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January 18, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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Stephen Rhind-Tutt, President Eileen Lawrence, VP Sales and Marketing 22nd ALA Customer Appreciation Breakfast

News highlights •

Archival and book collections – Completed 5 collections, 3 major new collections in development

Video – Launched VAST: Academic Video Online – New pricing options for individual video titles – New video collections

Music – Reached 750,000 tracks including 50,000 tracks from EMI – American Song and Jazz collections reached 100,000 tracks each

Platform – Fourfold increase in system speed – Metadata repository—our content is now in all the major discovery services


Anthropology Online

Classical Scores Library: Volume II

Classical Music in Video


GLTC Gay and Lesbian Thought and Culture

The Video Journal of Counseling and Therapy

Rehabilitation Therapy in Video

The March of Time

VAST: Academic Video Online

Anthropology Online


• Ethnographies, field notes, seminal texts, memoirs, contemporary studies • Major names—Boaz, Benedict, Mead, Levi-Strauss, Geertz, Radcliffe-Brown, MacDougall, Rabinow, Malinowski… and many others • 100,000 pages • Archival materials—targeting the Human Studies Film Archive and individuals

Gay and Lesbian Thought and Culture

Summer 2012

• Landmark collection • Based around key events in LGBT movement—Stonewall Riots, Act-Up Aids, Marriage Equality and more. • 100,000 pages • Archival material • Targeted independent presses such as Alyson Books, Firebrand • Essential to LGBT studies programs as well as cultural studies, women’s studies, political science, American studies, social theory, and sociology • English-language focus

The March of Time • The full run (125 hours) of the most important US weekly newsreel • Unique approach: • Confrontational journalism and docudrama • Inform and dazzle with “pictorial journalism” • Required 75 people and1,000 hours work per episode—3 times the standard! • Digitally remastered by HBO • Exclusively through Alexander Street • Broad relevance—history, journalism, and performance

Classical Scores Library: Volume II • • • • •


200,000 pages of classical scores More in-copyright material Launched end of 2011 with 17,000 pages Contemporary compositions Unpublished works from individual composers such as Mark Isaacs, Andrew Schultz, Mary Finsterer, Nicholas Vines Full run of The Symphony 1720-1840 from the Brook Center

Classical Music in Video

March 2012

• 1,000 hours of classical • performances • masterclasses • interviews • documentaries • Example rehearsals—Pierre Boulez, (Vienna Philharmonic, 1988); Valery Gergiev, Rotterdam Philharmonic, 1996 • Example ensembles—BBC Philharmonic, Royal Opera • Example artists—Sir Geraint Evans, Maxim Vengerov

Exclusive Content Students can be taught by the world’s masters • Maxim Vengerov—Carmen Fantasy, Op. 25 • Stephen Kovacevich—Schubert impromptus • Yuri Bashmet—Shostakovich Sonata for Viola and Piano Op. 147 • Evelyn Glennie—percussion • Joan Rodgers—voice • Håkan Hardenberger—trumpet

VAST: Academic Video Online • • • •

12,000 titles currently 20,000 by 2013 22 disciplines One stop to deliver video across the academy • $5k - $35k annual subscription • Ownership credits for collections purchased • Transcripts and full functionality Available

5,200 7,500

Estimated # of titles in VAST by subject

Individual Video Titles • 1,500 titles currently • More than 5,000 by 2013 • New pricing options: • Buy any DVD and get a free 1-year stream • Subscribe to a 3-year stream @ 50% of the DVD price • Buy a perpetual stream @ 2 times the DVD price • Special offer: 75% off the price of selected packages of 5-10 DVDs


World Cinema in Video • 250 hours—approximately 175 feature films • 80% of the films were made after 2000 • Global coverage • Licensed from major independent distributors such as Kino Lorber, First Run Features, Film Movement • Available for purchase and subscription • Leading directors • Award winning films

Coming Summer 2012

MediaScribe A free tool that lets academics annotate music and video synchronously • What can you do with it?  Show scores alongside performances  Make and show multiple translations  Add commentary on directing, acting, cinematography  Create your own captions  Add a dictionary of difficult terms or concepts  Provide links to external reference sites  Illustrate topics discussed in an interview


Introducing Lynn Novick

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