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Anton Lundqvist

Alba August

RELIANCE A psychological drama directed by William Olsson based on an original screenplay by Angus MacLachlan. Starring Alba August, Johan Gry and Helena af Sandeberg

PRESS CONTACTS Camilla Nasiell, Monday Phone +46 8-661 90 94 Cell +46 70-720 6563 E-mail: [email protected] Stellan Forsberg, Monday Phone +46 8-661 90 98 Cell +46 70-763 97 66 E-mail: [email protected]

William Olsson – Director Alba August – Actress Johan Gry – Actor Charlotte Most – Producer will be present in Gotheburg during Göteborg International Film Festival.


SYNOPSIS In the night after the party, a masked man sneaks unseen into the dark house in the affluent neighborhood. He molests Selinda, a fifteen year old girl while the rest of her family is fast asleep. The family is deeply shocked and the cracks between them open wider. Selinda’s father, that has long forsaken his family for a professional career, is eaten by self-accusations over not being around to protect his daughter. Her mother, unable to deal with the incident, turns into denial. Although Selinda does not see herself as a victim, her parents despair reflects back on her. As always, nobody notices the quiet little seven year old boy that nothing escapes.

Alba August


DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT My film is about the fear that something terrible could happen to you or your loved ones. The kind of fear that moves like a monster between dream and consciousness. Angus MacLachlan’s screenplay stirred up such strong emotions and memories from my own childhood that I decided to shoot the film in Sweden. The story reminded me of the place I grew up in. A sort of paradise surrounded by imaginary walls behind which no harm could possibly occur. There is a fragility in those kind of places that become visible when something unexpectedly happens and the walls crumble. William Olsson, January 2013

William Olsson

RELIANCE was shot on location in Gothenburg in the summer of 2011 based on an original screenplay by Angus MacLachlan (Junebug, 2005). The film is produced by Charlotte Most, Anagram and Förtroligheten Film in cooperation with Zentropa International Sweden and Sveriges Television. Anagram has earlier produced films such as Gabriela Pichler’s multi-Guldbagge awarded feature film debut Eat Sleep Die (2012) that also receieved the RaroVideo Audience Award, at the 69th edition of the Venice Film Festival. Theatrical release: Spring 2013 Swedish distribution: Scanbox Entertainment.



Anton Lundqvist, Michael Petersen

William Olsson - Director Director William Olsson presents his second feature film RELIANCE, based on an original screenplay by Angus MacLachlan. He has earlier directed and produced the Hollywood production An American Affair (2009) and the short films The Traveler (2003), L.A. Dream (2004) and Rosa (2006). William Olsson has an MFA in Film Production (Directing) from the University of Southern California, a BA in Literature from Stockholm University and has studied film at Stockholms Filmskola. He lived and worked in Los Angeles for nine years and recently moved back to his hometown Gothenburg. William Olsson is a member of the Directors Guild of America.

Charlotte Most – Producer Charlotte Most is a producer at Anagram. She is also currently working on the up-coming feature film The Girl King about the Swedish Queen Kristina (2013), directed by Mika Kaurismäki and has earlier produced Director Måns Månsson’s publicly debated feature film hybrid documentary Roland Hassel (2012) and the short film Honey Trap (2008), directed by Kicki Kjellin.

Angus MacLachlan - Screenwriter Playwright and screenwriter Angus MacLachlan graduated from the North Carolina School of the Arts in 1980. He is famous for writing the screenplay for the Oscar nominated drama comedy Junebug (2005) as well as the cult short film Tater Tomater (1990). He has also adapted one of his plays into the film Stone directed by John Curran starring Robert De Niro, Milla Jovovich, and Edward Norton that was released in 2010.


ACTORS Alba August - Selinda Alba August is making her feature film debut in a leading role with RELIANCE. She was born in 1993 in Copenhagen and moved early to Stockholm were she attended theatre studies at Eriksdalsskolan. She graduated from the Arts Program (Drama) at the Södra Latin High School (2009-2012). She is also starring in the up-coming feature In Real Life (IRL) with Valter Skarsgård and Happy Jankell later this year. During the fall of 2012 she acted in the TV-drama series The Sandhamn Murders for Swedish Channel 4 and earlier on in the multi-award winning feature Beyond (2010).

Alba August

Johan Gry – Paul Johan Gry studied at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg and graduated in 1987. His break-through came with the title role as Chief Inspector Erik Winter, based on Åke Edvardsson’s famous crime novels, in three TV-films for Swedish Television (SVT) in 2001 and an additional round of three films in 2004. Further, Johan Gry has played in several features and TV-productions over the years, such as Kommissarien och havet: och döden kom på eftermiddagen a.k.a. Der Kommissar und das Meer (2010), Irene Huss – Eldsdansen (2008), Brottet a.k.a. The Killing (2008), 183 dagar (2008), Upp till kamp a.k.a How soon is Now? (2007), Hem till byn (2006) and Hammarkullen eller Vi ses i Kaliningrad (1997).

