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Was racism an issue in the 1960’s? • 03mtmg&feature=related • Caution – the N-word is in this CBC clip – and responded to by a young Black man. • So … was Halifax racist?

Remembering Africville 7lA Questions

Notes - Majority of the residents were descendents of the black refugees from the War of 1812. - It was initially known as Campbell Road, but because the residents were black it was changed to Africville - Although the residents paid the city taxes, there was a lack of basic services such as sewers, running water and paved roads - It became the home to Rockland Prison (1853), an infectious disease hospital (1870s), a trachoma hospital (1905) and a slaughter house.

Notes • Residents were given $500-700 to relocate • They owned their homes in Africville, but were moved to public housing and some had to pay rent. This caused a lot to go on welfare. • They were moved in City dump trucks • The two main areas they were moved to were: Uniacke Square and Mulgrave Park

Notes • It is now a national historic site known as Seaview Memorial Park

Apology • RUic • Was this an acceptable apology? Is it enough?

Eddie Carvery – Hermit of Africville • 8e_ik&feature=related

GhettoChild – Welcome to Nova Scotia • 3Rt_M&feature=related

Answers 1. Where was Africville located? - North end of Halifax, NS - Beside the MacKay Bridge at the edge of the Bedford Basin

Answers 2. When and how did Africville form? - 1848 - Through a Land Purchase

Answers 3. What was the base of the community? - The Seaview Baptist Church

Answers 4. How were the people of Africville industrious? - They worked as labourers and in service jobs in Halifax - Halifax stonemasons helped construct many of Halifax’s public buildings - Worked on ships and at the ship yard.

Answers 5. Why was land expropriated from the community in the 1850’s? - Railroad tracks and sewage disposal pits were located there.

Africville 6. What did the city council locate just a “stone’s throw away” in the mid-1950s? - A large dump

Answers 7. Why did city council vote to expropriate Africville in 1964? - In the name of “urban renewal” - They believed that Africville was slums and there was an article in a newspaper calling it a black ghetto.

Africville Homework You are a resident of Africville who has been asked to relocate. Write a letter to the City Council asking them to keep Africville instead of destroying it. You must defend your argument by using examples. length = app. 150 to 200 words

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