A Study Tour for Understanding Tough Laws

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Law, Criminal Justice
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Comments from students Ng Ka Yee 53439653 I appreciate that I could join this study tour because it allowed me to know more about the difference between Singapore and Hong Kong in dealing with crime. Besides, it was funny to exploring the cultural differences in between.

Chung Man Chi, 52645280

Schedule of the Tour 6 January (Monday)  Arrival

I was lucky to have a chance to go to a multicultural and multilingual community. There were many impressive moments in the study tour, such as the sense of safety and the lifestyle the Singaporeans share.

 Cultural Visits

7 January (Tuesday)  Singapore Boys’ Home  Cultural Visits 8 January (Wednesday)  Subordinate Courts  Cultural Visits 9 January (Thursday)  Home Team Academy  Cultural Visits 10 January (Friday)  Reflections  Departure

Cheung Cheuk Fung, 52642829 This is a special and valuable experience for me to have this beneficial study tour. By attending briefing sessions in different organizations related to crimes, I understand more about the criminal justice system in Singapore, and this trained my critical thinking when analyzing the differences in crime prevention between Hong Kong and Singapore.

City University of Hong Kong College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Department of Applied Social Studies


Experiencing Singapore: A Study Tour for Understanding Tough Laws 6 - 10 Jan 2014

The Home Team Academy (HTA) is a Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs training Home Team officers in Homefront Security and Safety. The HTA aims at providing Facilities, like classrooms and computer room, in the Singapore Boys’ Home aim at providing academic and working training, so that the juveniles can reintegrate to the society after leaving the Boys’ Home. Also, the Boys’ Home is also of high security. Juveniles are protected by guards, gates, and high-technology devices and the facilities, like gates, were also used to prevent juveniles from escaping. Juveniles coming out from the Home are equipped and prepared to continue their life in the society.

centralized training for future police within particular disciplines, including Homefront Security, Joint Operations and Crisis Leadership. They support the Home Team’s vision to make Singapore a safe and secure home for people, which is defined by the values of Honor and Unity.

The Subordinate Courts of Singapore are consisted of five courts such as the Magistrates’ Courts, and Small Claims Tribunals. It is of high security like Boys’ Home and Home Team Academy in which bags and bodies underwent checking and no photo-taking was allowed inside the area. Designs in courts were seen as more humane than courts in Hong Kong. Suspects do not need to be locked while attending the court session. And in the Family Courts, couple in conflict or divorced partners were standing separately, separated by the lawyer. Usage of floors were different in odd levels and even levels to keep the suspect’s identity confidential.

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