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Association of Radical Midwives ARM

Midwifery Matters!

Introduction   

   

Who are we? What are our objectives? How did we start? Why radical? Funding Achievements The ARM today

Who are we? 

Midwives      

 

NHS Independent Lecturers, Researchers Unemployed Retired

Student Midwives Mothers & fathers Anyone interested in improving maternity care in the UK!

Who are we? 

Primarily a group for midwives & mothers who are struggling to give or receive good quality maternity care.

Registered charity No. 1060525

We have close links with other organisations such as AIMS, NCT, IMUK and the RCM.

Objectives Are to,  Re-establish the confidence of the midwife in her/his own skills as an autonomous practitioner. 

Share ideas, skills and information with colleagues and clients.

Help midwives in their role as advocate for women’s active participation in maternity care.

Support midwives in their efforts to provide continuity of carer.

Support midwives in delivering diverse patterns of care.

Encourage the evaluation of research & development within

Origins 1976, two student midwives shared their frustration with increasing medical interventions in maternity care. Held regular meetings for mutual support/study – soon others joined. In 1978, the regular newsletter began – Midwifery Matters.

Radical? 

Lots of ‘radical’ associations in the 1970’s!

Definition of radical: pertaining to roots / origins / basic principles (i.e. of midwifery).

Play on words – initials ARM stood for Artificial Rupture of Membranes.


Funding 

Membership fees

Gift aid

Sale of goods

Conference / meetings (break even policy)

Achievements 

Publications: 

1986 The Vision/2013 The New Vision - Proposals for the future of the Maternity Services

“What is a Midwife?” leaflet

1999 “Vision for Midwifery Education” - suggestions to improve training.

Responses to various government papers, including most recent NHS white paper

Achievements 

UKMid list - a Yahoo group with 3500 members worldwide: [email protected]

Membership of House of Commons Health Committee - 1992 Winterton Report

Membership of Expert Maternity Group - 1993 Changing Childbirth

Seats on ICM and EMA councils

Achievements 

Our working group “Midwives Information and Resource Service” became an independent charity in 1984 - MIDIRS.

Yurt Project – 2005

Annual study day in Wigan

National Conference every year

ARM today 

Steering group - elected members. Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Magazine Editor.

ARM helpline / media contact

Quarterly meetings around the country - steering group / national meeting / study session / workshops

Quarterly magazine - Midwifery Matters.

ARM today 

Local contacts

Local groups - regular meetings

Yahoo group


National Conference Birth Choices Nottingham on March 14th 2014.

See web site

Yurt project 

A safe space for pregnant women, mothers, families to relax / chat / meet with midwives at music festivals. Includes Buddha Fields, Glastonbury, Solfest and others. Separate Yahoo group for members interested in ‘womaning’ the yurt - includes festival pass...

The Yurt

Annual Retreat 

 

 

A week of rest and relaxation with likeminded ARM members. Join in as much / as little as you like Various locations - self catering / cleaning Shared veggie meals, daily ‘topic’ for discussion... Coincides with autumn national meeting Workshops sometimes included

Get involved! 

Local meetings: Informal or formal  Caring and sharing  Research / subject discussions  Event planning (study days / film nights)  Networking  Support and advice  Experience of organising / chairing meetings 

Get involved!   

  

Complete membership form and join! Write about your experiences for MM! Come to national meetings / study day Book your place at the conference Join [email protected] Visit our website

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