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February 25, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Government
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Executive Director

• Reports to:


• Job Purpose: The Northern Ireland Meat Exporters Association (NIMEA) is the Trade Association which represents red meat processors in Northern Ireland. It has seven abattoir members and four cutting plant members located across Northern Ireland. NIMEA acts as an advocate and lobbyist on behalf of the meat processing industry in N. Ireland. The role of Executive Director is a stand-alone role, to serve its members through regular engagement with relevant Departments, and Politicians at local, Assembly, Westminster and European level plus industry stakeholders. • Main Tasks:  Respond to queries from MP’s, MLA’s and MEP’s in a timely and appropriate manner, referring to members either individually or collectively where appropriate  Initiate contact and network with political representatives to ensure they are familiar with issues impacting on the operation of member factories  Participate in meetings of industry trade associations at a national and EU level, disseminating matters of significance to members in a prompt and timely way  Represent NIMEA on industry boards and committees including: o Northern Ireland Food and Drink Association o Food and Drink Sector Skills Council o Agri Food Strategy Board Red Meat Sub Group o Animal Health and Welfare Stakeholder Forum o Agri Search Trustees Board o Animal Health and Welfare NI o FSA Industry Liaison Group o CAFRE Red Meat Advisory Board o FSA Current and Future Meat Controls o Farm Quality Assurance Board o Farm Quality Assurance Standard Setting Committee  Build and develop relationships with industry stakeholders such as; Ulster Farmers Union, NIAPA, NBA and SDA organisations and attend events organised by them  Advise and lobby the Livestock and Meat Commission on support for the red meat processing sector, ensuring that the industry gets best value for money in return for the levy they collect from members  Respond to Government consultations on matters relating to the red meat industry  Ensure media are briefed on matters impacting on the red meat processing industry  Identify and engage with appropriate authorities to progress matters of importance to member companies e.g. pursuit of exports beyond the EU is a current industry priority so all possible efforts and energies have to be directed towards achieving this  Manage all accounting and administrative functions within the organisation including the AGM, meetings and minutes of meetings

• Scale/Dimension: Members have a combined turnover of £1bn, 80% of which is sold outside of Northern Ireland and employ approx. 3500 people. They also source over 90% of their raw material (cattle and sheep) from Northern Ireland farms. • Job Location:

Lisburn (Part working from home is also an option)

• Remuneration Package:

£40,000 - £45,000

TRACK Competency Plus ©™ Selection Methodology


Executive Director

Knowledge/Experience       

Extensive experience working at a senior level, in either the red meat industry directly or an organisation familiar with the agri food sector in Northern Ireland Ability to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the meat industry, trends and challenges past and present Ability to manage accounts, administration and meetings Knowledgeable in the workings of government, politics and other industry stakeholders Good level of educational achievement, ideally to degree level Exceptional communication skills, capable public speaker and able to engage with media on matters relating to the red meat industry Ability to relate to and develop relationships with a broad range of people from government to stakeholders and members

Competencies   

Persuasiveness Diplomacy Strong negotiation skills

Summary The role may appeal to someone who has spent their career to date either in the meat industry or a Government department or agency where there has been sufficient engagement with the industry to develop a comprehensive understanding of how it works and its role in the Northern Ireland agri food sector. Whilst the role itself involves extensive interaction with people, the successful person needs to able to demonstrate an ability to work on their own initiative. • Home Location:


• Other:  

Own car is necessary as travel to meetings and events across Northern Ireland. Occasional travel to meetings in GB and Europe will also be necessary The role is 4 days per week (30 hours per week) but a flexible approach to the role is required due to the nature of the industry and the role of the organisation TRACK Competency Plus ©™ Selection Methodology

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