Battle of Tippecanoe - Doral Academy Preparatory

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Law
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Battle of Tippecanoe Chapter 10 Section 4

The Indian leaders •THE PROPHET The prophet’s real name is Tenskwatawa The prophet with the help of his brother launched a movement among their people to end sale on their land to the whites.

• Tecumseh is know as the prophet’s brother who is also a Shawnee leader.

• During the early 1800’s both leaders advised separate plans to run the whites off their land.

•William Harrison was the governor of the Indian territory and the superintendent. • Harrison feared that Tecumseh's rally, so he marched 1,000 men along to the Prophet’s town.( Know as the Prophetstown)

• We the Americans refused negotiation from the Prophet. • So the Americans advanced on the seat of Tecumseh's confederacy at the Prophet’s town. • The Americans planed all the operations at Fort Detroit •The native warriors were certain that Harrison forces intended to attack them regardless negotiation

•So the Indians attacked first.

•At the crack of dawn they ambushed the Americans forces. •Before Harrison realized what was happing he had men falling all around him. •After the war the Americans lost 200 dead and a lot wounded and the Indians did to.

•The safety of whites settlements in the Indian Territory became improved. •The Prophet was discredited as a leader because of his inability to ensure the promised from the opponents' bullets and also because he had violated Tecumseh's earlier counsel to hold off any armed confrontation until his return.

•William Henry Harrison emerged with a reputation as the hero of Tippecanoe

•After the battle was over Harrison became a court clerk. • Harrison was elected president after court clerk. •After 31 days on the job harrison became ill and died. • Harrison was the oldest president to be elected and the first president to die in office.

• Years after the battle the prophet set a curse on William Harrison. •Every 20 years the president would die in his term. •So far it has happened, but Ronald Reagan got assassinated but he didn't die. •After he was assassinated he died 3 days later.

o The man who broke the Curse

Ronald Reagan

oThese are the Presidents that have died from the curse, Harrison, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Kennedy.

•Shake your Bomb Bombs • Old Macdonald had a prophet, bomb bomb bomb

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