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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications, Marketing
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Personalisation & Providers: A new way of working? Ben Harrison Development Manager: Personalisation United Response [email protected]

About United Response  Large national charity

 Supporting adults with learning disabilities, mental health needs or physical disabilities

 Focus on person centred support

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About United Response United Response works in….  70 local authorities…

 Majority of which are In Control members

 4 of the 6 original In Control pilots

 6 of the 13 Individual Budget pilots

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Our Journey  Personalisation as a logical step?

 Co-production & person centred approaches

 Shift from wholesale to retail? …..customer demand

So, ethical and financial pull factors?

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Provider Journey Why change is necessary…  New customers with different demands

 People as consumers with power  Differing levels of choice & control required  New “products” and approach needed  It the right thing to do United Reponses |

Co-production Co production is about # cultivating interdependence amongst people # working alongside the community

# working with people to identify the outcomes that are meaningful to them …So that people co-create the services they want to use

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What have we tried? Leadership & strategy

Person centred approache s

Getting people involved

Outcome focus

Communicatio n

Community Development

Finance Collaborating with others United Reponses |

Leadership & Strategy  Establish your vision and communicate it

 2 year detailed strategy …based on our culture and journey to date  Involving people & families  Encourage ownership across the organisation

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Person centred culture This is the key  Good to Great programme  Partnership with Michael Smull and Helen Sanderson Associates  Focuses on using a range of tools including # working/not working # 4+1 questions # Donut  Major impact upon people & staff United Reponses |

Person centred risk Cant be person centred without this

 Sometimes things go wrong From getting the wrong bus… … to getting trapped on Snowdon in a storm!

 Our guarantee of support

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“Consideration needs to be given to a new form of social contract, making explicit the relative responsibilities of the sate, family and the community and offering incentives to deliver care & support” David Brindle, Guardian/Joseph Rowntree Foundation United Reponses |

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Community Mapping

 If people are going to make choices they need to know what their options are…  staff supporting them need to recognise when they are making those choices  Developing tools that give people real choice and control…

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Address: The Minar Curry House High street Hampton Hill TW12 1NL Tel:0208 9790642 Overall Review:

•Very good food •Very good welcome •Excellent Value for money •Blended food when requested and very helpful •Easy parking in the High street

•Small step but easily accessed by wheelchair

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Finance & Costing support: ISF’s & the mini RAS

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Shop4Support  Development partnership  Moving from wholesale to retail  Whole system that links plans – outcomes – money – support – equipment – activities

 Host of useful data for commissioning United Reponses |

Finance & Contracts  Accessible

 Legally enforceable

 Rights & responsibilities

 Bespoke

 Co-produced United Reponses |

Human Resources  People taking a lead in recruitment

 Plans & performance management

 Quality checking

 Planning & decision making

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 The direct payment has given my children more security and freedom and made more things possible. Before, it felt as if many decisions about how they lived their lives were made for them. Now they are in control. They have their own home and can choose who supports them and what support they receive. Kryzia

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Marketing: communication & promotion  Making sure colleagues are aware what is coming and how we are responding

 Progress for providers and external communication

 Working with people and families to develop our work

 Getting accessible information right for people United Reponses |

Outcomes  What do people want from us?

 Focus on what we are good at

 Positive risk taking

 Bespoke services vs specific “menu” of options?

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United Reponses |

Reviewing & strategic change  Learning & reflection days

 Other sources of customer feedback

What are people & families telling us? What do we do with this info?

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Collaboration with others: Progress for Providers  Based on our individual and collective experience  Others like ROC helped  Tried to build co-production in  Designed to help providers begin the process of change  Will become more co-produced as people use and develop it.

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Why develop Progress for Providers?  Impact of personalisation  Providers struggling?  Lack of resources?  Lots of good practice and innovation  LA self assessment tool

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Progress for Providers 1. Leadership and Strategy 2. Creating a Person Centred Culture 3. Community Focus 4. Support Planning and Review 5. Finance 6. Human Resources 7. Marketing 8. Reviewing and improving our service

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What next? Customer Journey & systems  What do purchasers want from us?

 What do they want to control?

 How do we change systems and processes to ensure efficient and open?

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What don’t we know yet?  What the impact of cuts will be?  Impact of other political agenda’s  Will personalisation deliver the step change it promises?  Which new opportunities will emerge?  National or fragmented Care System

 Future Regulation? United Reponses |

Some of the ongoing challenges for providers Making it real

Financial pressures and VFM

Deploying Staff resources

New customers …different needs?

Culture change… again?

Impact upon staff United Reponses |

Proving value.. outcomes

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