaki ma Fa’amausili Pomele sa latou iloiloina se fa’asalaga o lenei mataupu. I le isi la itu o le mataupu lenei i le saogalemu o Malala pe a taofia i totonu o le toese i Tafuna, o se tasi lea o mataupu na umi fo’i se taimi o talatalanoa i ai le ali’i fa’amasino sili, ma ia fesiligia ai le loia a le malo po o fea e tatau ona tuli ai le faasalaga a Malala pe afai ua le toe saogalemu le alii pagota i le toese i Tafuna. “Afai la o lea ua lamatia le saogalemu o Malala i le toese i Tafuna, ao lea ua e finau mai e loka o ia mo le 10 tausaga, o fea la le nofoaga talafeagai e tatau ona tuli ai lana fa’asalaga?”, o le fesili lea a Kruse i le loia a

le malo o Oldfield. “Lona uiga ea o lou taofi e toe fa’afo’i i o i le nofoaga lea ua molimau mai Malala ua le toe maua ai se saogalemu mo ia?”, o le isi lea fesili a Kruse ia Oldfield. E 7 tausaga lea ua poloaina e le fa’amasinoga ia Malala e nofovaavaaia ai o ia, i lalo o tuutuuga e ao ona ia usita’i i ai. “O se tasi o tuutuuga o lau nofovaavaaia, o le taofia lea o oe mo le umi e 28 masina i se nofoaga e ese mai i le toese i Tafuna, ma ua poloaina oe le Sui Komesina le tumau ina ia saili se isi nofoaga e ese mai i le toese i Tafuna e tuli ai le fa’asalaga a Malala, ia fa’asa fo’i ona feso’ota’i o ia ma leoleo o le toese po o pagota fo’i”, o le fa’atonuga lea a Kruse ia Save. O isi poloaiga mo le nofovaavaaia a Malala e aofia ai lona totogiina o le salatupe e $5,000, auai i ni aoaoga e fesoasoani ai i le tulaga o le ita, ma ia aua nei ona toe umia ni pulufana po o se aupega mata’utia. Latalata ina mae’a le iloiloga a Malala, ae toe tula’i le loia a le malo ma talosaga i le fa’amasinoga, pe mafai ona taofia pea o ia i le toese i Tafuna, ae ese lava le sela e loka ai o ia, ona e le iloa e le malo po o fea se isi nofoaga lelei e tatau ona tuli ai lona fa’asalaga, ae na tali Kruse e fa’apea, o le faaiuga sa faia e se tasi o fa’amasino sili ua mavae ina ua tula’i mai fo’i se mataupu faapenei, sa ia faatonu ai le komesina o leoleo i lena vaitaimi e totogi se potu i le fale talimalo o le Rainmaker hotel e tuli ai le fa’asalaga a se pagota, ina ua le iloa po o fea se nofoaga lelei e tuli ai le fa’asalaga.

samoa news, Saturday, May 31, 2014 Page 3

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samoa news, Saturday, May 31, 2014


Real American Hustle

By Bob Franken

We’ve all seen the pharmaceutical ads on TV -- you know, the ones that typically offer relief from something like, say, itchy elbows. Once you get past the narrative and the video, which shows the deep shame that anyone feels when scratching his elbow and introduces the blessed relief of some medication named Arm-Bend-numb or whatever, we get the long disclaimer: “Do not use Arm-bend-numb within 16 hours of eating. Arm-bend-numb can cause feeling of deep depression, a variety of cancers and problems with your immune system that can result in death.” I don’t know about you, but by the time that’s through, I’ve decided to take my chances with the itchy elbow. The drug companies probably hate the disclosures that cut into their profits, but we get to decide whether relief is worth it. Right now, we get some sort of disclosure from the airlines, which are required to tell us the full cost of flying from here to there, listing their base price, along with the mandatory taxes and fees. Luggage and just about everything else are extra. Currently, the airlines need to inform us about all that when we are looking for the best fares. They’re not happy about it, so in true American corporate fashion they’ve influence-peddled members of Congress to try to introduce legislation allowing airlines to advertise only the base price, and add the other charges once you’ve gone several steps into the booking process. The deceit even extends to the title of the bill. It’s the Transparent Airlines Act of 2014. Notwithstanding the shameless dishonesty, the airlines do make one semi-valid point, and that is that other biggies in the travel industry, such as hotels and car-rental companies, are allowed to get away with the same subterfuge. We’ve all bristled at the car-rental counter when we’re informed that the rate we’ve been quoted “excludes” a long list of fees that often exceed the advertised rental rate. And how many of us have been outraged when our hotel adds on all the taxes, fees and, my personal favorite, the facility charge for just being in the building. Our stay ends up costing not just an arm and a leg, but another limb as well ... probably the one with the itchy elbow. Yes, the airlines have a right to be treated equally. But the answer is not to allow their flimflam, but to require hotels and car rental companies to end theirs and make clear what we’re really going to pay when we select one. After a while, it gets truly wearisome that we live in such a caveat emptor society, where we have to expend so much energy trying to avoid the legalized swindle. The reason it’s not a crime is because usually our lawmakers are receiving financial incentives from those who want to get away with their chicanery. Maybe our campaign ads should come with a disclaimer like the drug commercials. Something like, “Electing this candidate may do serious harm to this country and have a negative effect on your own life.” Because these days, when it comes to all the rhetoric, more and more people just aren’t buying it. (c) 2014 Bob Franken Distributed by King Features Synd., Inc.

© Osini Faleatasi Inc. reserves all rights.

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Se vaaiga atu lena i le faitoto’a e ulufale atu ai i le toese i Tafuna.

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Fesiligia Kruse ta’iala fa’afoe ai puleaina toese Tafuna tusia Ausage Fausia

O le tutupu mai pea o fa’alavelave e a’afia ai pagota ma leoleo i le toese i Tafuna, ua fesiligia ai e le afioga i le fa’amasino sili ia Michael Kruse ta’iala o lo o fa’atautaia ai le pulea ma le vaavaaia o pagota i totonu o le toese i Tafuna i aso ta’itasi. Na fa’ailoa e Kruse i le Sui Komesina le tumau o Leoleo sa i ai i totonu o le potu fa’amasino i le taeao ananafi, afai e le suia le ituaiga amioga o lo o fa’aauau pea ona tupu i totonu o le toese i Tafuna, e fa’aauau pea ona tula’i mai le tele o fa’aletonu o lo o a’afia ai pagota e pei o le fa’ao’olima i ai o leoleo. O le fia malamalama atili o Kruse i ta’iala o lo o fa’afoe ma pulea ai le vaavaaia o pagota i le toese, sa ia poloaina ai loa le afioga Save Liuato Tuitele ina ia feiloa’i ma le Pule o le Ofisa Fa’anofovaavaaia a le Fa’amasinoga, mo le fa’ailoaina atu o ni isi o vaaiga sa mafai ona molimauina e sui o lea ofisa, i ni isi o taimi na latou asia ai le nofoaga o lo o i ai le toese i Tafuna. “O se tasi o fa’afitauli sa mafai ona maitauina i se tasi o asiasiga a le Ofisa nofovaavaaia, o le taimi e o mai ai i fafo pagota ma toe fo’i atu i totonu o le toese, ona o ni isi o ia taimi e le faia ai e leoleo o le toese la latou galuega o le siaki o pagota i le taimi e toe fo’i atu ai i totonu, po o a mea o lo o o atou ma latou i totonu”, o se vaega lea o le saunoaga a Kruse ia Save. Na taua fo’i e Kruse e fa’apea, o le isi lea mafua’aga e ala ai ona maua le anoanoa’i o mea e le tatau ona maua i totonu o le toese e pei o fualaau fa’asaina, ona e le o lelei le fa’atinoina o galuega a leoleo o le falepuipui i le vaavaaia lea ma le siaki o pagota i soo se taimi e o i fafo ma toe fo’i atu ai i totonu. O le isi auala sa fia iloa e Kruse mai le afioga a Save, po o a ni isi auala e tatau i le ofisa o leoleo ona faia ina ia mautinoa ai le saogalemu o pagota o lo o taofia i le falepuipui ona o poloaiga a le fa’amasinoga. “E tele naua se galuega e manaomia le faia ina ia fa’aleleia atili ai le puleaina o le toese i Tafuna, ina ia mafai ai ona taofia le tutupu mai pea o mataupu e aafia ai le va o leoleo ma pagota,” o le saunoaga lea a Kruse ia Save. Mo se fa’ata’ita’iga, e i ai taimi e o ai pagota ma ave fa’atau o meaai mai o latou aiga, pe a mae’a a latou iloiloga e faia i luma o le fa’amasinoga, peitai o lea faiga na taofia e Save ananafi, ina ua ia faatonu leoleo o le toese e taofi se taga pepa sa avatu ai e se aiga meaai mo le latou tina o lo o taofia i le toese, lea na momoli atu i totonu o le potu fa’amasino ae na

toe fa’afo’i i fafo ina ua fa’atonu e Save se sui o le aiga e toe ave i fafo le taga pepa meaai, e fa’asa ona avatu ni mea fa’apea i totonu o le potu fa’amasino. Mo se faataitaiga e pei ona taua e le alii faamasino sili, o le mataupu lea o lo o i luma nei o le fa’amasinoga fa’aitumalo, fa’asaga i se ali’i leoleo o lo o tu’uaia i lona fasiga o se isi pagota i luma o le isi leoleo o le toese. “O le mea moni lava, e i ai le pagota o lo o i totonu o le toese o lo o pei se sifi ma ana mea o lo o fai ai, e fai uma fo’i e leoleo mea e mana’o i ai le pagota lea, e aunoa ma le tu tu o leoleo e fa’atino a latou galuega na mafua ai ona tofia i latou e galulue i le toese”, o le saunoaga lea a Kruse i le loia a le malo o Tiffany Oldfield, lea na tula’i mo le itu a le malo i le taimi na fofogaina ai le fa’asalaga a le ali’i o Leuma Malala. E le i mamao atu na maua ai e le Samoa News se ripoti e fa’atatau i se ali’i pagota o lo o tuli sona fa’asalaga fa’a falepuipui i le toese i le taimi nei, i lona fa’aaoga lea o se mea maai e fa’ao’o ai manu’a i le isi pagota. I se ripoti na tuuina mai i le Samoa News, na taua ai le fa’aaoga e le alii pagota o se naifi e tui ai le itu o le isi pagota, a o taele le pagota i le paipa e taeele ai pagota i fafo o le falepuipui, i le mae’a ai lea o le tula’i mai o se isi fo’i mataupu i luma atu, lea fo’i o lo o tu’uaia ai fo’i le pagota lava lea i lona faaoolima i se isi alii pagota sa ia lafo atu ni upu mataga ia te ia. I se ripoti sa tuuina mai i le Samoa News e faatatau i le mataupu lea sa taua ai e fa’apea, na tatala e se alii leoleo o le falepuipui le faitoto’a o le sela lea sa loka ai le pagota na a’afia, ina ia mafai ai ona alu atu le pagota matua e fa’atino le fasiga o ia. O saunoaga mai ia Kruse na alia’e mai ina ua talosaga le ali’i pagota o Malala i luma o le fa’amasinoga maualuga i le taeao ananafi se fesoasoani mo ia, ona ua lamatia lona saogalemu ao taofia ai o ia i totonu o le toese. Na taua e Malala e fa’apea, e fa’atolu ona fasi o ia e ni leoleo ma ni isi o pagota, ma ua atagia mai ai le le toe saogalemu o lona ola i totonu o le falepuipui. Na taua e le loia a Malala o Michael White i le Samoa News e fa’apea, na avea manu’a tuga na a’afia ai Malala mai le fasiga o ia e leoleo ma pagota, na taofia ai o ia i le falema’i, ma ua tatau fo’i i le itu a le malo ona sailiili atili i le talosaga a le ua molia. Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]

