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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science
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BHF Prevention & Care Stephanie Dilnot BHF Area Development Manager Yorkshire & Humberside

Why Rotherham? – Cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of death in Rotherham. The combination of IHD, cerebrovascular disease, heart failure, complications and ill-defined heart disease cause 29.4% of all male and 28.9% of all female deaths in the borough. – Early death rates from heart disease and stroke, whilst falling, are still higher than the England average. – Rotherham is worse than the England average for lifestyle factors that contribute to poor cardiovascular health (smoking rates, obesity, population who are physical active and eat healthily).

• How can BHF Add Value? • What Services are already in Place? • Where are the Gaps? • How can BHF Build on existing service provision help achieve local CVD priorities?

BHF’s Prevention & Care Strategic Aims ♥ to prevent heart and circulatory disease ♥ to increase chances of survival after a heart attack or cardiac arrest ♥ to improve information, care & support for patients with heart & circulatory disease

Hearty Lives £11million Programme  Help tackle inequalities

– in cardiovascular disease  Target areas of deprivation – and need  To evaluate the impact BHF – investment to improve heart – health  Encourages partnership working

Lifestyle resources A series of resources covering subjects that affect our lifestyles. Some available in other languages. Resources include information on: • Physical activity • Weight • Healthy eating • Smoking • Keeping your heart healthy Beating heart disease together

Healthy hearts kit •Interactive BHF training resource •Designed to help people understand their own hearts and how they can look after them •To help health trainers and advocates, interpreters, NHS health promotion staff, and voluntary and community workers deliver training suitable for the public at large.

• FREE to join – leaflet and online

• Member benefits: • Welcome pack • E-newsletter • Member pack • Helpline • Online community

Coordinator resource includes: • Introduction booklet • Physical activity booklet • Healthy eating booklet • Mental wellbeing booklet • Posters x3 • Pocket mission booklet

Children & Young People Resources Different age groups and abilities in school settings out of school settings

Links to school curriculum subjects Personal Social Health Education Physical Education Food Technology Science

Support •for young people with •heart conditions to: gain confidence  develop a community

 influence health services that affect them  learn new skills  have fun as they prepare for adulthood

Simple Skills Save Lives

The BHFNC is committed to developing and promoting resources, training, information and guidance that will help professionals encourage people to be more physically active. Key project areas include: • Young People; • Older Adults; • Primary Care; and • Research and Evaluation.

Healthcare Professionals (HCP)

Aims to improve & impact on patient care, service delivery & prevention of disease by:• Developing & funding innovative service improvements • Supporting the continuing professional development of Healthcare Practitioners 2011 over 700 HCPs • Specialist Nurses (HF, Arrhythmia, Genetics, Cardiac Rehabilitation) • Community Resuscitation Officers • Dieticians, Lifestyle Trainers, Counsellors • Echocardiography Technicians

Heart Support Groups For patients, carers and families who:

• provide support for each other • provide support for those newly diagnosed with heart disease • are a voice for patient representation

• volunteers and fundraisers Beating heart disease together

Heart Matters membership programme

• Information and support for anyone with a heart condition, their families and carers, and people wanting to look after their heart health • Online and offline benefits throughout the year • Free to register! • Launched in 2008 – 60,000 members. Currently 300,000 members (including healthcare practitioners, teachers and patients)

Benefits • Welcome pack • Heart Matters magazine • 6 issues a year • Medical and lifestyle advice, including ‘Ask the experts’, other people’s stories and recipes • Personalised mailing twice a year • Heart Helpline (open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) for anything heart-related or to join

Ordering our/your resources Anyone can order our resources. Web: Call: 0870 600 6566 Email: [email protected] Beating heart disease together

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