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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Conformity
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Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

New Children's Books Spring 2015

Clichy – Biancoenero edizioni Euno edizioni – Coccole Books – Prìncipi e Princìpi - Rrose Sélavy - Sinnos - Stampa Alternativa - Valentina Edizioni -

Paolo Ligabue Il Canto del Lupo Illustrations by Matteo Pagani Valentina edizioni 2015 – fortcoming 32 pages - 20X25 cm €12,00 3-7 years hardcover – full colour illustrations

For Gunther the Wolf stammering is a huge problem. In the forest no one takes him seriously. It will be a little goldfinch to trust him without judging

Co-edition Projet – Mock copy available on request Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

Cristina Petit

Chiedilo alla mamma. Chiedilo al papà Illustrations by AntonGionata Ferrari Valentina edizioni 2015 – forthcoming 32 pages - 20X25 cm €12,00 3-7 years hardcover – full colour illustrations

Martino's parents are fantastic! They never say NO... A real enjoyment! But what is going to happen after days and days of pranks at will? An explosion of popcorns, a cascade of a thousand soap bubbles, a half-shaved dog, a little Zorro who wanders fearless at home, looking for new adventures. Maybe it is not so bad to establish some rules...!

Co-edition Projet – Mock copy available on request

Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

Roberto Piumini

Il succo della sapienza Illustrations by Antonio Boffa Valentina edizioni 2015 – Forthcoming 32 pages - 20X25 cm €12,00 3-7 years hardcover – full colour illustrations

Everyone knows that the Chinese mandarins are full of wisdom, and all those who taste their juice become wise. But what happens when the juice ends? To continue to be wise humans will just keep racking their brains.

Co-edition Projet – Mock copy available on request Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

Daniela Valente

Dove sta Zazà ? Illustrations by Sandro Natalini Valentina edizioni 2015 – Forthcoming 32 full colour pages 24x24 cm 12 euro 3-7 years

Zaza is the thirteenth of a litter of cute pink piglets. Unfortunately his mother has only 12 tits and for Zazà dinner is a daily challenge. But the good thing is that in the farm there are other generous moms and number thirteen becomes a lucky charm for Zaza.

Co-edition Projet – Mock copy available on request Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

COSA C'È LÀ DENTRO? COSA C'È LÀ FUORI? WHAT'S IN THERE? WHAT'S OUT THERE? The Big Square Book by Bruno Tognolini with illustrations by Paolo d'Altan. What's in there? That is what is asked by some children who live in the great valley, looking at the high walls of the distant city. But they are not allowed to approach, because - as adults say - the city is full of murderers, monsters and dungeons. Or instead - the kids wonder - are there rides and games? What's out there? So ask the children who live in the city from which they are not allowed to go out, because out there are - as adults say - monsters and murderers, fire and ice. Or rather, think the kids, are there magical meadows, forests and fairy fruits ? Two stories that interlock with each other (you can start reading from the first or second one), full of adventures and friendship. rrose sélavy 2014 32 pages + cover, four-color printing, - Size: 23x27 cm Readers + 9 years

Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

Graphic Novel Pesi massimi Storie di sport, razzismi, sfide

Heavyweigts Stories of sport, racism, challenges by Federico Appel formato 21 x 29,7 80 pages 10 +

While medals are covered with dust and wear out,

friendships born on the field remain bright


and shiny.

The mean character is a boy like any other. And like many boys, he plays football and he often twits one of his team-mates, Italian like him, but the son of immigrants. One evening he is visited by a strange ghost - it’s Cassius Clay - Muhammad Ali as a young man, who tells that kid how stupid is racism and how the sport has tried to fight it. Stories of great athletes who were protagonists of memorable performances , but never stop thinkingJesse Owens, who in 1936 in Berlin, won four gold medals in front of Adolf Hitler, the rugby team of South Africa, who becomes an example integration to a whole nation , Arthur Ashe, a tennis player whose backhand shot was as sharp as his thoughts, Gino Bartali and his bike during the war. And then Carlos Caszely and his fight against Pinochet, John Carlos, Tommie Smith and Peter Norman.

The Author Federico Appel , illustrator and author of several children’s books, engages here for the first time with the language of comics.

Assia Petricelli e Sergio Riccardi

Cattive ragazze

Graphic Novel Naughty Girls

15 storie di donne audaci e creative

15 stories of dauntless and creative women

Writers, leaders, scientists, activists, philosophers, painters. Autonomous, fearless, non-conformist, self-conscious.

