Battle of Fort William Henry

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, US History, Revolution And Post-Independence (1775-1820), Revolutionary War
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French & Indian War British/colonists vs. French/Indians


• French & Native Americans (Indians) • British & Colonists

Fort William Henry • Built by the British on Lake George in 1755

Reasons it was Built • To oppose the French on the opposite side of the lake • To provide a British stronghold where ships/supplies could be sent out • To provide the British easy access to the Hudson River

The British vs The French France British • 2372 British soldiers/colonists • only 500 could man the fort at one time)

• 2570 French soldiers plus • an almost equal number of Canadian militia plus • 300 volunteers plus • between 1500 Indians from a large number of tribes plus • 200 French artillery units firing their cannon and mortars

The Battle: August 2-9, 1757 • French wanted to destroy the British fort because the British had regularly been causing problems for the French. • Military Personel: – Colonel George Monro – British – General Marquis de Montcalm – French

• Britain surrendered on August 9, 1757

British Surrender • British would be allowed to march off in military parade, colors flying, to Fort Edward • A cannon was allowed to accompany the procession • The British would not bear arms against France for the next 18 months. • No ammunition would be granted • The sick and wounded would be returned when well. • One British officer would remain as hostage, until the French escort returned safely from Fort Edward

The Massacre: August 10, 1757

• As the British began retreating the Indians attacked because they wanted reward (life & booty) • 70-180 men/women/children were killed

Battle Result • French burned Fort William Henry • French gained territory in the area

French/Indian War Results • France Lost/Britain Won • France lost most of its North American territory • Britain raised taxes on colonies to pay for the war • Colonists argued “No taxation without representation”

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