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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Economics, International Economics
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Board of Representatives Meeting Administrative Committee (2010-2012) Report for 2010 Melbourne, Australia July 12th (and 14th if needed)

1. Welcome to the new members    

Iran Uruguay Peru Estonia

IORS 2009 IORUA 2009 SOPIOS 2010 EstORS 2011

next member Nepal ORSN

2. President’s Report Dominique de Werra IFORS President

IFORS Regional Groupings 

APORS The Association of Asia Pacific Operational Research Societies within IFORS

EURO The Association of European Operational Research Societies within IFORS ALIO Associacion Latino-Ibero Americana de Investigacion Operativa

NORAM The Association of North American Operations Research Societies within IFORS

Some of IFORS Objectives • Promote the development of Operational Research (OR) worldwide, both in methodology and practice.

• Link the member societies and regional groupings.

IFORS, the Global OR Community 

Present Priorities  Education  Technical Publications, Communication  Scholarships  Developing Countries  Regional Activities (ALIO, APORS, EURO, NORAM)  Conferences, IDL and and IIT

2010-2012 IFORS Administrative Committee 

President –Dominique de Werra

The new Rolex Learning Center at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland)


Hans Ittmann (Newsletter) replaced by Elise del Rosario David Smith (IAOR) replaced by Preston White

Martine Labbé (EURO VP) replaced by Elena Fernandez

Immediate Past President - Elise del Rosario

Communication The Newsletter

The Website

Communication-Related Initiatives  

 

Newsletter – Hans Ittmann (South Africa) Website Please visit our new website at Download the September 2008 Newsletter

Vice President – Hugo Scolnik

Developing Countries 

Africa Network (collaboration with EURO)

Teachers Workshops (collaboration with INFORMS)

Regional Young Scholars’ Program (EURO,ALIO)

The International Conference on OR in Development (ICORD)

The IFORS Prize

DC Committee Chair: Theo Stewart

Treasurer - Peter Bell

VP representing ALIO – Nair de Abreu

Education •IFORS education resources: •Worlwide access to educational materials •Young Scholars Program •Workshop for Teachers •IFORS Invited Tutorials

VP representing APORS- Xiangsun Zhang

VP representing EURO – Elena Fernandez


Publication Committee Chair: Hugh Bradley

Preston White Celso Ribeiro

VP representing NORAM- Karla Hoffman

Conferences and meetings 

IFORS 2014 in Barcelona, Spain General Chair: Elena Fernandez

IFORS 2017 Call for proposals (regional diversity)

IFORS Distinguished Lectures and IFORS Invited Tutorials

Secretary - Mary Magrogan

The daily hunt for annual returns!

The OR of OR or The Logistics of IFORS

3. Administration Committee Reports

3a. Treasurer’s Report

Peter Bell

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

3b. Conferences

Karla Hoffman

IFORS 2011 Melbourne 

Great event: 

 

Over 1000 attendees Fun activities: tours, banquet, welcoming ceremony Thanks to:  

Patrick Tobin (General Chair) and entire organizing committee Janny Leung (Program Chair) and her entire program committee

3 plenary speakers:   

Sir James Mirrless Dr. Brenda Dietrich Dr. Daniel Ralph

IFORS 2014 Barcelona, Spain July, 2014 General Chair: Elena Fernandez Program Chair: Stefan Nickle

Barcelona 2014 New convention center  Close to beach  Easy transportation to city center  Great program and social activities Help organize and attend! 

… displays the characteristics of major Mediterranean cities. … is dynamic, open, and inviting. … is a compact city with beautiful architecture, great cuisine, beaches and more... … traveling to Barcelona is easy with its international airport located only 15 minutes from the city.

Learn, enjoy, and be part of the great IFORS community Organize a session, give a talk and experience this great city! See you in Barcelona!

IFORS 2017: Need to choose location 

Bids due January 1, 2012;  Expressions of intent must be forwarded to the IFORS Secretary Mary Magrogan ([email protected]) not later than September 30, 2011. Selection done by a three-month vote by the Representatives

3c. Publications Elena Fernandez

Publication Committee Chair: Hugh Bradley

Preston White Celso Ribeiro

International Abstracts in Operations Research Editor’s Report K. Preston White, Jr. July 2011 Melbourne, Australia

Editorial Transition David Smith retired (after 19 years!) in September 2010..  Transition exceptionally smooth (for me anyway!). 