Johan Gry

Johan Gry has also worked in various plays at Norrbottensteatern, Stockholms Stadsteater and Angereds teater. Currently, Johan Gry is rehearsing Nora Nilsson’s play The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism With a Key to the Scriptures by Oscar nominee playwright Tony Kushner, having its Nordic premiere in April at Göteborg City Theatre. He is also acting in Andrés Lima’s play The Danton Case, by Polish playwright Stanislawa Przybyszewska, that opened on 19 December 2012 and is staged throughout the spring 2013 at the Göteborg City Theatre, were he belongs to the permanent ensemble.


Helena af Sandeberg – Karin

Helena af Sandeberg

CAST Paul Kindlund - Johan Gry Selinda Kindlund - Alba August Karin Kindlund - Helena af Sandeberg Astrid Kindlund - Ingrid Lundgren Markus Kindlund - Anton Baggeryd Singfjord Sören Tillström - Anton Lundqvist Elisabeth Tillström - Margareta Olsson Carl Nyström - Johan Friberg Victoria Nyström - Karin Bergqvist Emelie Nyström - Julia Eek Christoffer Sjöberg - Conny Vakare Anna Sjöberg - Carina Jingrot Rebecca Sjöberg - Sofia Rutberg Fredrik Westermark - Björn Wahlberg Nicke Westermark - Oliver Praetorius

Helena af Sandeberg studied drama in the Arts Program at the Södra Latin High School and went on to study at Lee Strasbergs Actors Studio in New York. Upon returning to Sweden she embarked a career in features, TV and theatre. Helena has been a permanent member of Stockholms stadsteater ensemble since 2003. Interpreting leading roles has presented her with great critical acclaim in a large number of plays, such as Hedda Gabler (2009), Three Sisters (2008) and Anna Karenina (2011). Her break-through on the screen came with Kim Novak Never Swam in Genesaret’s Lake (2005), based on Håkan Nesser’s novel. We have also seen her in movies like In bed with Santa (1999), Cornelis (2010), I was a Swiss banker (2007) and Mars and Venus (2006). On TV Helena af Sandeberg has appeared in productions like Heja Björn (2001), Verdict Reviced (2008, 2009) and in the televised version of Hedda Gabler (2009). Among her latest features are Jesper Ganslandt’s family drama Blondie (2012) and Lasse Hallström’s thriller The Hypnotist (2012). In early 2013 she appears in the mini series Death of a Pilgrim, based on Leif GW Persson’s trilogy on the assassination of the Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme.

Johan Selinda’s boyfriend - Pelle Evertsson Tobias Rebecca’s boyfriend - Michael Fradkin Psychologist - Moa Myrén Stock trader - Mikael Forsberg Teacher - Ylva Gallon Police Detective - Anna Widing Priest - Anders Tolergård


PRODUCTION NOTES Original title: RELIANCE Director – Willam Olsson Screenwriter – Angus MacLachlan Producer – Charlotte Most Executive Producer – Martin Persson Director of Photography – Vachan Sharma and Paul Blomgren Dovan Production Designer – Gilles Balabaud Costume Designer – Katja Watkins Make-up Artist – Linda Boije af Gennäs Sound – Henrik Ohlin Editor – Marie Söderpalm Composer – Ola Fløttum Still Photographer – Jäger Arén Casting – Imor Hermann Child and youth casting – Maggie Widstrand

TECHNICAL NOTES Screen Ratio – 1:1,85 Sound: 5.1 and stereo Duration – 1 hour, 48 min

Johan Gry, Anton Lundqvist


MUSIC SCORE This old Routine” (Söderberg/Söderberg) Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia Preformed by: First Aid Kit p 2011 Wichita Recording Ltd under exclusive license from Jagadamba. ”Bist du bei mir” (Bach) Public Domain Preformed by: Susan Hammond p 2004 The childrengroup/Linus Entertainment Inc. ”What a wonderful world” (Douglas/Weiss) with approval by Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia/BMG Chrysalis Scandinavia/ CP Masters Scandinavia. Preformed by: Louis Armstrong p 1968 Universal Music ”Dream on” (Swanberg/Sahlin) Playground Music Publishing Preformed by: Lena Swanberg p 2012 Playground Music Scandinavia ”Blott en dag” (Ahnfeld/Sandell) Public domain Preformed by: Lutherska Missionskyrkans kör p 2010 Lutherska Missionskyrkans kör. ”Enough Blood” (feat.Oil My Member)(Beats by Logophobia)(FHTEOD/Jerremalm) Playground Music Publishing/Copyright Control Preformed by: Follow Him to the End of Desert feat. Oil My Member p 2012 Catapults Entertainment/Playground Music Scandinavia ”Du vet väl om att du är värdefull” Ingemar Olsson, little beat music.


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