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Our Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury Department Why we are different…

“We have the experience and expertise to keep your best interests at heart and ensure you get the right result.” Ally Taft, Associate Solicitor and Head of Department

“Our department consists of qualified lawyers, who can guide you through your claim.” Haidee Vedy, Senior Solicitor

“We specialise in all areas of clinical or medical negligence where there has been substandard care.”

Anjalee Parmer, Solicitor

“We value the personal touch and will work with you every step of the way.”

Catherine Archer, Assistant Solicitor

“Our main priority is you and we will always have your best interests in mind.”

Our Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury Team

Recent Clinical Negligence Settlements: • £1.1 million plus an annual payment for life of an average of £122,000 for a delay in treating hypertension leading to stroke • £250,000 for a delay in diagnosing a hip problem in a child • £30,000 for damaging sperm samples held in storage • £125,000 for a delay in diagnosing a brain tumour • £50,000 for a failure to refer to psychiatric services resulting in suicide

Recent Personal Injury Settlements: • £13,000 for fatal car crash • £7,500 for accident abroad causing injury to knee ligaments • £11,500 for injury to shoulder caused by an unsafe place of work • £34,000 for knee fracture caused at work

“I would like to thank you once again for your assistance. I have received excellent service from you and your secretary since our first meeting. I will certainly be recommending Alsters Kelley to others.” “Excellent Service from Haidee Vedy, dealt with sensitivity and compassion” “I have been impressed by all aspects of the final handling of my case”

“Fantastic job- many thanks!”

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