American Energy Literacy

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Economics, Macroeconomics
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Energy Story – To Residential and Beyond

Public Service of Colorado Ponnequin Wind Farm

February 10, 2015

1 | Energy Education and Workforce Development

Joshua Sneideman Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow Department of Energy

American Energy Literacy

2 | Energy Education and Workforce Development

American Energy Literacy

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1DeWaters, J.E., & Powers, S.E. (2011). Energy literacy of secondary students in New York State (USA): A measure of knowledge, affect, and behavior. Energy Policy, 39(3), 1699-1710. 2Bittle, S., Rochkind, J., & Ott, A. (2009). The energy learning curve. Public agenda. As cited in DeWaters & Powers, 2011, page 1699.

3 | Energy Education and Workforce Development

Energy Career Growth Solar: According to the Solar Foundation, as of 2014, there were nearly 174,000 jobs in the solar industry. That represents 86 percent employment growth since 2010

• Manufacturing: adding 786,000 new jobs since February 2010. • Wind: According to AWEA, an estimated 85,000 Americans are currently employed in the wind power industry and related fields. 4 | Energy Education and Workforce Development

Key Initiatives to Consider

5 | Energy Education and Workforce Development

EERE State and Local Resources Find information on advanced technology, gas mileage tips, links, and car-by-car fuel estimates. Better Building Workforce Guidelines Guidelines for assessing credentialing for 5 main job areas: Energy Manager, Building Energy Auditor, Building Operations Professional, Building Commissioning Professional and Federal Facility Manager

6 | Energy Education and Workforce Development

Home Energy Score Simulation Training • Become a Home Energy Score (e.g., utilities, state agencies, non-profits, contractor associations) that administer the delivery of the Score on a local, state, or national basis. • Partners must be able to score at least 500 homes a year and fulfill quality assurance requirements in order to participate in the program. email at • [email protected] • The Home Energy Score team will host a webinar on March 4th from 2-3pm ET Register for the webinar now. 7 | Energy Education and Workforce Development

Department of Energy: Jobs Strategy Council

The mission of the Jobs Strategy Council is to accelerate the growth of and access to jobs in all sectors of the United States energy economy while meeting the goals of the Administration's Climate Action Plan.

• Chaired by the Secretary of Energy 8 | Energy Education and Workforce Development

DOE Energy Jobs Strategy • Reliable Data (reliable) – reliable energy jobs’ data is needed to provide consistent criteria and standards for energy work and policy development. • Energy Jobs’ Toolkit– composed of DOE’s technical and financial resources to provide assistance to economic development planners in forging their own energy jobs strategies • Workforce Development - workforce development activities, with a focus on designing tools that address the skills gap, particularly in disadvantaged communities.

9 | Energy Education and Workforce Development

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10 | Energy Education and Workforce Development

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