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Hokulea departs Hawaii to begin a worldwide voyage HILO, Hawaii (AP) — Voyagers have set out on a journey that will take them around the world in a double-hulled canoe. The Hokulea left Hawaii Friday to begin its three-year, 47,000mile odyssey. Its crew members are sailing without modern navigation equipment. They will observe the motion of the waves and the position of the stars to guide their path. Hundreds of spectators gathered in Hilo to bid aloha and farewell to the crew. They sang and shared hugs and lei. Bags of fresh produce hang in nets over the side of the boat. Crew members wave and paddle as they venture out of Hilo. The Hokulea will visit 85 ports in 26 countries. Its voyagers will teach the public about the ancient style of navigation. Obama reveals daughter Malia attended first prom WASHINGTON (AP) — A teenage rite of passage has come to the White House, with President Barack Obama revealing that daughter Malia recently attended her first prom. Obama wouldn’t say whether his older daughter had a date or went with friends. He joked it’s “classified information” during an interview airing Friday on the talk show “Live! With Kelly and Michael.” But the president said he doesn’t think he’d been too intimidating for any boy who might roll up to the White House to pick Malia up. Obama said it was “a little bit jarring” to see his 15-year-old 10th grader in heels for the first time. He said Malia looked beautiful. The president said he and the first lady were worried that growing up in the White House would give their daughters “an attitude.” But he expressed pride that they have remained respectful, kind and considerate young women and gave credit to his wife. IMB says Thai tanker may have been hijacked KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — A Thai tanker carrying diesel failed to make its scheduled arrival at an Indonesian port two days ago and contact with the vessel has been severed, in what may have been a hijacking, a maritime watchdog agency said Saturday. The International Maritime Bureau said the ship’s owner lost contact with Mt Orapin 4 and its 14 crew members after it left Singapore on Tuesday. It was due at the Indonesian port of Pontianak on Thursday. Noel Choong, who heads the bureau’s piracy reporting center in Kuala Lumpur, said on Saturday that the ship was classified as missing and a “possible hijack.” The IMB urged ships to be on the lookout for the missing vessel and for pirates. Last month, a Thai ship and a Singapore tanker carrying diesel were attacked by pirates after they left Singapore. Pirates stole the cargo before releasing the ships.

Cross-country flight diverted after dog poops PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A cross-country fight had to make an unscheduled landing when a service dog pooped twice in the aisle, sickening passengers with the odor. US Airways spokesman Andrew Christie said the May 28 US Airways flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia had to make an unscheduled stop in Kansas City, Christie called the episode a “rare and unfortunate situation.” The flight continued after the mess was cleaned up on the ground. The passenger and service dog were rebooked on another flight. Jim Kutsch, president at The Seeing Eye guide dog school in Morristown, New Jersey, tells The Philadelphia Inquirer that such incidents are rare, but that dogs occasionally get sick on planes, too. Julia Collins wins 20th victory on ‘Jeopardy!’ LOS ANGELES (AP) — Julia Collins can count another “Jeopardy!” victory and another milestone. The TV game show said Collins won her 20th game Friday, putting her alone in second place for most consecutive non-tournament victories. When she scored her 19th win on Thursday, she was in a second-place tie with season 22 contestant David Madden. The top “Jeopardy!” player is Ken Jennings, who won 74 straight games in season 21 for a total of $2.5 million in prize money. The 31-year-old Collins already has set a record as the winningest female “Jeopardy!” contestant ever, both in money and number of games. A business consultant from the Chicago area, Collins had raked in $428,100 as of Friday. She’ll be back on the pre-taped show Monday as she bids for win No. 21. Obama: Clinton would be a very effective president WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says Hillary Clinton would be a very effective president if she decides to run. Obama says in a television interview that he and Clinton are “buddies” and he’s long admired her. They fought in the long-running 2008 primary for the Democratic presidential nomination. But Obama says she couldn’t have been more effective and loyal as his secretary of state. The president says he’s been blessed to have her work for him, along with Vice President Joe Biden and his chief of staff Denis McDonough. The president’s comments are in an interview taped Thursday, the same day he and Clinton had a private lunch at the White House. His interview was broadcast Friday on the talk show “Live! With Kelly and Michael.” (Continued on page 6)

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Lapata’iga mo Matafaga: Me 27, 2014 Ofisa o le Puipuia o le Si’osi’omaga i Amerika Samoa (AS-EPA) 633-2304




Pavaiai 699-7206 • Nuuuli 699-1888 • Fagatogo 633-2239

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samoa news, Saturday, May 31, 2014

Toddler badly burned in drug raid in Georgia

President Barack Obama gives White House press secretary Jay Carney a hug after announcing that Carney will step down later next month, during a surprise visit to the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, Friday, May 30, 2014. The president announced Carney’s departure in a surprise appearance at in the White House press briefing room Friday. He said principal deputy (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) press secretary Josh Earnest will take over the job.

➧ NEWS IN BRIEF… Man pushing shopping cart full of meat is arrested SEATTLE (AP) — Police say the sight of a man pushing a shopping cart full of meat down a south Seattle street in the middle of the night drew an officer’s attention. Under questioning, the man said he was taking the cart full of steak and ribs to a friend’s house. When a second officer checked with a nearby grocery store, staff there said a man had just left without paying for his 13 packages of meat. Police said they arrested the 50-year-old man Wednesday night. And the $263 worth of meat? Store employees had to discard it because it had been removed from the store. Woman attacks a girl, 9, with hammer at elementary school OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — A San Francisco Bay Area woman is accused of attacked a 9-yearold girl with a hammer at the girl’s elementary school. Oakland Unified School District spokesman Troy Flint says the woman, who authorities declined to identify, sneaked the hammer onto the campus of Lafayette Elementary School on Friday and attacked the girl inside a bathroom. Flint says the woman’s own child attends the school and that she frequently volunteers there. The Bay Area News Group reports that Flint says the girl was taken to a hospital with injuries but that she was conscious and expected to recover. The woman, who is believed to be feuding with the victim’s family, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Roadside bombing kills 12 civilians in Afghanistan KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan official says a roadside bombing in the country’s east has hit two cars, killing 12 civilians. The attack took place on Saturday morning in the eastern Ghazni province, in Giro district. Shafiqullah Nang, the spokesman for the provincial governor, says the casualties were all civilians — seven women, three children and two men. He says the victims were traveling to a wedding. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. Roadside bombings are a major threat to both Afghan security forces and civilians across the country. Such attacks have escalated as the Taliban intensify their campaign ahead of the U.S.-led foreign forces’ withdrawal by the end of 2014.

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Man returns $125,000 that fell from armored truck FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — A Salvation Army worker in California is being rewarded for his decision to return a bag containing $125,000 that fell from an armored truck. Joe Cornell tells The Fresno Bee that he found the cash Tuesday after a Brinks truck pulled away from a red light in Fresno and left the sack behind. “I started crying and shaking,” Cornell said. “Everything was going through my mind — the good devil/bad devil thing. What to do?” Thoughts of the imminent arrival of his fourth grandchild soon helped him decide. “I thought, ‘What would I want her to think of me?’ That made up my mind right there,” he said. “I got on my radio and called my boss. ‘Hey, I found a bag of money.’ “ Cornell, 52, is in a Salvation Army substanceabuse rehabilitation program. His duties for the organization include working on donated trailers. “I went down there carrying the bag like I was Santa Claus,” Cornell said. Brinks spokesman Ed Cunningham said he isn’t sure how the truck lost the money, and he called the incident a security issue. The company will give Cornell a $5,000 reward and make a separate $5,000 donation to the Salvation Army. Complaint says Cook licked sandwiches, served officers ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A cook at a New Mexico facility that trains state corrections employees faces battery charges after authorities say she secretly licked sandwiches then served them to probation and parole officers. KOAT-TV reports Yolanda Arguello was charged this week following witness interviews into the bizarre allegations at the South Valley New Mexico Women’s Recovery Academy in Albuquerque. According to a criminal complaint, witnesses told investigators that the 59-year-old would take a piece of cheese, lick it and put it on sandwiches at the academy. Another witness told authorities Arguello was seen sucking on an ice cube and putting it back into a cup before handing it to a staff member. She is charged with three counts of battery on a peace officer. A phone listing for Arguello was disconnected, and it was unknown if she had an attorney. (Continued on page 11)

ATLANTA (AP) — Officers raiding a Georgia home in search of a drug suspect used a flash grenade not knowing children were inside, severely burning a toddler who was sleeping just inside the door, authorities and the boy’s family said. Habersham County Sheriff Joey Terrell said the officers were looking for a suspect who may have been armed and followed proper procedure by using the device, which creates a bright flash and loud bang to distract suspects. A lawyer for the family said he believes the officers acted improperly and he would like to see them prosecuted. “It’s a tragic incident,” Terrell said. “The baby didn’t deserve this.” Alecia Phonesavanh told local news media her son was sleeping in his playpen when the raid began Wednesday morning. “The cops threw that grenade in the door without looking first, and it landed right in the playpen and exploded on his pillow right in his face,” Phonesavanh told WSB-TV. Phonesavanh said the boy’s face was severely burned, and he was in a medically induced coma in a hospital. She said her family had been visiting from out of town and were all sleeping at the house in Cornelia, about 80 miles northeast of Atlanta, when the raid happened about 3 a.m. The toddler’s family was staying with family in Georgia after their home in Wisconsin recently burned down, Terrell said. In an interview with investigators, the toddler’s mother said she knew methamphetamine was being sold out of the home and tried to keep her four children away from any drugs or drug activity, Terrell said. If there had been any indication that there were children in the house, the officers would have used a different door and would not have used the flash grenade, Terrell said. The officers were looking for Wanis Thonetheva, 30, who lives at the home with his mother and had recently sold drugs to an informant at the house, the sheriff said. A judge granted them a no-knock warrant because Thonetheva had a recent prior arrest involving a gun and drugs, Terrell said. When the officers arrived at the home, they found the door locked and used a ram to get it open enough to toss in the flash grenade, Terrell said. The officers then pushed their way in and found the injured child in a playpen that had been pushed up against the door, Terrell said. A medic with the team took the child, who was taken to Atlanta for treatment. Thonetheva was not at the home, but officers found methamphetamine residue and drug paraphernalia in his room, Terrell said. Thonetheva was arrested a few hours later at another location and charged with distribution of methamphetamine. He was being held Friday on $15,000 bond, and it wasn’t immediately clear if he had a lawyer. The officers involved are very upset and they and their families have been receiving death threats, Terrell said. There is no continuing investigation, and the officers involved are still on duty, he said. It will be up to the local prosecutor to decide whether the case merits further investigation, the sheriff said. Habersham County District Attorney Brian Rickman told WSB-TV his office will review the incident and witness statements to determine whether charges should be filed. The boy’s family disputes the sheriff’s claim that the playpen was pushed against the door, said lawyer Mawuli Mel Davis, who’s representing them. “That’s a flat out lie,” he said, adding that the playpen was six or seven feet from the door. “It’s not even logical for them to block the door with a playpen with their son in it.” A lawsuit is possible, Davis said, but right now the family is focusing on doing everything possible to encourage further investigation and to push for criminal prosecution of the officers. “It’s unbelievable those officers continue to be on the street and continue to be employed after the way the family was treated and the son was injured,” Davis said. Cornelia Police Chief Rick Darby, whose officers were also involved in the raid, didn’t immediately return a call from The Associated Press on Friday. He told WSB-TV that officers were distraught over what happened. “You’re trying to minimize anything that could go wrong and in this case the greatest thing went wrong,” Darby told the station. “Is it going to make us be more careful in the next one? Yes ma’am, it is. It’s gonna make us double question.”

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Where it’s at in American Samoa


Tucker Dismukes, also known as The Cardboard Patriot, prepares for the maiden voyage of his cardboard boat during the annual Zundy Junior High Cardboard Boat Float at Plum Lake, Thursday, May 29, 2014, in Wichita Falls, Texas. The craft made it successfully across a section of the lake. This year’s event featured 70 boats made of only cardboard, masking tape, (AP Photo/Wichita Falls Times Record News, Torin Halsey) caulk and paint.