Very Naughty Girls!

leggimi! Graphic

by Assia Petricelli and Sergio Riccardi size: 21x29,7 cm 96 b&w illustrated pages +13 years

The very first novel printed with a special highly-readable font for dyslexic and people with reading problems. The book Hedy Lamarr was the best-paid Hollywood star and at the same time a scientist whose studies have led to the creation of wireless networks. Nellie Bly was the first reporter who investigated undercover. The book includes 15 originally illustrated biographies of outstanding women, stories told in a simple and ironic language, suitable for a young readers, showing that the so-called weaker sex is not weak at all.

The authors

Assia Petricelli is an author of edutainment documentaries and audiovisual

products for children and adults. Due to her great passion for all forms of narration through images, she began to write screenplays of comics for magazines and the web.

Sergio Riccardi after experiences as set designer for cinema and television, has worked as character designer, animator and storyboard artist. At the same time he illustrates children’s books and comics.


patrizia rinaldi e marta baroni

Graphic Novel And now, run patrizia rinaldi e marta baroni

by Patrizia Rinaldi Maddalen and Marta sfigata. a è unaBaroni pensano così almeno O size: 21x29,7 cm Zago e la sua banda 64 b&w illustrated dipages ragazze terribili. poi c’è Alessandro, +13 years

bello come un principe azzurro, che Zago considera suo. E Poi c’è Maddalena che ama Alessandro. E c’è la vita.

A story of a girl who loves a boy, but also of real friend, terribles females bullies, dreams and irony.

euro 10,00 (i.i.)


The book


Maddalena, a 15 years old girl, is a loser. Or better this is what Zago and other terrible girls of her band are thinking. Zago loves Alessandro, but Alessandro do not love Zago and her violent and strong way to do. He loves Maddalena that perhaps is not a real loser... A Graphic novel that speak about a real problem, like the bullying, joining it with a real love story, and using a very special language, full of irony, surprising images, inventions.

The authors

Patrizia Rinaldi, after having been a teacher for years now is full-time writer. She is the author of three novels for adults, published by E / O, and YA books with Sinnos: Piano Forte, and Federico il Pazzo.

Marta Baroni after experiences as set designer for cinema and television, has worked as character designer, animator and storyboard artist. At the same time he illustrates children’s books and comics.

A complicated town, three friends, a mistery Mare giallo Yellow sea

by Patrizia Rinaldi ill. b/n by Federico Appel format 14 x 21 cm 112 pages 9+

yellow sea It’s night time. In an ancient palace toward of the sea, the silence is broken. Maybe it’s the phantom of the countess who lived here? Or it’s something different? Three friends - Hui who came from China; Caterina a really action girl; Thomas, son of an english bussinessman - start to investigate: they will discover a really “normal” band of army smuggler. But they will discover also that friendship can be really strong!

The author Patrizia Rinaldi, after having been a teacher for years now is full-time writer. She is the author of three novels for adults, published by E / O, and YA books with Sinnos: Piano Forte, and Federico il Pazzo.

A new school year with bullies, parrots, kings, and new friends! Federico il Pazzo Federico the fool by Patrizia Rinaldi ill. b/n by Federico Appel format 14 x 21 cm 120pages 9+

federico il pazzo - Federico the fool Angelo has just arrived in a new city. He must attend the eighth grade. But there the boys of his age seem to be much larger, people speak in dialect and look like aliens. Angelo is in the classroom with “Yellow Head”, a neighbourhood bully, but also with Federico the fool, who reads a lot of books and believes be Frederick II. Between brave teachers, the inevitable fights and a special friend, Angelo will defeat his fears and learn the value of friendship and the importance of being himself.

the Author Patrizia Rinaldi, after having been a teacher for years now is fulltime writer. She is the author of three novels for adults, published by E/O, and YA books with Sinnos: Piano Forte, and Mare giallo.

In this book you can find: •• crime stories •• strenght of legality •• education for a

good society

Riccardo Guido

Salvo e le mafie illustrations by Sergio Riccardi format cm 18 x 25,5 80 pages 11+

Salvo e le mafie

Salvo, a Sicilian boy tells the story of his family – a Mafioso family. His great-grandfather lived in a time when Mafia ruled the countries and farming activities; his grandfather was involved in drug trafficking and property speculation; his father, after the bombing that killed a judge, received the task to manage the organization in North Italy. But when Salvo was born, his father was led to change his life and collaborate with judicial authorities and give his son a different future and a name which he should not be ashamed of.

