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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science
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Barbara J. Ford 傅尔德 Mortenson Center for International Library Programs 摩藤森中心 2010

Why People Join Associations 为甚么要参加协会组织 • • • • • •

Exchange professional knowledge 交换职业知识 Learn about new developments了解新的发展 Extend professional contacts扩大职业联系 Research, standards, statistics 研究,标准,数据 Solve mutual problems 解决共同面对的问题 Foster cooperation 培养合作精神 Improve image, status, welfare of members 增进 形象,地位,和成员的利益

Programs and Services 计划与服务 • • •

• • • •

Advocacy 宣传 Research 学术研究 Conferences 会议 Publications 出版物 Standards 制定行业标准 Continuing Professional Development 专业持 续发展 Career and Placement Services 就业和安置服 务

Expanding Advocacy 扩大宣传 Call Members to Action 呼吁会员采取行动 • Frame the Issues 确定问题 • Get Help from Friends 朋友互助 • Find Champions 树立标兵 • Mobilize 动员成员 • Do Not Give Up! 决不放弃 •

American Library Association •

Mission and Vision • Provide leadership for development, promotion

and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship • To enhance learning and ensure access to information for all • Advocate for value of libraries and librarians in connecting people with knowledge in all forms • Advocate for public’s right to free and open information society

American Library Association 美国图书馆协会 •

Key Action Areas 主要活动范围 多元化 Equitable Access to Information and Library Services 公平地获取信息和图书馆服务 Education and Lifelong Learning 教育和终身学习 Intellectual Freedom 知识自由 Advocacy for Libraries and the Profession 倡导图 书馆和专业 Literacy 扫盲 Organizational Excellence 完善组织

– Diversity – – – – – –

American Library Association 美国图书馆协会 •

Goals 目的 – Advocacy/Value of the Profession宣传/职业价值

教育 Public Policy and Standards 公共政策和标准 Building the Profession 行业建设 Membership 会员 Organizational Excellence 完善组织

– Education – – –

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)国际图联 •

Leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users 代表图书馆和信息服务及其用户利益的主 要国际机构

• • • •

Global voice of the library and information profession 图书馆和信息专业的全球代言人 Improving methods, technical means and standards 促进方法,技术手段和标准 Members in 150 countries 成员遍布150个国家

IFLA Programs国际图联计划 • • • • • • •

Sections, Special Interest and Discussion Groups 不同的部门,特别兴趣和讨论小组 Action for Development Through Libraries 以图书 馆为基点的发展行动 Preservation and Conservation 保存和保护 Alliance for Digital Strategies 数字策略联盟 UNIMARC Core Activity 国际标引核心活动 Copyright and other Legal Matters 版权和其他法 律事项 Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression 自由获取信息和言论自由

Membership Benefits会员的利益 • • • • • •

Networking (IFLANET, lists, Annual Congress) 建立联络网 IFLA Journal and Newsletters图联杂志和通讯 Books and other Publications 专书和其他出 版物 Use of IFLA Vouchers 图联的优惠券 Up-to-date Professional Information最新的专 业信息 Shape Professional Work, Standards, and Guidelines促使行业工作,标准和准则的形成

IFLA Statements 国际图联宣言 •

• • •

Alexandria Manifesto on Libraries, the Information Society in Action有关图书馆,信息社会在行动的亚历山 大宣言 Beacons of the Information Society: The Alexandria Proclamation on Information Literacy and Lifelong Learning 信息社会灯塔:关于信息素质和终身学习的亚 历山大宣言 IFLA Internet Manifesto国际图联英特网宣言 IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Manifesto国际图联/联合 国科教文组织公共图书馆宣言 IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto国际图联/联合 国科教文组织学校图书馆宣言

IFLA Works with Partners国际图联与 合作伙伴 • • • • •

International Committee of the Blue Shield 国际蓝盾委员会 International Publishers’ Association国际出 版商协会 World Summit on the Information Society世 界信息社会首脑会议 UNESCO教科文组织 Campaign for the World’s Libraries开展世界 图书馆活动

Campaign for the World’s Libraries . (@your Library)开展世界图书馆运动 •

Public education campaign to speak about the values of libraries and librarians in the 21st Century 谈论21世纪图书馆和图书馆员 价值的公众教育运动 • Designed to showcase unique and vital roles played by public, school, academic and special libraries worldwide旨在展示全 世界公共,学校,学术和专业图书馆独特而 重要的作用

The Campaign for the World’s Libraries

Language Centers IFLA Chinese Language Centre National Library of China 33, Zhongguancun Nan St. Beijing, 100081 China Fax: +(86) 10 68419271 Contacts: Mr. Yan Xiangdong, Director, International Cooperation Division [email protected] and [email protected] Mr. Hao Jinmin, International Cooperation Division [email protected]

Barbara J. Ford • • •


President, American Library Association, 19971998美国图书馆协会1997-1998主席 IFLA Governing Board, 2005-2009国际图联理事会 2005-2009 Director and Distinguished Professor, Mortenson Center for International Library Programs, University of Illinois 摩藤森国际图书馆计划中心主任 ,荣誉教授 [email protected]

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