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March 24, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Sociology, Globalization
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2015-2016 ALPHA PI MU (APM) SCHOLARSHIPS Alpha Pi Mu Scholarships are authorized by the APM Constitution. This year there will be four (4) $1,000 Named Scholarships, awarded at-large to outstanding APM members according to the overall qualifications of applicants and the specific requirements that have been established for each scholarship. The general criteria for each of the scholarships are the same as for initial consideration for APM membership: excellence in scholarship, leadership, sociability, ethicality, and widespread interests. The Robert D. Dryden APM Service Scholarship was established in memory of Bob Dryden who served APM for more than four decades in several leadership positions. This scholarship will recognize the applicant who best summarizes in the required essay how she/he served IIE, APM, and the IE program through leadership, mentoring, recruitment, and/or retention activities. The Wolter J. Fabrycky Industrial and Systems Engineering Scholarship was established to emphasize the systems aspect of industrial engineering. Applicants must demonstrate understanding and compliance with the systems requirement in their submitted essay. The Paul E. Givens Diversity Scholarship was established in memory of Paul E. Givens and includes the requirement that the applicant has contributed to diversity on campus through support activities for underrepresented students. The John L. Imhoff Globalization Scholarship was established in memory of John L. Imhoff and includes the requirement that the applicant has demonstrated globalization initiatives, cooperation, and understanding through leadership and related activities. The following general requirements must be met for each of the above scholarships: 1. The applicant must be currently enrolled in an industrial engineering curriculum on November 15 and the following March 1. 2. The applicant must have been initiated into Alpha Pi Mu by December 31. 3. The application must contain substantiating information on the official application form. Additional materials or alternate application forms will not be considered. 4. The application must include the names of the applicant, the department head, and the Alpha Pi Mu faculty advisor. 5. The application must be emailed by the faculty advisor to the APM National Office no later than November 15. Chapters with more than 30 active members may submit up to three applications, chapters with 16 to 30 active members may submit up to two applications, and those with fewer than 16 active members may submit only one application. Participating chapters are responsible for collecting and submitting the completed application form(s) to their faculty advisor. The faculty advisor and department head will then act as the chapter screening committee to select the successful applicants if more than the eligible numbers are submitted. The faculty advisor is responsible for forwarding the correct number of applications to the APM National Office by the November 15 deadline ([email protected]). Submitted applications will be evaluated by the Alpha Pi Mu Scholarship Committee of the Executive Council and be reviewed by the Executive Council. The successful scholarship recipients will be announced by March 1.


APPLICATION FOR 2015-2016 APM SCHOLARSHIPS To be considered, all information MUST BE TYPED in the appropriate fields on this form without additional pages. Include only the most recent three years of your college work, honors, and activities.


EDUCATIONAL DATA (as appropriate)


B.S. University:


Overall GPA:

Major GPA:

M.S. University: Phone:

Overall GPA: Ph.D. University:

Anticipated address on March 1: Overall GPA: Expected date of graduation (current degree)

ESSAY (MAXIMUM of 300 words)

Describe your contributions to the betterment of APM, your department, university and the profession of industrial engineering. Then, document your unique qualifications for the named scholarship(s).


List each of your organizations, honors, awards, and other activities in the following tables to support your application for one or more of the following named APM scholarships:  Robert D. Dryden APM Service,  Wolter J. Fabrycky ISE,  Paul E. Givens Diversity,  John L. Imhoff Globalization ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERSHIP NAME 1.





2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.





2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


OTHER AREAS (Leadership, sociability, ethicality, and widespread interests) NAME 1.




2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

*(P)rofessional, (H)onor, (C)ommunity, (S)ocial, (G)lobalization, (D)iversity, (SE)ngineering, (SER)vice, (O)ther I hereby apply for APM Named Scholarship and assert that all of the information provided on this form is true. I will be notified by March 1 if I have been selected as a recipient. The date of my initiation into APM was/will be at University. (An individual who will be initiated before December 31 is eligible to apply).

Name of Applicant


We have reviewed this nomination and hereby submit it as an eligible nomination for the Alpha Pi Mu Named Scholarship for this year.

Name of Department Head or Chair

This signature is not required for the internal ISE competition Date

Name of Alpha Pi Mu Faculty Advisor

This signature is not required for the internal ISE competition Date

The faculty advisor must email the application by November 15th to the APM National Office ([email protected]) 4

Please submit a paper copy and an electronic copy to Rhonda ([email protected]) in 250 Durham Hall by Friday, October 30, at 4:00 p.m. A sample application is available at: http://alphapimu.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/NAE.pdf


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