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Brady Barber and Austin Woods

What is an autocracy govt? 

An autocracy government is when a country is ruled by a single person. (dictator)

North Korea North Korea is a great example of a country with an autocracy government.  The Legal system of North Korea is dominated by the Kim family’s personality cult.  Kim Jong-Un rules everything in North Korea.  The law is not fair in North Korea and anyone not obeying or honoring Kim JongUn could be imprisoned or even killed. 

The People The people do not have many rights.  Their homes are run down.  Food is scarce.  Each home must have pictures of Kim Jong-Un. 

The Structure The country is ran by the eternal president Kim Jong-Un.  Kim Jong-Un was the first chairman until his father Kim Jong-Il died.  Some of his members of his cabinet are Pak to Chun, Kim Jong Gak, Ju Kyu Chang, Paek Se Bong, Choe Ryong Hae, Kim Won Hong, and Ri Myong Su. 

The Structure Cont. 

There are no term limit on the leader, the only way Kim Jong-Un will not be leader is if he dies.

Major Issues There is no process for elections, Kim Jong-Un is the leader and it will stay that way.  One of the major issues currently facing the country is major poverty if you are not in the government somehow.  Another major issue is health care. 

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