ALA`s Core Competences of Librarianship

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, English, Literature, English Literature
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ALA’s Core Competences of Librarianship 美国图书馆协会 图书馆职业核心能力 Knowledge that students graduating from ALA Accredited LIS Schools should have 所有毕业于经ALA认证的图书馆和情报专业的硕士课程 所必须掌握的基础知识

The Work within ALA 美国图书馆协会内的工作  ALA Council appointed a Presidential Task Force on Library Education to write competences for students graduating from LIS schools  美国图书馆协会理事会任命图书馆教育主席工作小组为从图书 馆信息学校毕业的学生制定应具备的能力  Committee wrote draft and asked for extensive input from ALA members and LIS schools  委员会制定草稿从要求ALA成员和图书馆信息学校的更多介入  Competences were approved by ALA Executive Board in 2008  2008年10月25日由美国图书馆协会执行委员会批准通过  Competences were approved by ALA Council in 2009  2009年1月27日由美国图书馆协会理事会批准并采纳为政策

Exercise 练习  Divide into three groups分成三个小组  Each group will review a section assigned by Susan每组评论 Susan分配的核心能力的一部分  During your group discussions (7 minutes) you will:你将讨论  Discuss your section 你的部分  Identify one competence that would be the same in China找出 一个中国也有的类似的能力  Identify one competence that would not be necessary or is not applicable to China找出一个没必要或不适用于中国的能 力  Discuss if anything is missing讨论是否漏掉了哪些能力  Prepare short report for entire group全组准备一个简短的报 告

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