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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Nursing
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By: Rachel Watts

Purpose of the book Atonement • The central purpose of the book Atonement is seeking forgiveness from a situation in the past that destroyed your life and everyone’s involved.

Quotes •

“Looking at the boys, under whose chairs water was pooling before spilling between the floorboard cracks, she knew they could never understand her ambition. Forgiveness softened her tone” (11).

In this quote Briony feels bad for yelling at her cousins for forcing them to do the play. She was forcing them to do something they didn’t want to do. Briony felt guilty and asked for there forgiveness.

“As for the rest of them, I can never forgive what they did” (196).

In this quote Cecilia is talking about her family. She feels like she can never forgive her family for letting Briony make up a story about Robbie whom she loves. Robbie’s life was changed forever and Cecilia’s family can never take that back.

Quotes Continued… •

“But I get the impression she’s taken on nursing as a sort of penance” (199).

In this quote Cecilia is talking about her sister Briony. It has been many years after Briony changed Robbie and Cecilia’s life because of her lie. Briony writes Cecilia a letter informing her of what’s happening in her life. Cecilia feels like Briony is being a nurse just like Cecilia for forgiveness.

“She knew what was required of her. Not simply a letter , but a new draft, an atonement, and she was ready to begin” (330).

This quote is about Briony. She has decided to write a story about her past as a way of seeking forgiveness.

“I gave them happiness, but I was not self- serving as to let them forgive me. Not quite, not yet” (351).

This quote is about Briony. She wrote the story of her past and the situation in her childhood. She made a happy ending for Cecilia and Robbie in her writing, but she still can’t forgive herself for what she did.

My personal connection… • I feel like I have a huge connection with the book Atonement. My personal connection with this book reflects forgiveness. I have been in many situations where I have said something that was not true about a person. The victim of the story had to deal with the consequences of my loud mouth. I asked for forgiveness, but they weren’t quite ready to forgive me. This is very similar to the situation in the book Atonement. Cecilia never felt like she could forgive her sister Briony for her wrong doing. Everyday in this world people are asking forgiveness for their wrong doing, but they are not always forgiven. Many people never seem to forgive themselves like Briony in the book Atonement.

Recommendation • I absolutely loved this book. Ian McEwan’s writing is remarkable and incredible. His writing grabs you into the story and never lets you go. I give this brilliant novel five stars.

What type of audience? • The novel Atonement reaches out to war veterans and nurses. It’s a wonderful love story that would capture anyone’s heart who is deeply in love. The novel Atonement also is directed more towards teenage and adult men and woman versus young children.

Ian McEwan • Ian McEwan was born on June 21st, 1948 in Aldershot, Hampshire, England. He is an amazing writer and has won many important awards. Ian McEwan was awarded the Shakespeare prize in 1999 and he was awarded a CBE in 2000. I would absolutely love to read more of Ian McEwan’s novels. The book Atonement was one of my favorite books I have read. I look forward to reading some of his other books like The Daydreamer, Enduring Love, On Chesil Beach, and The Cement Garden.

Works Cited • McEwan, Ian. Atonement. New York: Anchor Books, 2001.

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