VA’s Shinseki resigns amid vets’ health care problems WASHINGTON (AP) — Beset by growing evidence of patient delays and cover-ups, embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned from President Barack Obama’s Cabinet Friday, taking the blame for what he decried as a “lack of integrity” in the sprawling health care system for the nation’s military veterans. Obama, under mounting pressure to act from fellow Democrats who are worried about political fallout in the fall elections, praised the retired four-star general and said he accepted his resignation with “considerable regret.” But the president, too, focused on increasingly troubling allegations of treatment delays and preventable deaths at veterans hospitals around the country. Emerging from an Oval Office meeting with Shinseki, a stone-faced Obama said the secretary himself acknowledged he had become a distraction as the administration moves to address the VA’s troubles, and the president agreed with him. “We don’t have time for distractions,” Obama said. “We need to fix the problem.” One of Shinseki’s last acts as secretary was to hand the president an internal accounting that underscored just how big the problems have become. It showed that in some cases, VA schedulers have been pressured to fake information for reports to make waiting times for medical appointments look more favorable. “It is totally unacceptable,” Obama said. “Our vets deserve the best. They’ve earned it.” The president appointed Sloan Gibson, the No. 2 at the Veterans Affairs Department, as temporary secretary as the search for a permanent successor began. Obama also asked Rob Nabors, a top White House aide who has been dispatched to the VA to oversee a broad review, to stay for the time being. Gibson, who has been Shinseki’s deputy for about three months, was formerly president and chief executive officer of the USO, the nonprofit organization that provides programs and services to U.S. troops and their families. Gibson is the son of an Army Air Corpsman who served in World War II and grandson of a World War I Army infantryman. Republicans in Congress said the shake-up wasn’t enough to solve problems at an agency that has been struggling to keep up with a huge demand for its services — some 9 million

enrolled now compared to 8 million in 2008. The influx comes from returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, aging Vietnam War vets who now have more health problems, a move by Congress to expand the number of those eligible for care and the migration of veterans to the VA during the last recession after they lost their jobs or switched to the VA when their private insurance became more expensive. “One personnel change cannot be used as an excuse to paper over a systemic problem,” said House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who had held off in calling for Shinseki’s resignation. “Our veterans deserve better. We’ll hold the president accountable until he makes things right.” The massive bureaucracy at the VA has come under intense scrutiny over the past month, following allegations that 40 patients died while awaiting care at a Phoenix hospital where employees kept a secret waiting list to cover up delays. On Wednesday, the VA inspector general reported that 1,700 veterans seeking treatment at the Phoenix facility were at risk of being “forgotten or lost.” After that scathing report, a cascade of Democrats on the ballot in the fall midterm elections joined dozens of Republicans in calling for Shinseki to step down. Administration officials said the combined pressure of the VA investigator’s troubling findings and the extreme focus on Shinseki’s status led Obama to conclude that the secretary would probably need to resign. But they said the president wanted to first allow Shinseki an opportunity to submit his own report to the White House, set in motion a series of firings in the agency, and speak to veterans at a long-planned appearance Friday morning. In his speech to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, Shinseki said, “I extend an apology to the people whom I care most deeply about — that’s the veterans of this great country — to their families and loved ones, who I have been honored to serve for over five years now. It’s the calling of a lifetime.” The 71-year-old Shinseki said he had been “too trusting of some” in the VA system. He then headed to the White House to offer his resignation to the president during a 30-minute meeting. (Continued on page 12)

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samoa news, Saturday, May 31, 2014


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Saunia: L.A.F./Naenae Productions

TATALA FEAGAIGA EFKS MOATA’A MA LE FAIFEAU O le aso Tofi o le vaiaso nei na faataunuu ai le sauniga lotu faapitoa e tatala ai le feagaiga a le Ekalesia Faapotopotoga Kerisiano i Samoa i le afioaga o Moata’a ma le latou faafeagaiga tauilelagi, le susuga Rev. Dr. Taipisia Elisara. O lea sauniga na taitaia e le susuga i le Toeaina o le Pulega, le susuga Peteru Tone. Ua ono nei tausaga o galulue le susuga i le faafeagaiga ma le faletua ia Ramona i Moata’a ma ao alu le la faiga malologa e pei ona i ai faiga faavae a le ekalesia i le maea ai o le ta’i ono tausaga, sa faia le filifiliga a le ekalesia i Moata’a ma autasi ai o le a tatala le feagaiga ma lo latou faafeagaiga ae toe saili se i si faafeagaiga. ASIASI MAI LE PALEMIA O NIU SILA O le a taitaia mai e le Palemia o le malo o Niu Sila, le afioga ia To’oletai John Key, se aumalaga a lea malo e asiasi mai i Samoa i le amataga o le vaiaso fou. O le a ia auai mai i sauniga i le  faailogaina o o le Tutoatasi o le atunuu i lenei foi tausaga, ma le faamoemoe e feiloai atu i le taitai o le malo ma asia nisi o poloketi o lo o faatupeina ma fesoasoani mai ai Niu Sila i atinae eseese i le atunuu. Faailoa mai e

Tooletai John Key, o le a ia asia Samoa, Toga faapea ai ma Niue mo le vaiaso atoa o loma nei, ma o se malaga e atagia ai le mafana pea o le mafutaga a Niu Sila ma ia atunuu, ma le maualuga o le faataua o lo o ave i ai i lea mafutaga. MUA TOLOTOLO O TAMAULI Na sola le sa o le Tolotolo o Tamauli mai Salelologa ma le tulaga muamua o faigamea i le tai o le Tutoatasi o lenei tausaga i se tuuga taufao i le taeao ananafi. Na maitauina le vava lalata o sa e ono sa tausinio ma e oo mai le tuuga i le penisula i Mulinuu, o lo o tulaga lua le i si sa mai Salelologa o le Uluai La O Le Talalelei, ae tuli tatao mai e le Digicel Segavao. O gataifale o le maketi i Savalalo na taumafai ai loa le Digicel Segavao e tipi i tua le Uluai La O Le Talalelei, ae sa faasasa e le Uluai La. Sa seu i le itu i tai e le kapeteni le latou sa ina ua poloka e le Uluai La le itu i uta, ae sa taumafai foi le Uluai La e toe poloka le alavaa o le Digicel Segavao. Peitai sa alu loa lava le Digicel Segavao ona ua popole le kapeteni i pa’ulia lona sa i le a’au ma sa faapea ona filivaa ai loa, ma iu ai ina u i uta le taumua o le Uluai La O Le Talalelei. Sa faapea ona sao atu ai loa le Digicel Segavao ma ausia ai le tulaga lua, tulaga tolu i ai le sa o le Lulu O

Le Aoa mai Sinamoga, tulaga fa le Aviivii mai Toamua, tulaga lima le sa o le La O Samoa mai Lepea sa aloina e tama aoga o le Kolisi o Pesega, ae tulaga ono ai le Uluai La O Le Talalelei mai Salelologa. TALI LE PALEMIA Ua tuuina aloaia mai nei le tali a alii palemia, le susuga Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Dr. Sailele Malielegaoi, i le finagalo faaalia o se tasi o alii faiaoga i le Iunivesete o Otago i Niu Sila, le alii o Dr. Iati Iati. Ua faailoa e lea alii le tatau ia Samoa ma atunuu o le pasefika, ona faateletelegese le faatinoga o atinae, ia ua peiseai ua tulaga le manuia ai le avea o a tatou atu motu o parataiso. Na ia saunoa, e manaia pe ana faapea e tumau le faitau aofai o tagata o le pasefika i tausaga uma, peitai o le mea moni, o lo o faatupulaia pea le fuainumera o tagata, ma e moomia ai le fausia pea o ia atinae, e i ai faleaoga mo le aoaoina o le fanau o lo o siitia pea le toatele, fausia falemai mo le siitia foi o le toatele o tagata gasegase mai i le taumafaina o lau mamoe mai i Niu Sila, fausia auala tetele mo taavale foeuli taumatau, fausia uafu mo vaa a lalo ma malae vaalele e agai mai ai aiga o lea alii o Dr. Iati Iati. “O lona uiga, e tatau pea ona fa’aauau atiae, atinae ma saga atiae pea seia oo i le faavavau,” o le finau lea a Tuilaepa.

E te fia

Poka? Toleafoa Haserota Auvaa

Savali mai le fafine o Ana fai ia Samuelu, “Ou te iloa ua pe le taavale, ai ua tumu vai i totonu o le kapalaika.” a’o la lava e matamata le TV a Samuelu, toe fai atu le fafine, “Ou te iloa ua pe le taavale ua o vai i totonu o le kapalaika…!!!!.” ua tau amata ona si’isi’i i luga le leo o le fafine. “E faafefea ona te’ite’i a alu fua lena vai i totonu o le kapalaika ?.” fai mai le fafine, “Leaga ou te malamalama lelei i ai.” faasagasaga mai loa o Samuelu i le fia su’esu’e lava o le mafauaga. “E te malamalama ea i le mea e igoa o le kapalaika ?.” “Ou te le’i iloa lelei, ae ou te malamala i le mea ua pe ai le taavale, ae ou te le iloa poo i fea o le afi e tu ai lena mea o le kapalaika.” ‘oso mai loa Samuelu, “O fea le taavale ?.” tali loa le fafine, “Ia vaai lea i ai, o le ituaiga fesili lena ua leva ona e tatau ona e fesili mai ai, o la e i totonu o le sami!” O FEA LE GALUEGA MUAMUA LAVA I LE LALOLAGI Sa fai se fono i Niu Ioka e finau ai le mataupu po o ai le galuega ua leva o le lalolagi, na auai le Foma’i, o le Inisinia, Faifeau ma le loia, na tau fai faaali manatu i le galuega na muamua i le lalolagi. Fai mai le Foma’i, “Ou te manatu lava ‘au ia o le Foma’i, aua a manatu i le taimi lea na faamoe ai Atamu, ae se’i lona ivi asoaso e fai ai le fafine, ia ona ou mafaufau lea, o le Foma’i le galuega pito muamua i le lalolagi.” “E leai….ou te manatu lava ‘au ia o le Faifeau, silasila foi na mana’o loa le Atua e alu se feau ia Atamu ma Eva, e manaomia manatu e faasino i amio faa-Faifeau, ina sui mai lea o Siufofoga o le Atua i saunoa mai ia Atamu ma Eva ‘i le leo faa-faifeau’ ou te manatu la o le Faifeau e fetaui i ai le galuega muamua”. Ia ae ‘oso mai le Inisinia, “Faatali la….e leai, a tatou mafaufau i ai, na fai mai le Tusi Paia, na fau e le Atua le lalolagi i aso e ono, o ai la vave na te fauina le lalolagi i na aso e ono, na’o le INISINIA, le mafaufau na fausia ai le lalolagi, a leai se mafaufau faa-INISINIA e le mafai ona fai le lalolagi i aso e ono, na e fai mai le Tusi Paia, sa soona NUNUMI le lalolagi…..” Ia taufai patipati uma le isi ‘au usufono i le manaia o nei manatu ua folasia i luma o le mamea, ae te’i lava i le tu lemu ae a o le Lawyer, “Le upu lena na ou faatalitali i ai, o le NUNUMI o ai ma te ta’u mai ina ia te ‘au, o ai le mafaufau na so’ona NUNUMI le lalolagi i le amataga ?. A’o ai e toe nofo ma toe faamafolafola, O LA’U GALUEGA LENA, O LE NUNUMI O SE MEA, AE NOFO MA TOE FAAMAFOLAFOLA, o lona uiga o le mafaufau faa-LAWYER a le Atua na amata ai ona faia le LALOLAGI…”

“A tonu e lelei foi pe afai e afio mai lea alii o Dr. Iati e aumau i Samoa mo sina taimi, sei tofo i le soifuaga o lo o tatou i ai i meafai a le lotu, o fono a le nuu ma togi maa i faalavelave o aiga.” LAGOLAGO BLUESKY MALAFONI TUTOATASI Ua taliaina nei e le asosi a fitafita a Amerika i Samoa se fesoasoani tupe e $10,000, e tapena ai lana malafoni mo le tutoatasi i le vaiaso fou. O lea tamoega o le a auai mai ai nisi o tagata iloga i lea foi taaloga mai i atunuu mamao, lea e oo atu i le toa 15 i latou o le a malaga mai i Niu Sila ma Ausetalia. I se feiloaiga ma tusitala na tauaaoina aloaia atu ai lea fesoasoani tupe e le faauluuluga o le Bluesky le afioga ia Toleafoa Douglas Creevy, ma taliaina aloaia e le Faatonu o lea taamilosaga, o le alii peresetene foi o le Asosi o Fitafita Tuai a Amerika i Samoa, le susuga ia Mark Moors. Saunoa faafetai le afioga   ile alii peresetene, ma ia faailo le tele o aoga o lenei tauvaga. O se tauvaga o lo o faasalalauina faavaomalo, ma o le a fesoasoani i le uunaia o le atinae o tagata tafafao maimoa mai i le atunuu. E le gata i lea, ae o le a fesoasoani le tauvaga i le koleniga o le au afeleti a le atunuu, aua tamoega mamao i nisi o taaloga faavaomalo o lo o sauni atu i ai o le a faia i le atunuu o Take ma isi.









