American History Chapter 16: The New Deal

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American History Chapter 16: The New Deal I. Forging a New Deal

Objectives • Explore Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s roles in restoring the nation’s hope. • Learn about the major New Deal programs that were created in the first hundred days, and find out about some of FDR’s key players in these programs. • Discover what caused the New Deal to falter. • Review the key goals and accomplishments of the Second New Deal • Interpret the significance of the outcome of the 1936 election.

Bell Ringer • Imagine that all members of your household were out of work, had no hope of finding a job, and received no government benefits. • What would you want your government to do? • What are some current government programs that are designed to help families that are out of work? • Page 536

A) Restoring the Nation’s Hope •

Second Bonus Army – Eleanor calmed them down • FDR spoke in “fireside chats” to the people – restored hope 1) New Deal: referred to the relief, recovery, and reform programs of FDR’s administration

B) The First Hundred Days 2) • • • • • •

Hundred days: Period at the start of FDR’s presidency in 1933, when many New Deal programs were passed by Congress Bank holiday – closed down all banks – could only re-open if deemed “healthy” by the government – 2/3 were – confidence Savings increased – loans increased – money into the economy FDIC – insure bank deposits Federal Securities Act – business must publish info about finances SEC – Securities and Exchange Commission – regulate stock market Devalued the US dollar – made things cheaper – stimulate trade – raise farm prices

a) Providing Relief and Creating Jobs •

FERA established – Federal Emergency Relief Administration – help poor 3) Public works programs: government funded projects to build public facilities – create jobs 4) Civilian Conservation Corps: maintained forests, beaches, and parks (2.5mil) • CWA – Civil Works Administration – roads, parks, and airports (4mil)

b) Regulating the Economy • NIRA – National Industrial Recovery Act • NRA – National Recovery Administration created codes to spell out fair business practices • Helped labor • PWA – Public Works Administration – Grand Coulee Dam, Triborough Bridge, and Key West Highway

c) Assisting Homeowners and Farmers •

HOLC – Home Owners Loan Corporation – refinanced loans at lower interest 5) Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA): paid subsidies to farmers that cut production 6) Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA): provided cheap power, flood control, and recreational opportunities in a underdeveloped

C) Key Players in the New Deal • FDR had a “brain trust” of people that helped him • Frances Perkins – first women cabinet member – Labor • Mary McLeod Bethune – black women – National Youth Administration (jobs for people 16 – 25) - highest black position during New Deal • Eleanor Roosevelt – traveled for her husband – some thought did too much – most admired her for her political skills, humanity, and idealism

D) The New Deal Falters • Programs did not help wide scale • Hoover – worried about increase of government power – socialism • Supreme Court declared NIRA unconstitutional – it could make laws • Also declared the AAA tax unconstitutional

E) A Second New Deal 7)

Second New Deal: (Second Hundred Days): more social welfare benefits, stricter controls over business, more support for unions, higher taxes on rich • WPA (Works Progress Administration) – work for 8 mil people • Resettlement Administration and later the Farm Security Administration loaned 1 bil to farmers. • REA – Rural Electrification Administration – brought electricity to farmers 8) Wagner Act: legalized collective bargaining and closed shops 9) Closed shops: workplaces open only to union members 10) Social security systems: OASDI – financial security to people who cannot support themselves

F) The 1936 Election • FDR destroyed Republican Alfred Landon 523 – 8 in the electoral college • Showed that the people really really really supported FDR.

Review • How did Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt work to restore the nation’s hope? • What major New Deal programs were created in the first hundred days, and who were some of FDR’s key players in these programs? • What caused the New Deal to falter? • What were the key goals and accomplishments of the Second New Deal? • What did the outcome of the 1936 election indicate?

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