BEF EMPOWER grant at Runkle powerpoint presentation – Jan 2013

January 18, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Neurology
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EmPOWER By: Michiko Hattori & Erica Landry

Overview of Grant 

Building upon previous grant including 15 educators across

several schools, including BHS 

8 participants across 3 Brookline schools

EmPOWER certification 

1 week long workshop

5 follow-up sessions


Online course work

Implementation in schools

Benefits of Grant 

Improve collaboration with colleagues

Continue to support our excellence in teaching

Opportunity to implement Brookline’s core values

Aligns with benchmarks in core curriculum

Build on literacy initiative currently being established in Brookline

Allow us to implement structured writing process in district

What is EMPOWER?  Research

based expository writing program

 Teaches

Important Components of the Writing Process:  

   

Planning Drafting Sharing Revising Evaluating Publishing

Other Benefits of EmPOWER 

Provides common language and strategies

Used across curriculum areas

Helps students from K-adulthood learn to: 

Comprehend text and oral language

Develop executive functioning: 




EmPOWER looks like: 


Brain frames

Comprehension development: reading and listening

Individual, small group and whole class lessons

Differentiated instruction


Work samples:

EmPOWER in Social Thinking…

Overall Experience  Positive!  Already

seeing progress in students’ comprehension and organization

 Teachers

are adopting the language and strategies in their classes

 Carryover

between grades and specialists

Next Steps:  Increase


opportunities to teach across

 Continue

implementing across grades and curriculum each year

Acknowledgements 

Members of the Brookline Education Foundation 

Dr. Vanessa Beauchaine & John Badger 

Thank you for this invaluable opportunity

Thank you for your trust and support

EmPOWER Grant Participants (Past & Present): 

Thank you all for being invested colleagues       

  

Hannah Kimball Allison Sokoloff Jill Arnold Gretchen Adams Kerrilyn McCarthy Erica Birnbaum Laura Vish Anna MacGiver Angela Galanopoulos Among others…

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