UK to count prostitution, drugs in measuring GDP LONDON (AP) — Britain is putting a price on vice. Prostitution and the import, manufacture and consumption of illegal drugs like crack cocaine and heroin will be included in the official estimates of the country’s economy, the national statistics agency said Friday. Some of these activities, like prostitution, are legal in certain European Union countries, and comparable figures are needed. All member states need the same standard because they are used to assess a member state’s contribution to the EU budget. The new estimates also simply seek to get a more realistic picture of the economy — warts and all. At the moment, the only illegal activities included in Britain’s GDP are estimates on alcohol and tobacco smuggling. “As economies develop and evolve, so do the statistics we use to measure them,” said Joe Grice, the chief economic adviser to the Office of National Statistics. “These improvements are going on across the world and we are working with our partners in Europe and the wider world on the same agenda.” Illegal drugs and prostitution are already measured in Estonia, Austria, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden and Norway, the ONS said in a report. In Britain, they would add approximately 10 billion pounds ($16.7 billion) to gross domestic product in 2009, the ONS said. That remains a very small portion of the overall GDP, which now stands at 1.5 trillion pounds. Nonetheless, calculations may prove challenging. To measure prostitution, statisticians will have to tabulate up the value of things like brothel rental, condom sales, makeup and the clothing of sex workers. For illegal drugs, the ONS will examine production and sales of crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, cannabis, ecstasy and amphetamines. Growing drugs will be classed as “production,” buying them for home use, “expenditure,” while selling them as “income”.

samoa news, Saturday, May 31, 2014 Page 9


r u O t u O k Chec






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Le ali’i o Malaki Sitagata lea ua ia mauaina le pine siliva mo Amerika Samoa, i se tasi o ana [ata foa’i] taumafaiga i le ta’amilosaga a le Pasefika i Niu Kaletonia.

Lua pine maua au si’isi’i ta’amilosaga a le Pasefika

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E lua pine ua fa’amanuiaina ai le au si’isi’i u’amea mamafa a Amerika Samoa, i le ta’amilosaga a le Pasefika sa talimalo ai le atunuu o Niu Kaletonia, lea na fa’amutaina i le aso ananafi. O pine e lua mo Amerika Samoa e aofia ai le pine auro e tasi na maua e le tama’ita’i o Orepa Talo, lea na tausinio i le aupaga o le ‘75+kgs’ i le vaega o le ‘Youth division’, ma le pine siliva na maua e le susuga a Malaki Sitagata, lea sa tauva i le aupaga o le ‘94 & 94+kgs’ i le aupaga o le ‘Youth division’. E ‘222 kgs’ le aofa’i o le si’i na manumalo ai Sitagata i le pine siliva, ae ‘232 kgs’ na manumalo ai le ali’i Samoa mai Niu Sila i le pine auro i le latou aupaga. O le ta’amilosaga a le Pasefika i ta’aloga si’isi’i u’amea mamafa lea sa faia i Mont Dore i Niu Kaletonia, (2014 Oceania and South Pacific, Senior, Junior and Youth Champioships - Continental Olympics Youth Olympic Event), e le gata o le ta’amilosaga masani lava a le Pasefika, ae na talia ai fo’i ma ni isi e ulufale atu i le Olimipeka a Tupulaga Talavou lea e faia i Saina ia Aokuso o le tausaga nei. E to’alima sui o le au si’isi’i a Amerika Samoa na malaga mo lenei ta’amilosaga, fa’atasi ai ma Ofisa e to’atolu e pei o le susuga ia Lopesi Fa’agu o le faiaoga o le au, Emanuele Sitagata o le sui faiaoga, ma le faletua ia Gloria Ausage, sa fesoasoani malosi i le tu’u fa’atasia o lenei malaga, o lona alo tama’ita’i fo’i ia Jennade Ausage lea sa aofia ai i tama’ita’i e to’atolu na malaga i le au si’isi’i, lea na tulaga fa (4) i lana aupaga. O isi tama’ita’i e to’alua e aofia ai Talo ma le tama’ita’i o Naomi Taumalua, lea fo’i na ia maua le tulaga fa i le aupaga na tausinio ai o le ‘75kgs’ i le ‘Junior division’. I le vaega o ali’i, e le i manuia le taumafaiga a le susuga ia Elliott Kim i lana aupaga na tausinio ai o le 85kgs, sei vagana ai le susuga a Sitagata lea na manumalo i le pine siliva. I se faatalatalanoaga a le Samoa News ma le faiaoga o le au ia Lopesi ao le i tuuva’a atu le au mo Niu Kaletonia, na taua ai e le susuga a Fa’agu le taua tele o le atoa uma o sui e tatau ona tausinio i aupaga taitasi o le ta’amilosaga, ina ia faigofie ai e Amerika Samoa ona ausia togi e auina atu ai lana au mo le Olimipeka i Saina.

Ua i ai le fa’amoemoe o le isi laasaga pe a taliu mai le au mai Niu Kaletonia, o le tapena lea o le au mo le taamilosaga a le Youth Olympic, aemaise ai o le tatalaina o le nofoaga autu mo le Asosi Siisii U’amea mamafa a le atunuu, lea ua faatulaga i le isi fale maimoa i le VA stadium i Tafuna. Na taua e Fa’agu e fa’apea, o le tulaga lelei o le nofoaga lea, o le a mafai ai loa ona faaaogaina ai seti o mea siisii ua maea ona foa’i atu e le Asosi o Siisii U’amea mamafa a le Pasefika mo Amerika Samoa, o se avanoa lelei fo’i lea e unaia ai loa tupulaga talavou ina ia aga’i atu e fa’ata’ita’i i le ta’aloga siisii u’amea mamafa. O ni isi o moemitiga o lo o faamoemoe i ai le Asosi Siisii e tatau ona faia, o le unaia lea o le taaloga siisii uamea mamafa i totonu o aoga, ina ia mafai ai ona faatosina fanau aoga e fiafia i lenei ituaiga taaloga, e ui o se taaloga e faigata, peitai e manaomia i latou e naunau ma loto i le taaloga, toe maua le malosi e faatino ai. I se ripoti mai le au i Niu Kaletonia, ua latou faafetaia ai le tapuaiga a le atunuu atoa, aemaise uo ma aiga o i latou sa malaga e fai ma ave fu’a a Amerika Samoa, ina ua i’u ma le manuia taumafaiga a tama fanau a le atunu’u. Na taua e Taumalua i se fesootaiga ma le Samoa News ananafi, le taua o le avanoa sa mafai ai ona avea o ia ma ave fu’a mo Amerika Samoa, ua mafai ai ona ia maua le isi agava’a e fesoasoani i lona lumana’i i le ta’aloga si’isi’i u’amea mamafa. Na taua e le susuga Sitagata lona faafetaia o le tapuaiga a le atunu’u, aemaise ai uo ma aiga, lea ua mafai ai ona i’u manuia lana taumafaiga. I luga o lana itulau i le ‘facebook’, o lo o tusia ai e Sitagata fa’aupuga fa’apenei, “O le pine siliva lea AS’, fa’atasi ai ma lona ata o lo o fa’asino lona lima i lana pine siliva o lo o asoa i lona ua. Ina ua fesiligia Sitagata i le tulaga o le tauvaga sa tausinio ai, sa ia taua ai le “faigata tele o le aupaga sa ia tausinio ai, ona o le to’atele o isi alii lelei ma atunuu eseese sa latou tausinio”, peitai o le fa’amalosi ua mafua ai ona ia ausia le faaiuga sa ia ausia. O le aso Gafua o le vaiaso fou lea ua fa’atulaga e toe taliu mai ai i fanua le au malaga. Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]

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samoa news, Saturday, May 31, 2014


o le fa’aolataga

‘FAIMALAGA I FAFO MA TOTONU’ (Isaia 35:1 [f.1]) “E olioli ona a ia latou le vao lafulafua, ma le nuu naumati; e fiafia le toafa, ma fua mai e pei o le aute.” Le (Kenese e 12:2), “Ou te faia oe ma nuu tele, ou te faamanuia foi ia te oe, ou te matua faamanuia lou igoa; e manuia foi oe. Ou te faamanuia atu ia te i latou o e faamanuia ia te oe, ou te faamalaia atu foi ia te i latou o e fetuu ia te oe, e manuia foi ia te oe, o aiga uma o le lalolagi.” O le faamanuiga lena na fai ia Aperaamo mo ia ma lana fanau uma e fananau mai ia Aperaamo, Isaako, Iakopo ma Iosefa ma faasolosolo mai lava, e oo ina faia le nuu tele o Isaraelu. E ui ina ua faasalaina Isaraelu e le Atua ia Isaraelu poo le a le mea e fai i ai, e leai lava sa tatou feau poo pisinisi poo se tatou aia e faiga a le Atua i ona tagata ona ua agasala. E leai se tatou mea e fesoasoani i ai, na o le tatou faitau i lana Afioga ma tatou malamala i ai, le Silisili Ese o le Atua e oo i tulaiga uma o lenei lalolagi, e pule aoao o ia, e mea uma lava mai i le amataga i oo i le gataaga. Le Afioga o le Atua lea na oo ia Esekielu, ua faapea ai, “Ua aina e tama o vine moto, ae magiagia ai nifo o le fanau ? o loo Ola ia Ia, o loo fetalai mai le Alii le Atua, e le toe fai lava e outou lena faatusa i Isaraelu. Faauta, o agaga uma, o o’u lava o latou, e pei o le agaga o le tama ona fai mo’u, e faapea foi le tagata e agasala e oti ai. A e afai e amiotonu le tagata , ma ua faia e ia le amio e tatau, ma le amiotonu, ua ia le ‘ai i luga o mauga, ua ia le amio e tonu ma sa’o lea i luma o le Silafaga o le Atua. E pule aoao le Atua ma lona nuu, e faatafea ona o le faalogogata, e pei o le tama ma sona atalii, “Ua le iloa poo le a le isi mea e fai ia oe ? ua uma taavale ua e faaleaga, ua uma aoga na ave i ai oe, e tuli mai oe i lou le usitai, o lea, tuu ia oe e te alu i le lalolagi tele lena e fai ai lou loto. Ua ou musu a e toe fasi oe, e nei tulafono, alu ia oe, pule oe….” A’o le faapologaina a le Atua i lona nuu o Isaraelu, e pei o se Atua Fua e ‘ino’ino pe a silasila atu ua o i se isi Atua lona nuu ae vaai ua mulimuli i auala leaga a le tiapolo. E te’ite’i lava a leaga le nuu a le Atua, e le leaga i se isi, na o le tiapolo lava lea na faaleagaina mai i le amataga i le ulua’i tagata, e oo mai ina faia Iakopo ma lana fanau e toa sefulu lua ae sefulu tolu i le teine, lea na mafua ai le nuu o Iakopo, poo Isaraelu, ua na’o le tiapolo e faa’oso mai ia tagata. Na faaleaga le ola faatalitonu o tagata o le a nuu i faiga o le tiapolo, na nofo le tiapolo ma liliu ‘ese tagata i le mea e ola ai i le Ola e Faavavau, e le mano’a o ia ia liliu ‘ese mai le Atua. E fai uma nei mea e le Atua ma lona iloa, e i ai le isi paoa lena i ai i le lalolagi lenei. E olioli ona o i latou le vao lafulafua, ma le nuu naumati; e fiafia le toafa, ma fua mai e pei o le aute. E fua tele mai lava ia, e fiafia foi ma le fiafia tele, ma le alaga, e avatu i ai le lalelei o Lepanona, ma le matagofie o Karamelu ma Sarona, latou te vaavaai i le pupupla o le Alii. Le afio mai o le Faaolataga, o Iesu le Mesia mo le Lalolagi atoa, lea na fai mai ai Iesu, (Luka 12:4-5) “A ou te fai atu ia te outou a’u uo, aua tou te matatau ia te i latou o e fasioti le tino, a mavae lea, ua leai se toe mea latou te mafaia. A e ou te faasino atu ia te outou i le tou te matatau i ai, ia te outou matatau ia te ia, a mavae ona fasioti e ia, e ana le pule e lafo atu i Kena; e moni ou te fai atu ia te outou, ia e moni, ou te fai atu ia te outou matatau ia te ia.” O le mea moni e alofa le Atua i lona nuu o Isaraelu, poo le a ita o Ie Atua i lona nuu, ia ae le uma le alofa ia Isaraelu, ma lona malumalu o Siona. Amene.