Thanks David!


IAOR Editor's Repot


By way of introduction 

 

Day job: Professor of Systems and Information Engineering at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA Other day job: On leave until August as Visiting Professor of Operations Research at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, USA U.S. Editor of IAOR, 1985-2010 Active in the INFORMS Simulation Society and Winter Simulation Conference leadership


IAOR Editor's Repot


New Cover

Design by Palgrave with input from Hugh Bradley, David Smith, and Pres White


IAOR Editor's Repot


New Editing Software and Production Schedule   

Version 2 of the Electronic Workbench live early April 2011 Significant improvements in both layout and speed. Getting caught up--issue 62.4 released to publisher last week Back on schedule by this fall and certainly before the end of the issue year


IAOR Editor's Repot


Marketing 

Availability of online search capabilities with Google Scholar requires development of value proposition for IAOR Development of metrics for the quality of a literature search (to illustrate the additional lift from IAOR) Join this effort with your own cases


IAOR Editor's Repot


An Invitation… Celebrate 50 years of International Abstracts in Operations Research

at a reception Tuesday 12 July, 6.30-7.30pm Sotano, Hilton South Wharf All welcome

IFORS Distinguished Lecturer  

 

Began in 1999 with total of 30 such lecturers Committee selects in consultation with local committee Always given at regional meetings of ALIO, APORS, EURO and NORAM Most Recent:  July 2010 John F. Nash Jr. (Euro)  June 2010 Garrett Van Ryzin (ALIO/INFORMS)  December 2010 Jonathan Rosenhead (APORS) Next year: EURO, CORS, ALIO and APORS

IFORS Invited Tutorials (NEW!) 

Presented in plenary (or semi‐plenary) sessions of ALIO, APORS, EURO and NORAM. Tutorials by outstanding scholars on the fundamentals of emerging OR technologies, application areas or teaching approaches Organizing committee of ALIO, APORS, EURO and NORAM: Please consider this new opportunity to augment the meeting with a funded tutorial speaker ($2000 honorarium). Organizing committees propose leading scholars to the IFORS Admin Committee for consideration. Contact Nair Abreu, Vice President Education

3e. Scholarships – ESWI, ELAVIO 

This will be covered in the regional reports

3f. Education Program

Nair Abreu

(i) Editorial Board Website, EBW  

Reported by Horacio Yanasse The members : Marcela Araya (chair), Chile; Samuel Jurkiewicz (co-chair), Brazil; James Cochran, USA; Xiwen, China, ORSC, APORS,. Willi Weber, Turkey, EURO.

(ii) Education Resources Committee 

Will be reported by Elise del Rosario under 3h

(iii) Crash Course 

Coordinated by Samuel Jurkiewicz.

Encourage spreading crash courses on Operations Research among people teaching math in high schools and in the early years of graduation.

(iii) Crash Course  

 

 

Preliminary experiment in August of 2010, (Natal, Brazil) 30 hour crash course. Sponsored by UFRJ – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and UFRN – Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. 20 undergraduates and graduates in industrial engineering. Expenses covered by CAPES – a Brazilian governmental department February 2011: second crash course (João Pessoa, Brazil). June 2011: third crash course was (Natal, Brazil)

(iii) Crash Course – Additional Actions   

 

Invite newcomers to Operations Research Support learning material development in other languages Certify the crash courses Identify potential instructors Extend USA experiments to Latin American and Europe

This follows IFORS’ policy for promoting education in OR!

3g. OR in Developing Countries Scolnik


(i) African School in Operations Research 

Reported by Horacio Yanasse

Accompany the effort of developing OR in Africa.

Supported by IFORS and EURO To be held in Porto-Novo (Benin) in November 2011. Use ELAVIO model used by ALIO since 1994

 

Host institution and contacts  

Institut de Mathématiques et de Sciences Physiques (IMSP) Po. Box 613, Porto-Novo, Bénin.

