Abigail Adams

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, US History, Revolution And Post-Independence (1775-1820), Revolutionary War
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Abigail Adams The believer in a united country

Early Years  Abigail

Adams was born on November 22,

1744  She grew up in Weymouth, Massachusetts  She married John Adams at the age of 19

Accomplishments  Becoming

intelligent enough to complete some of the amazing things that she did  Explaining loudly and clearly what she thought about slavery and women’s rights  Showing what life was like during the time of the Revolution (although she didn’t even know that she showed that)

Role In The Revolution  Giving

strong opinions about the colonists

rights  Speaking out about being a formed, united country

Important Events and Dates  1773-The

Boston Tea Party took place  1774-Abigail’s husband, John, was elected to the Continental Congress  1775-The Revolutionary War began  1783-The Revolutionary War ended  1789-John was elected as the vice president of the United States

Struggles  Getting

everybody to listen to her when she talked about rights and equality  Taking care of and supporting the whole family every time that John went away  Being turned down by others because she was a woman

Character Traits  Hardworking  Strong-minded  Intelligent

Other Interesting Facts  She

never spent a single day in school-she learned to read and write from her parents, and once she could read, books did the rest  She and John owned a farm in Braintree, Massachusetts  Abigail’s 2nd daughter, Susanna, was born in December, but she died in February, only 2 months after she was born

Credits  Created

by Lola Murnighan  A 4th grade student

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