[Sosoo ane loa lau faitau i le tatou tala faasolo mo lenei vaiaso, lea na gata mai i le vaiaso na tea nei i le taimi lea ua salalau solo ai tala i luga o televise, o le Leoleo nana mai Italia na fasiotia le ali’i faipisinisi lauiloa o Tomasi i totonu o Enelagi.] E le i atoa se itula talu ona mae’a le ulua’i suesuega o Kati ae salalau solo tala i totonu o Enelagi, o le Leoleo nana mai Italia lea ua masalomia i le fasiotiina o le ali’i faipisinisi lauiloa o Tomasi, ma, na avea lea ma itu na maua ai e le malo o Italia ripoti i luga o televise e faatatau i le mea o lo o tupu ia Kati, ma fa’atulaga ai loa e le ofisa autu o Leoleo nana i totonu o Italia auala e mafai ai ona faia ni feutanaiga ma le malo o Enelagi, ina ia mafai ona toe fa’asa’oloto mai ai Kati i lalo o ni tuutuuga fa’apitoa. E le i umi ae tatagi loa le telefoni a le Peresetene o le Ofisa autu o Leoleo nana a Italia, ma ia vaaia ai le numera o lo o vili atu ai le tagata, e le o se telefoni mai totonu o Italia, ae o le telefoni mai fafo atu, ae leai fo’i se isi e nofo i se isi atunu’u na te iloa lana numera. “Hello!” O le tali atu lea a le Peresetene o le Vaega o Leoleo nana a Italia i lana telefoni i lona leo gatete ma le le mautonu, po o ai lenei tagata ua vili atu i lana telefoni. “Talofa i lau susuga i le Ta’ita’i, o Kati lea e i luga o le laina ...” na te’i le ta’ita’i ina ua ia fa’alogoina le leo o Kati i le telefoni, ona ia fesili lea i ai pe faapefea ona toe tatala o ia i tua, a o lea ua salalau tala i le lalolagi,

o ia na fasiotia le alii faipisinisi lauiloa i totonu o Enelagi, ae na ata Kati ma fai atu i le ta’ita’i, “O le aikia lea ua fai ina ia mafai ai ona ou sao mai i tua, ae tuua’i uma le fa’alavelave i le tama’ita’i o Mena lea sa ma to’alua, ao lea ua ou sauni e saili se auala e fa’asao mai ai o ia i tua ona ma o atu loa lea iina i se taimi lata mai lava. Ua savali le lua vaiaso o i ai Mena i le ofisa taofia o leoleo e faatalitali ai suesuega o lo o faagasolo, ae o Kati i le taimi lea, ua sui fo’i ana teuga ma ua faigata fo’i ona iloa o ia i totonu o Enelagi, ua le toe fa’aaoga e le ali’i ana teuga masani e pei ona iloa ai o ia, a o lea ua suia nei i le isi teuga lea e masani ona ia fa’aaoga e pei ai o ia o se ali’i faipisinisi mai Arapi, o lana atopa’u, o le ie e fa’ata’amilo i luga o lona ulu, atoa ai ma lana ava uliuli lava toe uumi, lea e masani ona ia fa’aaogaina i le taimi na fa’atoa la masani ai ma Mena i totonu o le fale talimalo lea na ia fasiotia ai le tamaloa leaga o Tomasi. O le atoa ai o le masina talu ona taofia Mena i le ofisa taofia o leoleo, na aafia ai o ia i se gasegase ma auina atu ai loa o ia i le falemai a le Militeli e togafiti ai lona gasegase, ma o iina na maua ai loa ma le avanoa o Kati e fesoota’i ai i le tama’ita’i e ala i lona alu e asi, ma fa’atulaga ai loa e le tama se avanoa na te ave faamalosia ai Mena i se auala e le mafai e foma’i a le Militeli ona toe maua o ia. E fetaui loa le taunuu o Kati i le vaega tonu lea ua fa’amoemoe e faia ai lana osofaiga ae suluia loa o ia i moli o le loli a le Ami ua aga’i mai.


[E fa’atalofa atu i le mamalu o le aufaitau i lenei vaiaso, malo le onosa’i, malo fo’i le soifua laulelei, ae alo maia, o le vaega lua lenei o le tatou tala fa’asolo, lea na gata mai i le vaiaso na te’a nei i le taimi lea na pei ai o se pese malie i le fa’alogologo a le tamaloa o Veli upu faamomoi loto a si ona to’alua i totonu o le faleoo lea o lo o la talatalanoa ai.] Na pei o se pese malu o lo o ta mai e se fa’ili malie fa’amatalaga fa’amomoi loto a Tania i le loto o le tamaloa mai Savai’i, ma ua galo atu ai i le mafaufau o le tamaloa uiga tu fanua ma amioga le tau pulea a le olomatua lea na fa’aali atu i le taimi na fa’atoa la taunu’u mai ai ma Tania i le fale i ni nai itula ua mou atu. Ua amata ona aga’i atu le la i lona nofoaga masani, o luga lea o atumauga e malolo ai aua galuega masani o le isi aso fou, e fa’apena fo’i i le fetu o le afiafi, ua amata ona oli oli e aga’i atu i lona nofoaga e pei ona i ai i afiafi ta’itasi, ma ua ese fo’i le vaai a le tamaloa i le si’osi’omaga ma le ea malu o Palisi i lea afiafi, e le pei o lau fanua palapala ua masani ai lana vaai i si ona aiga i Amouta i Savai’i. Na fa’afuase’i ona fa’agaulua Tania i le isi itu o le faleo’o lea o lo o la talatalanoa ai ma si ona to’alua o Veli, ma ua pei ai lana moe, o le moe a se tagata ua ao le po o aoina i se ta’aloga poka, e augapiu ma se sene enaena na maua mai ai. O Veli i le taimi lea, ua nofonofo ma au tilo tilo solo ona mata i le laufanua o lo o nonofo ai le aiga o Tania, ona maofa lea o lona loto i le tele o lenei fanua, ae o Palisi e tele i fanua fa’atau a le Ekalesia LMS ma le Metotisi, ae afai fo’i e i ai se fanua e uu saoloto e se tagata, a tele pe na o se tasi le eka pe afa eka fo’i, ae o le fanua lea ua ia vaavaai atu i ai, e sili ma le 20 eka le tele, ma e fa’asolo aga’i i luga o atu mauga le mamao. A tau le mafaufau o Veli i lona olaga fai fa’atoaga sa ola mai ai i Salafai, ona pei lea e ati gu ona nifo e pei ua lagona le vaivai ma ua tau sau fo’i le ola matanana i le olaga fai fa’atoaga, ae a tau lona mafaufau i le upu, ‘APIA’ lea ua la taunu’u mai i ai ma si ona to’alua, ona pei lea e ata ata ona foliga ma lagona lona fiafia, ma ua pei ai lava o se ata fa’asolo i lona mafaufau gaioiga uma o lo o tau atu i ai lana vaai, ae fa’afuase’i loa ona taia lana fa’alogo i se leo o fesili fa’apea, “A o ai la e momoe mai i le faleo’o.” Na vave le faliu a Veli i lona fia iloaina o le tagata lea o lo o fesili, ma le au tilo atu, o se tamaloa lapo’a o lo o tu mai ma sona ova lola lanu uliuli, ma ona seevae soloatoa lanu uliuli o lo o see. E le i lagona e Veli po o le a le tali lea o lo o fai atu ai le tagata o lo o tali i le fesili, pau le isi fesili sa ia toe lagonaina o le faapea atu o le tagata lapo’a lea e fesili, “Alu se isi e fafagu mai Kagia ma loga ko’alua e o mai iigei sei kakou kalagoa, ma se’i o’u vaai aku i foliga o le kamaloa pe fa’apei.” E le i umi ae tu atu le tamaititi i le faleoo ma fai atu ia Veli, “Sole kamaloa, fafagu Kagia i luga la e maga’o mai i ai Papa.”

Tala i Vavau o Samoa

O ni isi nei o vavau i le motu o Salafai o lo o mafai ona maua i Falealupo ma Tufutafoe. ALA O UPOLU MA LE ALA O SAVAII - O le vavau lenei, e taoto i luga o le sami i gatai o Tufutafoe, ma, pe afai e te agai atu i le nuu lea, e te maitauina ai ni papa i gatai o le sami, ma o ia papa e agai atu lava i luga ma agai atu ai lava i le manava o le sami ma le iloa atu ai. Fai mai le tala faaanamua, o aso ua mavae, o Tufutafoe lava sa tele ina fono ai Saualii poo aitu a Samoa i aso ua te’a, ma o ia fonotaga e masani ai ona agai atu Saualii mai Upolu ona ui atu lea i le ala lea e taua o le ALA O UPOLU, ae o Saualii a Savaii, e ui atu foi i latou i le ALA O SAVAII. Fai mai le tala ua oo i se tasi aso ona fono lea o Saualii ma ua le tasi o latou loto i le mataupu sa talanoaina, ma, o iina na maua ai le isi vavau e taua o le LUALOTO O ALII, ua lua ai loto pe ua le tasi sa latou manatu i ni mataupu sa talanoaina, ma o iina na mafua ai loa ona foliga mai ua

malepe le fono faa faletui sa masani ona faia e Saualii a Samoa i aso ua mavae. E eseese foi manatu e tusa ai o le vavau lenei o le LUALOTO, ona e taofi nisi o le atunu’u, o i na tuu eseese ai loto o Saualii o Samoa, ua tuu ese ai loto o Tamalii tuu ese ai loto i tufanua, ona faatafea lea i le sami, fai mai a oo atu i le vai e taua o le Vaiola ona toe ola mai lea. O le nofoaga foi lea na mafua ai le isi vavau e taua o le FAFA O SAUALII, poo se nofoaga faapitoa e faapotopoto uma i ai Saualii o Samoa. Ma o le tele o taimi e te faafofoga ai i ni faasalalauga i luga o le leitio pe afai o se mataupu taua o le a fuafua se aiga e talanoaina, ona faapea lea o upu e masani ona faaaoga e faleupolu, “O paia o le atunuu, e afua mai i le tai samasama o le Tuimanu’a seia paia le Lualoto o Alii na tauilo ai manu o malo.” O lona uiga, e taua tele le tulaga o le i ai o vavau nei e pei ona aofia ai i faaupuga mo le faalagilagiina o paia o Samoa. (Faaauau itulau 14)

samoa news, Saturday, May 31, 2014 Page 11

Where it’s at in American Samoa Island Funeral Services in Nu’uuli A child poses with Thai soldiers guard near Victory Monument in Bangkok, Thailand, Friday, May 30, 2014. An anti-coup activist called Friday for a weekend rally to defy the military government’s ban on demonstrations, urging those opposed to the takeover to wear masks and be ready (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit) for cat-and-mouse chases with soldiers in the capital.

