Bartholomew Street Complex Community Hub

January 15, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Proposed Bartholomew Street Community Hub Brockville Police Service November 26, 2014

Agenda • • • • • • • • • • •

Vision and Objectives Community Policing In Brockville Timing / Why Now? Why Social Housing? Proposed Hub Location / Bartholomew St Other Area Hubs Roles and Responsibilities Evaluation Next Steps Questions Adjournment

BPS’s Vision & Objectives What is BPS’s Vision for a Hub • To create a central place for families to access services • Agencies to provide outreach etc. • Enhanced communication and coordination amongst partners • Engage whole family • Provision of services and programs to support families and children. Homework clubs…etc….

Community Policing Model • What is community policing • What is the BPS model or principles for community policing • Vision – The Brockville Police Services' vision of the future is one of change to being more proactive in the delivery of community policing: strengthening the role of enforcement of federal, provincial and municipal laws, and the provision of quality management of the Police Service

• Goal – Improved community safety and crime reduction of targeted crimes through education & enforcement.

• Method – Diagnosing and managing problems which produce serious crimes – Foster relationships with our community to enhance community safety, crime prevention and crime solving for targeted crimes – Building self-defence capabilities within the community itself

Why Now? Common Objectives and Visions •

Brockville Police Service Vision and Priorities – Public Safety – Community partnerships(community policing) – Accountable to PSA, PSB, Council and the community

UCLG Housing Strategy: “Bringing New Life To Public Housing” – Create a people-centered philosophy for public housing – Provide Safe and Efficient Housing that reflects changing needs – Transform a liability into an asset

Ontario Government Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy – Putting People First – Creating Stronger Partnerships – Supporting Affordable Options – Accountable Services

Why Social Housing? • Potential for positive outcomes for tenants, community and the taxpayer • Concentrated high density housing units – Vulnerable / economically disadvantaged families and children – increased incidence of complaints, children's behavior (bullying), noise, swearing, – negative neighborhood perception – Stigma / isolation – Multiple and diverse needs

Why Social Housing? • Multiple community agency involvement with common clients • Housing of last resort – need for stable and safe housing • Higher incidence of police involvement • Cycle of poverty – long term dependence

Proposed Hub Location Bartholomew St., Brockville Demographics and Profile – 28 Townhouse Units – 35 adults • 10 Two adult families • 15 Lone Parent families • 66 Children (50% under 9yrs old)

Proposed Hub Location Bartholomew St., Brockville Demographics and Profile • High Turnover Rate / Evictions and Move -outs – 8 in 2013 – 14 in 2014

• 3 Evictions for 2014 • Costly to turn units around – $4,000-9,000 Repairs – $384.70 per eviction for sheriff

• Long wait list for family units yet clients would rather wait than move to Bartholomew St.

Other Area Hubs • Smiths Falls – Rainbow Community House

• Brantford – George

• Oxford County – The Open Door at 909 James Street

The Rainbow Community House

The Rainbow Community House

The Rainbow Community House

The Rainbow Community House

The Rainbow Community House

The Open Door at 909 James Street

The Open Door at 909 James Street • 10/10/28/woodstock-meeting-place-getsmuch-needed-reno

Role of BPS, Community & Tenants • • • • •

BPS Lead / coordinating agency UCLG Tenants Community Partners Advisory Committee

Evaluation • Evaluation process • Best Practices • Examples of measurable outcomes: – Turnover Rate – # of evictions and cost for sheriff – Cost to get unit ready from eviction – By-Law Complaints, Police Calls – Program Attendance – School Attendance

Next Steps • Review your agencies commitment and support to project; • Provide a letter of commitment and support by December 12, 2014; • Seek approval from the JSC and the county; • Advisory committee

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