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These models describe the stages individuals go through when making a purchase decision  Promotional activities are designed to move a potential buyer through the stages  The models provide a means of analysing promotional activities 

Is an acronym for the role of advertising and other forms of promotion

One of the models to analyse the customers journey from ignorance to purchase  A persuasive sequence used in promotion  Describes the process a sales person must lead the customer through from first learning about the product to an eventual sale 

Is a sequential model showing steps that marketing communications should lead potential buyers through  Promotion seeks to:  ATTRACT ATTENTION  CREATE INTEREST  DEVELOP DESIRE  PROMPT ACTION 

Grab the attention of the audience  Inform potential buyers about the product  Establish customer awareness of the product  At this stage advertising is the key ingredient of the promotional mix  The promotional objective is to get the product seen and talked about 

Create and stimulate buyer interest  This is achieved by understanding the product in relation to the needs of the customer  The promotional message focuses on how the product meets those needs  Move the buyer from passive awareness to an active consideration of the products merits 

Create a desire  Induce a favourable attitude to the product  Induce a favourable desire in relation to competitors products 

To prompt customer action  Action is sought for customer to buy the product  Induce the purchase by stressing the immediate desirability of the product  Personal selling and sales promotion play a major role at this time 

Grab the attention by means of publicity and advertising  Excite interest by advertising  Develop an interest by sales promotion and selling  Prompt action – by personal selling & point of sale  Customers wont buy unless marketers grab their attention, gain interest & make the product desirable 

A – create awareness  I – gain interest  D – stimulate desire  A – action – induce a sale through personal selling 

AIDA STAGE Attention

PROMOTIONAL MIX Advertising PR Sponsorship

Interest Desire

Sales Promotion Direct Mail Point of sale promotions


Direct response advertising Personal Selling

Awareness  Knowledge  Liking  Preference  Conviction  Purchase  uSKKbBRlg 

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