The author

Riccardo Guido is a consultant of the Anti-Mafia Parlamentiary Commission.

The Illustrator

Sergio Riccardi illustrated for Sinnos the book Cattive ragazze.

Tutti pazzi per la pizza! by Sandro Natalini illustrated by Anna Laura Cantone Coccole Books 2015 + 6 years Pag. 30/ cm 24x21/ hard cover € 12,50

You might ask: what has pizza to do with a mammoth? It has ... because the pizza has existed for a very long time ... The book starts from the beginning of the world and tells the story of this food, that is loved by children and adults. From the Neolithic flat cake to the pizza of the future, this funny album – like pizza – can be enjoyed when alone or with your friends ! It includes the super secret recipe of the best pizza in the world ... The author Sandro Natalini says: “I live and work in Bologna where I teach graphic illustration. I have written and illustrated more than 20 children’s books, for Italian and international publishing companies. In every book there is something of me and of my wish to experiment and try new things. I love travelling, bake pizzas, going to the movies and having friends over for dinner.”

The illustrator Anna Laura Cantone was born in Alessandria in 1977. In 1999 she received a degree in illustration of children's books at the European Institute of Design in Milan, where she now teaches children illustration. In 2003 she got the Andersen Award. Anna Laura illustrated books with Italian and foreign publishers. In addition to her activity as illustrator, she collaborates with Italian and foreign art galleries, creating paintings, sculptures and installation. addition With the sponsorship of

Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

Casa di nuvole by Sabina Antonelli illustrated by Silvia Crocicchi Coccole Books 2015 + 7 years Pag. 56/ cm 14x20,5 / full colour illustrations A sweet fairy tale that marks the time of our lives.

Once upon a time there was - and certainly there is still - a house made of clouds, home to Dad Time and Mom Hour, who are as inseparable as the two sides of the same heart. In the house also their four children live: Down, Noon, Sunset and Night, each as different as each instant of time in each day that passes ... without ever stopping. Sabina Antonelli lives in Foligno where she teaches, plays, reads, writes and tells stories to children. She dreams of a better world and is

Silvia Crocicchi lives in Bracciano (Rome), where she works as graphic designer and illustrator for publishers and Italian and foreign

committed to spread a culture of peace and solidarity, inclusion and respect for fundamental rights of all human being. Sabina lives with her husband, three daughters, two cats and a dog, but he loves to open her home to adults and children and share with then stretches of road, long or short as they are.

companies. Silvia has received awards and prizes in major illustration competitions. Her latest works: Beauty and the Beast told by Roberto Piumini (Edizioni EL, 2010) Bambini con la testa tra le nuvole edited by Gianni Rodari (Editori Riuniti, 2013), Il mare quadrato (Coccole books, 2014).

Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

Ferdinando Albertazzi Neve di carta PAPER SNOW Euno 2015 + 12 years 64 pages - cm 12 x 17 Retail price: € 7,00: FROM THE PEN OF A GREAT WRITER A COMPELLING BLACK STORY FOR YOUNG READERS A class with the problems of ethnic and cultural diversity, that a teacher with a passion for theater has transformed into a strong team. In the interweaving of unexpected friendships, under the direction of their teacher, the boys are staging a drama that is written day after day and unfolds among surprising and funny twists. But the events turn black when the boys discover that the pages of certain books are not made of paper, but of "snow". At that point the fiction turns into real life and reflectors light up on an intricate story of drug traffic from South America.

Ferdinando Albertazzi is among the most active Italian authors of children's and YA books. His debut dates back to 1974 and his novels were published by major Italian publishers. Albertazzi also collaborates collaborates with magazines: Tuttolibri, Mondoerre and Pepeverde. At the Catholic University of Milan he held annually lectures about “The historical Profile of Children's Literature from the 19th century to the last trends”.

Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

FUAD AZIZ VERSO LA LIBERTA’ Euno 2015 80 pages - cm 12 x 17 B&W Illustrations € 7,00 11 to 14 years

Amir is a guy who loves poetry and lives in a country where the nature is generous and life is flowing happy. One day, however, his country loses its freedom, and the poems of Amir, thet celebrate the beauty, soon become uncomfortable. The young poet is first imprisoned and then, after his escape, is forced to leave his country. But Amir never stops hoping freedom for his land! Until his return. Between the episodes of the story of Amir, the readers discover the poems by some of the greatest Kurdish poets: Goran, Sherko Bekas, Hejar. A unique way to introduce "other cultures" through the sweetness, the power and drama of the verses of people who live every day longing for their freedom. Fuad Aziz is a Kurdish artist and author who has lived in Florence for the last 30 years. Fuad has written and illustrated successful choldren's books, including Il mio colore (2014 Artebambini). Every year he thousands of children in all schools of Italy, and is active in the promotion of peace and human rights.

Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

Indagini in cucina by Mila Venturini B&W illustrations by Sara Gavioli Biancoenero 2014 + 8 years 64 pages € 8,00

Something strange is going on in the kitchen during the cooking competition "Get with the cookies" ... A new mystery to unravel for the young detectives of the previous novel Detective al mare Mila Venturini was born and lives in Rome. She works as a television writer and has published short stories in magazines and anthologies.

Sara Gavioli (Carpi, 1983) In 2007 Sara received an honorable mention from the jury of the "SilentARTmovies Mutable Mute Show" . In 2008 she was shortlisted in the international competition Lucca Junior. In the same year she won the contest "Images for a fairy tale" of Pasiano, with the illustrations for the book The poor Leo with no mane.

Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

Mamma in fuga by Arianna Di Genova B&W illustrations by Sarah Mazzetti Biancoenero 2014 + 8 years 64 pages € 8,00

“Dad is a collector of any kind of objects, while mom wants to throw everything away. Try to live in such a family. I assure you that it is not so easy and pressure often goes through the roof...” Arianna Di Genova is an art critic and editor at the newspaper "Il Manifesto". She also writes for the weekly L'Espresso. For Biancoenero she also wrote Duchamp - Chi ha rapito la Gioconda?; Boccioni - Alla carica! and Io e Charlot,

Sarah Mazzetti is a free-lance illustrator and visual artist. She lives in Bologna

Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

Italian Authors Pinin Carpi (Milan, 1920-2004) was one of the most popular and appreciated Italian authors of children books. Generations of children have grown up with his most famous books: Cion Cion Blu, Mauro e il leone, Susanna e il soldato, Dietro alla porta d’oro, Le avventure di Lupo Uragano. And a number of boys and girls were introduced to arts by his albums – Vermeer, il silenzio abitato delle case, Canaletto, il ponte del paradiso, Rousseau, la zingara della giungla, Van Gogh, la notte stellata. Most of his books were illustrated by himself and by his wife Marilena. Anselmo Roveda (Genoa, 1972), journalist and writer. For over ten years has worked as an educator, administrator and coordinator of education in social services. Since 2008, editorial coordinator of the monthly "Andersen - Il mondo dell'infanzia". His most recent books include: Nati liberi (ill. by Sandro Natalini, Fatatrac, 2014), Il trattore della nonna (ill. by Paolo Domeniconi, EDT Giralangolo, 2014), Missione Vesta (photos by Federico Evangelista, Marcello Ruvidotti & Veronica Toselli, Coccole books, 2014), La camera delle meraviglie. I segreti del castello del Dottor Cattivelli (ill. by Enrico Macchiavello, Coccole books, 2013), Il meraviglioso viaggio di Pinocchio (ill. by AntonGionata Ferrari, EDT Giralangolo, 2013), Al lavoro! (ill. by Sara Ninfali, Coccole books, 2012), L'ombra del lupo (ill. by Ilaria Guarducci, Coccole e caccole, 2012), Ada decide. Pratiche di partecipazione per bambini e ragazzi (with Valentina Volonté, foreword by Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, ill. by Chiara Nocentini, Sinnos, 2011), E vallo a spiegare a Nino (ill. by Gianni De Conno, Coccole e caccole, 2011), Ocattaccati (ill. by Chiara Dattola, Lineadaria, 2011), Una partigiana di nome Tina (ill. by Sandro Natalini, Coccole e caccole, 2010), Le paure fanno pace (ill. by Chiara Dattola, Lineadaria, 2010), Il sofà di Bamakò (ill. by Stefania Vincenzi, Coccole e caccole, 2009), Rosso Papavero (ill. by Chiara Dattola, Lapis, 2009).

Agenzia Servizi Editoriali

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