➧ NEWS IN BRIEF… five New Jersey students charged in bogus bills case NEW MILFORD, N.J. (AP) — Five northern New Jersey high school students are facing charges stemming from a counterfeiting scheme. Counterfeit $20 bills with the same serial numbers began surfacing at businesses in and around the city of New Milford over a four-week period beginning in April. Police reviewed security video and identified the students. Police Chief Frank Papapietro tells The Record newspaper that officers discovered the bogus bills were made by a student on his home printer and were given to the others who distributed them. Two of the students are charged with passing forged bills, possession of forgery equipment and theft by deception. The others are charged with theft by deception. Police say all were charged as juveniles and released to their parents. Their names have not been released because they are minors. ‘Ferris Bueller’ glass house sells for $1.06M CHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago-area home where Ferris Bueller’s friend Cameron famously “killed” his father’s prized Ferrari finally has a new owner. Crain’s Chicago Business reports that the modernist home in Highland Park sold Thursday for $1.06 million. Craig Hogan is regional director at Coldwell Banker Previews. He wouldn’t say who bought the four-bedroom, steel-and-glass house built on the edge of a wooded ravine. The house, built in 1953 by Mies van der Rohe-protege A. James Speyer, was first put on the market in 2009 listed at $2.3 million. The sleek house was featured in John Hughes’ 1986 film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” as the home of Cameron Frye, played by Alan Ruck. After the Ferrari crashes through the glass into the ravine, Ferris tells Cameron: “You killed the car.” Sierra Leone reports 2 Ebola deaths, 12 cases FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — Health officials in Sierra Leone say there have been two deaths from Ebola and a dozen other cases of the deadly disease. The deaths have now been confirmed by the country’s health minister. However, another official, Dr. Amara Jambai, said Friday that other suspected cases in the capital turned out to be negative. Teams from the World Health Organization and Doctors Without Borders are expected in Sierra Leone in the coming days. The Ebola deaths in Sierra Leone follow an outbreak in neighboring Guinea that also led to cases in Liberia earlier this year. It was the first crisis of its kind in West Africa. Ebola causes a high fever and severe bleeding. The mortality rate has been close to 70 percent, according to the WHO.

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Drunken driving DNA test leads to rape conviction SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — Orange County prosecutors say a man whose DNA tied him to the kidnapping and rape of a 19-year-old woman in 2001 has been convicted of sexual assault. The Orange County Register reports a jury on Thursday found 34-year-old Raul Moreno-Perez guilty of felony counts of kidnapping to commit a sexual offense and forcible oral copulation. The initial attack happened at a bus stop in Orange in November 2001, but the case went cold. But when Moreno-Perez was arrested in 2012 for drunken driving he was required to provide a sample of his DNA. It was run through the district attorney’s database and Moreno-Perez was connected to the rape. He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 18. He faces a maximum sentence of 34 years to life in state prison. Los Angeles sues JPMorgan Chase over foreclosures LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles is suing JPMorgan Chase for mortgage discrimination that the city says led to a wave of foreclosures that blighted neighborhoods, reduced property taxes and increased the need for costly city services. The city attorney’s lawsuit, filed Friday in federal court, says the bank gave black and Latino borrowers predatory home loans that they couldn’t afford — leading to foreclosures when the housing bubble burst and they were denied refinancing. JPMorgan says it’s disappointed the city attorney is taking what it calls an “adversarial approach” to problems caused by an economic downturn that were beyond the bank’s control. The city attorney filed similar lawsuits in December against Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup. They have all denied the allegations. Hagel: Russia aggressive actions galvanized NATO SINGAPORE (AP) — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says Russia’s aggressive action in Ukraine was -- quote -- “a jarring gong of reality” that galvanized NATO allies. Hagel tells an international security conference in Singapore that Russia’s provocative actions, which include the annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and the placement of thousands of troops along Ukraine’s border, will force NATO nations to take another look at their defense budgets. U.S. leaders have pressed NATO allies to increase defense spending and broaden efforts to cooperate and coordinate more on security. Hagel says NATO partners such as Poland have increased some defense capabilities. Hagel is expected to attend a meeting of NATO defense ministers next week. Russia’s actions have worried NATO nations and spurred more military training and fighter jet patrols in the region. (Continued on page 12)

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of 2009 – Carri-Lee Magalei (Treasury), Heidi Leasiolagi (Treasury) and Siitia Soliai-Lemusu (Public Health); Class of 2011 – Florence Haro-Ale (Treasury), Jason Betham (Development Bank) and Petti Matila (Governor’s Office); Class of 2013 – Nathan Ilaoa (Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council), Ruth Matagi-Faatili (Development Bank) and Tapuitea McMullin (AS OIA-Field Office). Lafaele on behalf go ASG extends its appreciation and gratitude to the DOI’s local field representative Lydia FaleafineNomura for her assistance in making this opportunity available to young and future leaders of American Samoa. Young government professionals are highly encouraged to apply for ELDP every year. To apply for the next ELDP class, visit www.eldp.pitiviti.org or contact any of its alumni on island. the U.S. EXPRESSES BEST WISHES TO SAMOA ON INDEPENDENCE DAY The U.S. government has sent a congratulatory message to the people and government of Samoa in celebrating the country’s 52nd Independence Day, which is officially marked on June 1 — celebrations get underway next Monday. “The United States and Samoa enjoy a warm friendship, strengthened by our cooperation in advancing our shared values and interests,” U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry said in the message to Samoa released yesterday. “We are working together to protect the environment and oceans, promote sustainable economic development, strengthen democratic institutions, combat the effects of climate change, and reinforce the rule of law in the Pacific region,” he said. “The United States looks forward to further deepening our partnership with Samoa. “We wish all Samoans around the world a joyous celebration and peace and prosperity over the coming year,” said Kerry on behalf of President Barack Obama and the people of the United States. PARKS and RECreations LACKS FUNDS FOR PROGRAM PROJECTS In its fiscal year 2014 second quarter performance report, the Department of Parks and Recreation states that its FY 2014 budget did not have enough funds in the “program area to support all the projects currently being worked on.” Therefore, “managers have to use personal funds to purchase needed supplies to get the work completed,” the report says but didn’t provide the amount of money that managers had to fork out of their own pockets. However, the department “was so lucky” that it had some funds through the Governor’s Special Programs as well as subgrants from other government agencies, plus Parks and Recs’ 10% retention, which was used to purchase not only equipment, maintenance supplies, but also used for some major renovations for the director’s office, maintenance storage room, as well as the main office. (The 10% retention was implemented across the board for all executive branch offices and agencies.) Meanwhile, the report says the department still lacks workers in its maintenance division, as well as those with the necessary skills in certain classifications, such as carpentry, plumbing and electrical.

➧ VA’s Shinseki resigns…

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Obama appeared to take no comfort in ousting Shinseki, a disabled Vietnam veteran and former Army chief of staff who has overseen the VA since the start of the Obama presidency. He called him “a good person who’s done exemplary work on our behalf.” Shinseki is among the few high-level officials pushed out a job by Obama, who has shown a preference for sticking by advisers during a crisis. He allowed Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to stay on the job six months while she faced similar management and competence questions during the disastrous rollout of the enrollment website for Obama’s signature health law. Problems at the VA date back well before Shinseki took the helm. The VA inspector general has issued 18 reports since 2005 that identified deficiencies in scheduling at both the national and local levels. Congressional lawmakers are working on legislation that would seek to address those problems. Including a bill passed by the Republican-led House that would give the VA greater ability to fire up to 450 senior executives. The Democratic-controlled Senate is likely to debate a different version championed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. In his final remarks as secretary, Shinseki asked Congress to support Sanders’ legislation. He also announced that the government would not give any VA performance bonuses this year and would use all authorities it has against those “who instigated or tolerated” the falsification of wait-time records.

Security guards march onto a bridge, where a man crashed an SUV and set the vehicle on fire after driving through a crowd of tourists, killing a Chinese visitor and a tourist from the Philippines along with the driver himself, his wife and mother-in-law last year, in front of Tiananmen Gate in Beijing, China, Saturday, May 31, 2014. China has indicted eight people on terrorism charges in connection with the attack on the iconic Tiananmen Gate on Oct. 28, 2013. (AP Photo/Alexander F. Yuan)

➧ NEWS IN BRIEF… 45 hurt in China quake along Myanmar border BEIJING (AP) — A moderately strong earthquake in southwestern China has injured 45 people and forced thousands to seek shelter in an area near the border with Myanmar, Chinese authorities said Saturday. Residents fled buildings during Friday’s quake and students evacuated schools that had already been damaged by another quake in the same area of Yunnan province last week. Eight people were seriously injured, and 184, 678 were moved to more than four dozen temporary shelters, according to a notice Saturday from the Dehong prefectural government in Yunnan. The quake in Dehong’s Yingjiang county was registered at magnitude 6.1 by China’s earthquake monitoring agency, but at 5.9 by the U.S. Geological Survey. Electricity was cut to some areas in the quake zone, but communications were not affected. Warrant: Woman leaves son, 11, home alone 3 days RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Authorities say a North Carolina woman left her 11-year-old son home alone for about three days while she took a trip to Florida. The Wake County Sheriff’s Office says 34-year-old Laurel Clayton Schwartz is charged with misdemeanor child abuse. According to the arrest warrant, she went to Orlando from May 23 through May 26. The warrant also says the social services officials said the child didn’t eat on one night and that his room “was an environment injurious to his welfare.” The woman surrendered to deputies and was scheduled to appear in court on Friday. She is being held on a $5,000 bond, and jail records don’t indicate whether she has an attorney. State orders users to stop pumping from streams SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — For the first time in nearly 40 years, drought-stricken California has ordered more than 2,600 water agencies and users in the Sacramento Valley to stop pumping water from streams. The Sacramento Bee reports Friday that the State Water Resources Control Board imposed the curtailment notice this week. The notice affects water agencies, farms, cities and other property owners with so-called “junior” water rights, or those issued by the state after 1914. It extends to the Sacramento River and its many tributaries. Major urban water providers such as the city of Sacramento are included, though most of the affected users are farmers and large irrigation

Continued from page 11

districts. The newspaper reports water cuts on this scale have not been ordered in California since the drought of 1977. McDonald’s to the Thais — No arches in protest signs BANGKOK (AP) — McDonald’s is not loving it in Thailand. The burger chain’s famous golden arches have become part of the iconography of anticoup protests and it is warning activists to “cease and refrain” from using its trademark. One of the McDonald’s stores in Bangkok has become a gathering place for protests following the May 22 military takeover because of its central location. Some protesters have used the McDonald’s logo in their anti-coup signs, replacing the “m’’ in democracy with the yellow arches. McThai, which operates McDonald’s restaurants in Thailand, said it is maintaining a “neutral stance” amid political turbulence in the Southeast Asian kingdom famous for its ornate temples, vibrant nightlife and white sand beaches. The company said it could take “appropriate measures” if protesters continue to appropriate its logo. Thailand’s army seized power after six months of protests in Bangkok aimed at ousting the elected government. Police: Man stole Sandy Hook memorial signs McLEAN, Va. (AP) — A Virginia man who believes the Sandy Hook school shootings were a hoax has been charged in the theft of two memorial signs in New Jersey and Connecticut dedicated to victims of those shootings, police said Friday. Andrew Truelove, 28, who was renting a room in Herndon, has been charged in Fairfax County with possession of stolen property, Herndon Police said. Police say the blue and purple vinyl signs, one depicting a peace sign, were stolen from playgrounds in Mystic, Connecticut, and Mantoloking, New Jersey. They were dedicated to Grace McDonnell and Chase Kowalski, two of the 20 first-graders killed in the 2012 massacre. At a press conference, Herndon Police Chief Maggie DeBoard said Truelove does not believe the Sandy Hook shootings actually occurred. “It’s hard to explain the ‘why’ because from our perspective it doesn’t appear rational,” DeBoard said. After the Mystic sign was stolen, a man called the McDonnell family to taunt them, claiming responsibility for the theft and claiming the shootings were a hoax. (Continued on page 13)

