Blood Brothers

January 19, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Blood Brothers LO: to read Act 1 and to analyse three devices that are used to present the storyline.

Role of the Narrator • • • •

Why is he there? What does he do? Why does he know? What is his role in the play?

Use of Songs • How do the songs enhance what is happening on stage? • What about their mood/tone?

Use of stage directions • Give an example • How are they used to enhance the storyline?

Blood Brothers LO: to understand how to create an analytical paragraph (PEE) based on our 3 techniques from last lesson.

How does the director use stage directions and other devices to enhance tension at the start of the play?

Writing a PEE paragraph LO: to write 1-2 PEE paragraphs on ‘stage directions’ and use of songs to show how tension is created in the opening act of the play.

The narrator steps forward into a spotlight. (pg. 1) • - he is on his own • Audience might be curious about what might happen • Darkness is around him • Suspense and mystery • All eyes are on him • Powerful character - omniscient

The lights come up to show a re-enactment of the final moments of the play- the deaths of Mickey and Edward. The Scene fades (pg. 1) • We see Mickey and Edward dead- before the play has even started. • We question what has happened and how they have died. • ‘final moments’ = the last time Mickey and Ed ever spend time together • The scene fades= leaves us on a cliff hangerasking questions.

The narrator enters. His narration is underscored with a bass note, repeated as a heartbeat (pg8)

• The word ‘heartbeat’ hints that something is making us feel scared. • The narrator’s words are being emphasised- ‘a deal has been done’- Mrs Johnstone has agreed to give away one of her babies. • Combine this quote with ‘The heartbeat grows in intensity. • Mrs J is scared. She realises what she has done: agreed to give away one of her babies. • ‘Bass note’ is low pitched- very aggressive, sad, tense, worried. • ‘grows’ suggests that all the feelings above are getting bigger.

Peer Assessing our work LO: to peer assess our paragraphs from home learning and use these to set each other targets. : to use these targets to create a second PEE paragraph.

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