January 17, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Biology, Zoology, Parasitology
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A Seminar Announcement from IOP 演講者 Prof. Su-Shing Chen (Speaker) Systems Biology Lab, University of Florida, USA 題目 (Title)

Precision Medicine

Recently President Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative of the National Institutes of Health, which should impact the general biomedical research around the world. I would describe first briefly an exome approach on NGS (Next Generation 摘要 (Abstract) Sequencing) variations, and next a knowledgebased approach in Science Translational Medicine 2014. Finally, I would report on some results in my lab on diagnosis, therapy and prognosis. 地點 (Place)

五樓第一會議室 (The First Meeting Room on 5F)

時間 (Time)

April 13, 2015 (Mon.) 16:00-18:00

演講方式 (Language): in English 接待人 (Host) : 胡進錕 研究員 Dr. Chin Kun Hu 聯絡人 (Contact) : 黃舜佳 小姐 Miss Stella Huang (02-2789-8916)

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