District: Officer ‘dumped’ student from wheelchair

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A San Francisco Bay Area school district has fired a high school security officer who faces a felony charge after he repeatedly slapped a handcuffed, wheelchairbound student suffering from cerebral palsy and dumped him onto the floor, authorities said. The May 19 attack at Oakland High School was caught on surveillance footage that shows the officer wheeling the student down a hallway, leaning down toward him and then winding up and striking him three times before pushing him to the ground. The officer appears ready to strike the student another time before another officer grabs his arm and pushes him away. The district identified the officer as Marchell Mitchell and said on Thursday he was fired immediately after the incident. Mitchell pleaded not guilty on May 22 to a charge of corporal injury to a child, said Stephanie Chan, a spokeswoman for the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. Chan said she did not know whether he had an attorney. Mitchell has posted $10,000 bail, according to county records online. The officer, later identified as Mitchell, was encouraging students lingering in a hallway to go to class on the morning of May 19 and began wheeling the victim when he either refused or was slow to move on, school Principal Matin Abdel-Qawi said in a letter to parents. The student attempted to slap away Mitchell’s hands, prompting Mitchell to handcuff him, Abdel-Qawi said. Mitchell was continuing to wheel the student to class when the student spit on him and Mitchell attacked, the principal said. “I’m shocked and deeply hurt by this behavior and apologize on behalf of the staff at Oakland High,” Abdel-Qawi said in the May 20 letter. The student, Francisco Martinez, 17, told KTVU-TV he suffered a scar under his chin. He said he had been going to therapy to strengthen his legs so he could try to walk. Martinez acknowledged spitting at the security officer, but he said he was handcuffed and had no other way to defend himself. “He slapped me. He hit me so hard, it threw me out of my chair,” he told the station. Mitchell was a not a sworn peace officer and did not carry a weapon, Oakland Unified School District spokesman Troy Flint said. He was hired last November and had passed a background check that showed he had no prior convictions or arrests.

CHP looks into allegations of CA firefighter’s behavior

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The California Highway Patrol is investigating whether state firefighters had sex with a woman who later was stabbed to death in the home she shared with a battalion chief, a claim made during the subsequent homicide investigation. The report, which is so far unsubstantiated, arose during the manhunt for Orville Fleming, a former state battalion chief and training officer who was arrested in connection with the death of the woman, a former escort who became his girlfriend. Fleming’s estranged wife told sheriff’s investigators and reporters that she had viewed a video showing the victim, Sarah June Douglas, 26, having sex with her husband and other firefighters on fire trucks. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said this week that it has asked the California Highway Patrol to investigate, although authorities say they have not found a video. Department spokesman Daniel Berlant said the request was made after Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies completed their investigation and arrested Fleming on May 16, two weeks after Douglas’ body was discovered in the home they shared. Homicide Detective Brian Meux said then that investigators had not found any such video, and Sgt. Lisa Bowman said that is still the case. “If, by chance, something comes up on an electronic device they may have seized as evidence, then it will be turned over to CalFire,” she said in an email. “There is nothing to substantiate the allegations that were made. But still, given the seriousness of the allegations that were made, we thought we had to investigate it,” Berlant said. “If it turns out to be true, we will absolutely take action.” The Sacramento County district attorney’s office and Orville Fleming’s attorney, Peter Kmeto, said they had no information about a video. Kmeto took the case this week and said information is only beginning to trickle in to his office. Fleming, who is scheduled to appear in court July 8, has not yet entered a plea to the single charge of murder. Terry McHale, a spokesman for CDF Firefighters, the union representing employees, supported the decision to ask for a California Highway Patrol investigation. “I have no idea if a tape exists and as far as the membership, I have not heard anyone saying that one does,” he said. “But we’ll just let the investigation take place.” As a matter of agency policy, California Highway Patrol spokeswoman Fran Clader would not confirm that an investigation is underway or say when it might be completed. “On any investigation, we would say it will take as long as necessary,” she said.

samoa news, Saturday, May 31, 2014 Page 13

This Dec. 1970 image provided by NASA shows Apollo 15 astronauts training on the Big Island of Hawaii. Before many Apollo astronauts went to the moon, they came to Hawaii to train on the Big Island’s lunar landscapes. Now, decades-old photos are surfacing of astronauts scooping up (AP Photo/NASA) Hawaii’s soil and riding across volcanic fields in a “moon buggy” vehicle.

➧ NEWS IN BRIEF… Kentucky VA agency appoints former Miss America FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — A veterans advocate and former Miss America has been appointed commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs. Gov. Steve Beshear announced Heather French Henry’s appointment Friday. A few months after she was named Miss America in September 1999, French started the Heather French Foundation for Veterans, which works with other organizations to help veterans. She is married to former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry. On July 1, she’ll replace current veterans affairs director and former U.S. Rep. Ken Lucas. Beshear said Lucas will oversee construction of a veterans nursing home in Radcliff, Kentucky. Beshear spokesman Terry Sebastian says the change at the state agency is unrelated to the resignation of federal Veterans Affairs chief Eric Shinseki. Shinseki stepped down Friday amid widespread problems with veterans’ health care. Decades-old photos emerge of Apollo training HONOLULU (AP) — Before Apollo astronauts went to the moon, they went to Hawaii to train on the Big Island’s lunar landscapes. Now, decades-old photos are surfacing of astronauts scooping up Hawaii’s soil and riding across volcanic fields in a “moon buggy” vehicle. The Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems is displaying the photos at its Hilo headquarters. The Hawaii state agency’s executive director Rob Kelso found the images at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Kelso says astronauts from Apollo missions 13 through 17 trained in Hawaii as did some back up crews. Some training was on Mauna Kea volcano, where glacial runoff crushed and refined rock into power. Astronauts also trained on recent lava flows. Today, robots are tested on the Big Island for moon and Mars missions. Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ hits 2 billion YouTube views NEW YORK (AP) — It’s 2 billion and counting for Psy and his irrepressible “Gangnam Style.” The South Korean pop star’s surprise hit has become the first YouTube video to surpass 2 billion views, crossing the mark around shortly before midnight EDT Friday. The unlikely viral star holds the record for most overall views and most views in a day with 38 million for his “Gangnam Style” followup “Gentleman.” No other video comes close to “Gangnam” on the streaming service’s list of top videos. Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is the only other billionplus video at 1.04 billion views. Cute kid video “Charlie bit my finger - again!” is a distant third with 711 million views. Psy has three of the top 15 videos on the site.

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US concerned over China blogger who met Kerry WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. has expressed deep concern about the reported firing of a Chinese blogger who had met with Secretary of State John Kerry and urged the U.S. to challenge China’s Internet restrictions. Zhang Jialong reported on finance for Tencent Finance, part of China’s largest social media company. He wrote in a blog last weekend he was fired after being suspended for “radical expressions” he made when he and several other bloggers met Kerry in Beijing in February. Zhang had mentioned imprisoned dissidents and urged the U.S. help to “tear down the great Internet firewall” in China. The State Department said Friday it would be very troubling if a private employee was fired for publicly expressing his views. The U.S. also voiced concern over China’s “continuing crackdown” on free speech. Chicago’s Willis Tower bays reopen after cracks CHICAGO (AP) — Popular observation ledges at Chicago’s Willis Tower have reopened after the towering glass bays were closed for inspection when they appeared to crack beneath visitors’ feet. The Willis Tower temporarily limited access to the bays, known as The Ledge, on Thursday for routine inspection. The rest of the Skydeck on the 103rd floor of the building formerly known as the Sears Tower remained opened. The glass itself didn’t crack Wednesday and officials say visitors were never in danger. Instead, a protective coating covering the glass produced the spider web of cracks. A spokesman says Friday that all four bays are open. The ledges first opened in 2009 and attract visitors in part because walking onto them allows the disconcerting feeling of stepping onto air, hundreds of feet above ground. Pakistani police arrests four suspects in woman’s stoning ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistani police said Friday that they have arrested four more people in connection with the killing of a pregnant woman who was beaten and stoned to death by her family for marrying without their permission. The police arrested the four men late Thursday from their village in the Nankana district, said Nayab Haider Rizvi, the police spokesman in Lahore. Police have already arrested the woman’s father and say he has confessed to the killing. They are looking for two of her brothers. The 25 year old was on her way to court with her husband on Tuesday when they were attacked by a group of her relatives who objected to her marriage. During the assault she was hit on the head with bricks from a nearby construction site and died. The shocking case has focused attention on violence against women in Pakistan as well as the country’s legal system.

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samoa news, Saturday, May 31, 2014

➧ Fa’afetaia fa’apitoa tautua… Mai itulau 1

Le isi vaaiga matagofie i nai tina matutua o lo o sa’asa’a i le fa’amanatuina ai o le aso fa’apitoa [ata: AF] mo tagata matutua i le aso ananafi.

➧ Tualauta residents need to be pro-active… Continued from page 1

(Samoa News understands DPS has beefed up their patrol in the affected areas) Haleck pointed out that he stressed with his officers “the need for us to provide more police presence, with more frequent DPS patrols in these areas.” In his letter to Sanitoa, the Commissioner pointed out “to keep in mind that they are also very concerned about this sort of activity and they are doing their best to bring this matter under control.” Haleck stated that he was personally contacted by an employee at the Tradewinds Hotel reporting that his apartment in Ottoville had been broken into with items stolen. “In this case, someone left the security gate below his apartment unlocked and this is how the culprits got into the area.” He said across the hall from this same apartment, another Tradewinds employee told the police that “two teenage boys opened the door of his apartment and walked in and were startled when they saw him on his couch reading a book. He asked them what they wanted and they quickly asked if their friend …lived there. The man replied no and the boys were escorted out.” Haleck reiterated that these teenage boys were able to access the apartments through the unlocked security gate, which one of the tenants failed to lock, and noted that while “we do have an ongoing Neighborhood Watch program with our community at this time … it appears that we are not doing enough. “Therefore I will meet and address this issue once again with our Community Relations leaders, High Talking Chief Pagofie and High Chief Levu assigned to our Community Relations Program, to make sure that they do their part in addressing this issue with the respective leaders of the affected areas in that community in order to find a solution to this problem quickly”

Haleck further pointed out that “these breakins and burglaries are nothing new in the Tafuna area. So given this reoccurring problem, DPS will do its part in finding a solution to this problem as best as we can. In doing so however, we will also be requesting the assistance of the residents of that community through our Police Community Relations efforts there. “We will be asking them [the residents] to be more vigilant themselves to insure that their homes and property are more secure and protected such as not leaving their doors and windows unlocked.” He then went on to encourage creation of a Neighborhood Watch program by banding together for added protection and to assist DPS. “By being proactive in policing and taking these precautionary measures themselves, it will surely assist DPS in dealing with these suspicious activities which will also help DPS in identifying those individuals responsible,” the Police Commissioner stated. Sanitoa in an email to Haleck yesterday pointed out his appreciation to know the Neighborhood Watch program is moving forward. “Given that this is not an isolated problem only in Tafuna as there have been reported cases in Iliili, Vaitogi and throughout the Tualauta district, may I suggest an aggressive campaign to begin now in the media (ad campaigns, KVZK talk shows, Radio talk shows, etc) on preventative measures that the community can do to protect their properties as well as for their safety and security.” He gave an example, “installing personal security lights around their homes, locking their vehicles at night even when parked at home, keep doors and windows shut or locked at night, having relatives stay at homes when leaving the island for vacation… etc. “The awareness and education of the general public can only help keep people on guard and be alert and in turn help DPS with prevention of such incidents,” said Rep Sanitoa.

