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American Revolution

I can compare the advantages and disadvantages of both the British and Continental Army

British Advantages/ Disadvantages • Strengths • More soldiers-50,000 men plus 30,000 Hessians as well as loyalists, slaves, Indians • Well trained and experienced • Well supplied with weapons, food, uniforms, etc.

• Weakness • Distance made sending troops slow and costly • The British were not passionate about defeating the rebels • Poor leadership

American Strengths/ Weaknesses • Strengths • Aide from the French • George Washington a great leader who inspired confidence

• • • •

Weaknesses Undersized army Poorly trained Poorly supplied with weapons, food, uniforms, etc.

__ I can Identify major engagements of the war in the North ___ New York ___ Trenton and Princeton ___ Saratoga ___ Valley Forge ___ Monmouth ___ Crisis (Pamphlet)

New York • America sets up to defend New York • British arrive and defeat the Americans- greater numbers and training • British fail to seal the deal, Washington escapes- but is chased, many defeats • Patriots question if the war can be won

The “Crisis”- Thomas Paine • Pamphlet written to gain support for the cause • These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

Trenton and Princeton • Trenton- Washington crosses the Delaware and surprises the Hessians – Victory • Princeton- Washington defeats British • Patriot’s believe in the cause once again

• New strategy – tire out the British • Burgoyne marches his army down from Canada through the wilderness • Militia troops swarm in and defeat Burgoyne- Guerilla warfare • France joins in by sending money, weapons and troops • Spain also declares war on Britain


Valley Forge • Winter camp- hunger and sickness • Washington trains his men to keep their minds off of the misery ( Baron Friedrich von Steuben) • Marquis de Lafayette joins the causebecomes Washington’s closet advisor

Monmouth • Washington chases the British back to New York • After two years they are back to where they started • The war in the North is over

___ I can summarize the position of the Continental Army in regards to: ___ Success ___ Failure ___ Sickness ___ Desertion ___ Leadership

Success and Failure • The Continental Army lost most of their battles because they were unable to execute basic tactics and were usually outnumbered

• The Continental Army was able to have reasonable success after Washington refuses to put his army at risk. He would only attack if he had a distinct advantage. Tire out the British. Play Defense and frustrate the British army and people

Sickness/Desertion • Due to disease, the Continental Army is going to lose more men to sickness than British bullets. Poor supplies kept conditions unbearable • Desertion was a major problem. Soldiers had to have great resolve to stay in the army. No pay and bad conditions made many soldiers desert

Leadership • George Washington was an excellent leader. He could not match the British in tactics but he did know how to get an advantage. Washington was able to give his men confidence and hold his army together.

I can summarize the shift of the war to the South and the success led to the end of the war ___Guerrilla Warfare ___ Yorktown ___ Treaty of Paris

The War goes South • British try a new strategy – the British army would go south since there are many loyalist • British quickly take Georgia and the Carolinas

Guerrilla Warfare • Guerrillas used hit and run tactics to harass the British • The army led the British on a chase through the SouthHit and retreat • The British army was exhaustedwent Yorktown to rest

Yorktown • Washington links up with the French army and navy • The British are surrounded by French and American armyand the French navy keeps the British from escaping • After several days the battles is wonAmerica wins

Treaty of Paris • The United States would be recognized as an independent country • British gave up all land claims from the east coast to the Mississippi except for Canada • Loyalist would get all rights and property back

I can summarize the impact of French involvement in the War

Impact of the French • French provided much needed supplies for the Continental Army • They provided men and also a navy • They also were able to attack other British colonies around the world which spread the British military. • The war would take longer and cost more for the British

I can explain the development of State Constitutions in the war

State Constitutions • Once independence was declared England was no longer in charge • Each state had to rewrite it’s constitutiona plan of government • Many ideas from these constitutions will be put in the U.S. Constitution

___ Summarize the impact of the war on ___ Women ___ African Americans ___ American Indians

Impact on Women • Women would not gain the same freedoms as men. They still can not vote, but they earn more respect with in the country

Impact on African Americans • Many African Americans fought for the British because they would be given their freedom • African Americans were used in the Continental army towards the end of the war. About 15% • Many states will adopt measures to end slavery during the war

Impact on American Indians • With the loss of the British support, Indians will not be able to survive the onslaught of western migration after the war • They will lose their land

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