*Be A Millionaire* 25 Book Campaign

January 16, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Northeast Academy for Health Science & Engineering 3100 N. Kelley Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73111 405 424-1491

•The 25 Books Campaign is a district and

school-wide initiative requiring all students to read 25 books during the academic school year.

• To improve vocabulary

• To encourage students to read for pleasure • To read multiple genres • To read multiple works by the same author • To improve reading skills

•In order for a student to get credit for reading a book, the

student will be filling out book logs or other activities that show that a book has been read. •The number of books read will be recorded by the student and

turned in at the NE Academy Library Media Center. •Monthly reading goals have been set.

Students reaching the monthly goals qualify for receiving incentive prizes.

•To help students

slowly reach the goal of reading 25 books, monthly standards have been set.

September 30 - 2 Books October 30 - 6 Books November 24 - 9 Books December 31 - 12 Books January 29 - 15 Books February 27 - 18 Books March 31 - 21 Books April 30 - 23 Books May 14 - 25 Books

•By getting involved, you

are letting your child know that reading is important. • Your role is to support your child in reading.

Ideally… •We would like for students to read

25 minutes a night at home. •Yes, this means turning off the television,

video games, music, and the computer in order to make time to read. •It is up to your to reinforce the importance

of taking time to read.

· 000’s General Works · 100’s Philosophy · 200’s Religion · 300’s Social Sciences · 400’s Languages · 500’s Natural Science

· 600’s Technology · 700’s Arts · 800’s Literature · 9oo’s History · 92’s Biographies

•Fantasy •Historical Fiction •Mystery •Romance •Short Stories •Science Fiction

•Drama •Essays •Fables •Fairy Tales •Folklore

•How to Books •Horror •Humor •Poetry •Speeches •Westerns

• Books • Magazines • Newspapers


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