“Afai o e alala mai i le taeao nei o oe o se tagata matua, o le aso faapitoa lenei mo oe, o lou aso fiafia fo’i lenei, ua fa’atauaina ai lau tautua matavela i totonu o lou aiga ma le atunu’u”, o ulua’i saunoaga ia a Taeaoafua. “E tele naua igoa eseese o lo o fa’aigoaina ai outou e le atunuu, fai mai ni isi o outou e toma’aga atu i ai le atunuu ma aiga; fai mai isi o outou e saili atu i ai le tofa i mataupu fai a aiga; ae fai mai fo’i ni isi o la outou tofa e manuia ai filifiliga fai a aiga ma le atunu’u, o igoa eseese na ua mafai ai ona fa’aalia le taua o la outou galuega o lo o fa’atinoina i le aso ma le po mo aiga ma le atunu’u”, o le saunoaga lea a Taeaoafua. Na taua e le alii kovana le tumau e fa’apea, o le tautua matavela sa faia e tuaa i aso ua mavae, lea lava o lo o mulimuli ta’i i ai tagata matutua o aso nei, ma ua avea fo’i lea ma alafua e savavali ai tupulaga o ona po nei, ina ia avea i latou ma tagata matutua ae o lo o tumau pea nei fa’ataitaiga lelei. Na fa’afetaia e Taeaoafua le tautua a tama ma tina matutua uma o lo o galulue i totonu o aiga, o ni isi i totonu o pisinisi ma kamupani, o isi i totonu o le malo, ma ni isi o lo o tautua i Ekalesia, nu’u, itumalo ma le atunu’u, o lo o fai tatalo i le ao ma le po ma le manuia o Amerika Samoa. “O la outou tatalo lea ua manuia ai ta’ita’i o le atunu’u, o la outou fautuaga lea ua manuia ai fanau, o la outou titi faitama lea ua mafua ai ona manuia Amerika Samoa atoa, malo tautua”. E pei ona masani ai i tausaga ta’itasi e fa’amanatu ai le aso mo tagata matutua, e tolu fa’ailoga fa’apitoa e masani ona tuuina atu mo tagata matutua ua agava’a mo nei fa’ailoga fa’apitoa. O le fa’ailoga fa’apitoa muamua e pei ona tu’uina atu i le taeao ananafi, na saunia lea e le Ofisa o le afioga i le ali’i Faipule i le Konekeresi ia Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin, mo le tagata matua e pito sili ona matua i totonu o le atunu’u o lo o soifua pea, lea na tu’uina atu i le susuga ia Ioramo Ioramo o Amouli, ina ua ia aulia mai i le tausaga nei le 95 tausaga o lona soifua. E le i auai le susuga a Ioramo mo le taliaina o lana fa’ailoga taualoa, lea na fai ai le susuga a Eti Saaga ma sui o le ali’i faipule ia Faleomavaega, ae o lona alo tama’ita’i matua ia Veli Veli Kelemete na fai ma sui o lona tuaa na te tauaaoina lea fa’ailoga taualoa. O le fa’ailoga taualoa lona lua na saunia e le kalapu a le Liona a Amerika Samoa, e tu’uina atu i le tagata matua e tusa ai o lana tautua i le atunu’u, ma fa’amanuiaina ai le afioga i le Alo o Aiga ia Asuega Fa’amamata Lauvai, 83 tausaga o lona soifua mai le afioaga o Pago Pago. Na fa’afetaia e Asuega le kalapu a le Liona ona o le meaalofa taualoa ua mafai ona taualoaina ai o ia ma lana tautua i lona aiga, nuu ma le malo. O Asuega, sa avea muamua ma Senatoa mo le afioaga o Pago Pago i le nofoaiga ua mavae atu. O le fa’ailoga taualoa lona tolu na saunia e le kalapu a le Rotary Club a Amerika Samoa, lea na tu’uina atu i le tagata pito i matua o lo o tautua pea i totonu o le ofisa o tagata matutua, ma fa’amanuiaina ai le tina matua ia Iloimalo Talapisi, 83 tausaga le matua o lona soifua mai Manu’a. Na fa’afetaia fo’i e le fa’atonusili o le Ofisa o Tagata Matutua le afioga i le kovana sili, ona o se vaega tupe sa fa’amatu’u mai e fa’atino ai le polokalame o mea taulima e gaosi lava e tama ma tina matutua, lea ua 2 masina talu ona amata. Na faafetaia e ni isi o tama ma tina matutua le alii kovana ma le faigamalo, i le faaauau pea o le lagolagoina o polokalame e manuia ai i latou i totonu o le atunuu. Na taua e Ieremia Unasa e fa’apea, so o se atunuu e i ai tama ma tina matutua, o le atunu’u manuia lena, aua o lo o i ai le tofa ma le fa’autaga loloto e tua i ai le faigamalo i ana fa’aiuga fai. I le fa’aiuga la o le polokalame, na fai meaalofa atu ai loa tama ma tina matutua i le afioga i le kovana ma le lutena kovana, e ala i mea taulima sa latou gaosia e pei o tootoo ma fue, e fa’ailoa ai lo latou faafetaia o le vaega tupe sa tuuina atu e fa’atupe ai le latou polokalame, ma fa’ai’u ai loa le polokalame mo le aso o tagata matutua i fa’afiafiaga na saunia e ausiva a autalavou e fa sa lautogia mo fa’afiafiaga.

➧ Tala i Vavau o Samoa…

Mai itulau 10

Fai mai le isi mau, afai lava o le ala na ui atu ai Saualii mai Upolu e agai atu i le fono, o le ala foi lena e toe foi mai ai pe a uma le fono, e faapena foi i Saualii Savaii, ma o le malae sa usuia ai nei fonotaga e taua o le Malaeolevavau, ma o le malae lenei e i tua tonu ane lava o le ana lea e taua o le Ana o Vaatausili, le uso o Vaea lea ua liua nei e avea ma mauga, ma o Vaea lea sa nonofo ma le tamaitai o Apaula, le tamaitai mai Fiti. PA LE SOPOIA- O le isi lenei vavau taua e pei ona faamatalaina mai e le aufai lauga o le atunuu, lea foi o loo taoto ai i totonu o le nuu o Tufutafoe, ona fai mai le tala, o le pa lenei, e i ai ona ‘ai, ma, a a le usitaia e se tasi, e le manuia se gasegase e sii atu. O le pa lenei e fausia i maa ma e le maualuga tele lona fausiaina, ma, fai mai le mau a Tufutafoe o le pa lenei e sau mai lava i Tufutafoe ui mai ai i lalo o le sami ma oo atu ai i Manu’a. I aso ua mavae, fai mai le tala a oo ina sii mai se gasegase mai se tasi nuu e pito atu i tua, e le mafai ona sopoia le pa lenei e se gasegase sii atu. Fai mai afai o se gasegase tigaina, e tatau ona sii faatolu atu ma tau i le pa ona toe sii mai lea, faatoa mafai ai ona sopoia le pa, ma e le mafai ona manuia le gasegase pe afai e lei uia ‘ai o le pa e pei ona i ai.

samoa news, Saturday, May 31, 2014 Page 15

Man charged with stealing human skin from hospital

by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu Samoa News Reporter

FITIAO FA’ATAUI ENTERS GUITLY PLEA A man, who admitted to having marijuana in his possession when police pulled over his vehicle because they suspected he was driving under the influence, will be sentenced next month. Fitiao Fa’atui entered into a plea agreement with the government, where he pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of the controlled substance of marijuana and DUI. During his plea agreement the defendant admitted that on New Year’s Day, Jan. 1, 2014 in Amaluia he drove a vehicle while intoxicated. According to the plea agreement, the defendant admitted when he was pulled over by the police he underwent field sobriety tests for drunk driving, which he failed. Prior to conducting the tests, the police asked the defendant to come out of his vehicle and that’s when the police saw a medicine bottle that contained marijuana. He said when the police asked him about the drugs, the defendant admitted he had received one marijuana cigarette from a friend and he placed it in a medicine bottle and left it in his car. The court accepted the defendant’s guilty plea and scheduled sentencing for next month. The defendant has been incarcerated since New Year’s Day. VILITONI TUIA CHARGED IN 3RD CRIMINAL CASE The Attorney General’s office has charged Vilitoni Tuia in another stealing case, accusing him of stealing a cell phone from a store. This new case arose on Dec. 24, 2013 out of Ili’ili. The other stealing case against the defendant stems from an incident at Bluesky Communications, where the defendant is also accused of stealing a cell phone. Tuia was arraigned in the High Court yesterday morning, where he denied the criminal charge in this new case. His pre-trial conference is now scheduled for July 14, 2014. Tuia also known as “Sony” has been charged with one count of stealing in the latest case. Another case against the defendant was brought in the District Court last month, where he’s charged with public peace disturbance and third degree assault. In the assault case, the defendant pleaded guilty to third degree assault while the government moved for the court to dismiss the PPD count. During that case, District Court Judge John Ward asked the defendant why he assaulted the inmate; the defendant responded that the inmate was making too much noise. Ward in this case sentenced the defen-

dant to 90 days in jail. MAN WHO ASSAULTED WIFE PLACED ON 12 month PROBATION A man who assaulted his wife earlier this year was sentenced to 12 months probation in the High Court earlier this week. This was after the defendant admitted to his criminal conduct during his change of plea hearing last month. In the interest of protecting the identity of the victim in this case Samoa News will not name the defendant. The defendant was facing charges of second-degree assault and public peace disturbance. However in the plea deal with the government, the defendant pleaded guilty to third degree assault, which was amended from the felony assault. The government moved

to dismiss the PPD count. Associate Justice Lyle L. Richmond sentenced the defendant to one-year probation under certain conditions. The defendant is ordered not to assault his wife and cannot threaten his wife verbally or otherwise. The defendant apologized for his actions to the court, government and his wife who was present in the court. According to the plea deal, upon the defendant’s plea of guilt, he admitted that on Feb. 7, 2014 he assaulted his wife. He told the court that he was angry, which led to the assault. Assistant Public Defender Karen Shelley also told the court the victim has stated that they have already sorted out their differences and she wishes to reunite with her husband.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A medical company sales representative was charged with stealing more than $350,000 worth of human skin over a period of several years. Gary Dudek, 54, of Wallingford, was arrested Monday and charged with theft, receiving stolen property and tampering with records. Authorities say he worked until September as a sales representative for a regenerative medicine firm, managing accounts for the bioscience department of Mercy Philadelphia Hospital. In that role, Dudek was allowed to order the skin grafts for the hospital whenever he wanted. Authorities said the hospital only needed a few grafts at a time. Dudek, however, ordered more than 200 without authorization from November 2011 through July that the hospital never received, investigators said. Philadelphia police said they do not know the motive or what happened to the grafts, which were valued at $1,700 each. Dudek was released Tuesday after posting 10 percent of $10,000 bail. His attorney, Eugene Tinari, told WCAU-TV in a statement that the hospital has yet to prove his client did anything wrong, and the case should be handled as a civil matter. “To take this into the criminal arena against a man who has been nothing but hard-working and law-abiding his entire life is a bit draconian, in my view,” he said. Dudek worked for Canton, Massachusetts-based Organogenesis. As a sales rep, he would have had no use for human skin grafts, company spokeswoman Angelyn Lowe told the Philadelphia Daily News.


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Happy 25th Birthday David Talitiga Letuli 25

June 1, 1989









May our Heavenly Father bless you with many more years to come. Although you’re not home with us to celebrate your special day, we will always love you no matter what. Happy Birthday!


Love your parents; Fogatia & Fiapapalagi Siblings: Johnathan, Jeanette, Daniel, Rico, Sam, Fulisia, So’o Kids; Bubbles, Sa’olotoga & Dalynn Especially your wife; Koreti Letuli

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