Main contact : Prof Joël TOSSA [email protected] Dr Aboubacar MARCOS [email protected]

Tel.: (00229)20 22 24 55 ; Fax: (00229)20 22 24 55

 

OR in Developing Countries

Hugo Scolnik

(ii) OR in Developing Countries Webpage Will be reported by Elise del Rosario during 3h

OR in Developing Countries

Hugo Scolnik

(iii) Prize for OR in Development : Reported by Elise del Rosario Special thanks to Professor Subhash Dutta, Chair of Prize for OR in Development and the members of the jury

IFORS Prize for OR in Development

 

In order to make the 2011 competition more attractive, the prize money was increased and the requirement for authors to be nationals of developing countries removed. Efforts to publicize the competition paid off with the acceptance of 24 highly-qualified papers. The winner and runner-up will be announced during the banquet.

3h. IFORS Website 

 

Elise del Rosario

Adopted a new look in 2007; started retaining a full time webmaster Goal is to provide members a website that is welcoming, easy to use, and conducive to sharing ideas and information. Integrated tutorials and the newsletter into the site Started the On-line voting feature for members.

IFORS Website  

Kept pace with the evolving web technology in order to respond to web inquiries and suggestions. Was kept current through:   

the timely update of information pertaining to IFORS and OR-related activities; quick responses to queries by website visitors; and search for better means for casting votes on issues put before them.

Site activity monitoring showed a stable number of visitors.

IFORS Website

Elise del Rosario

Educational Resources  Start of work on the Educational Resources portion of the  

website. IFORS website visitor is provided links to resources for use in the teaching of OR. Aims to provide a means by which OR materials in various languages can be uploaded and hosted by the site. A wiki facility has been put in place to enable these functions.

IFORS Educational Resources Activities: 1. IFORS Webmaster has refined the web facility for uploading, updating, and searching of materials. Uses wiki as a search facility but updating and uploading will be limited to authorized people. 2. Committee populates the current Education Resources facility. 3. Launch and campaign for member society participation and contributions.

IFORS Website

Elise del Rosario

Developing Countries Section Plan: 

Initially feature articles and reproduced material on OR for Development Recruit interested parties to work on other aspects of the Section.

IFORS Website

Elise del Rosario

The IFORS Website has, to-date continued to:  Serve as an information sharing center for conferences, recent news, articles, etc.  Offer members the option to vote on-line on IFORS matters;  Continues to provide a vehicle for the following initiatives:  IFORS News  Educational Resources  Developing Countries Activities

IFORS Website

Elise del Rosario

Challenges and Plans 

Continues to deal with how to become more relevant to international OR professionals all over the world. Looking for volunteers to serve in its Advisory Board

IFORS News 

 

Elise del Rosario

Objective is to be a major vehicle for sharing information relevant to OR activities, developments in the international OR community, and other aspects of interest to OR professionals all over the world. Started 2007, edited by Hans Ittmann, with Heiner Muller Merbach as editorial adviser (both currently in the Editorial Board). Published electronically through the IFORS Website Frequency: quarterly

IFORS News   

Elise del Rosario

Quarterly electronic issues appeared on schedule March 2010 issue introduced the new AC June 2010 issue is devoted to the 2009 Annual Report Regular features include book reviews, events and conferences, feature articles from various IFORS personalities., rre

IFORS News 

Assignment of IFORS correspondents    

Elise del Rosario

Annibal Parracho (ALIO) Degang Liu (APORS) Gerhardwilhem Weber (EURO) Dave Evans (Africa)

Obtained an ISSN to indicate that the publication is serious about being a regular, easily identified unique publication, hopefully stimulating more contributions, quantity and quality-wise. March 2010 issue started regular feature on Developing Countries Section featuring work of the IFORS Prize finalists.


Elise del Rosario

Future plans:  Stimulate more contributions  Recruit more correspondents  Regularly feature regional OR work  Enrich the Developing Countries section edited by Arabinda Tripathy  Ensure circulation among all members of the

member society

3i. Regional Reports

ALIO Activities ELAVIO 2012 (the 16th edition): the Summer School of ALIO (Bento Gonçalves, Brazil) on February, 6-10, 2012. Chairperson: Luciana Buriol, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. 

CLAIO 2012: (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) on September 24-28, 2012. This event will be devoted to Nelson Maculan, Andrés Weintraub and Hugo Scolnik, in commemoration of their 70th birthday.

Societies Members of ALIO/IFORS 

Mexican Institute of Systems and OR has been inactive since 2009 and we have heard that the Mexican researchers are in the process of organizing a new society. SOBRAPO (Brazil), SOPIOS (Peru) and IORUA (Uruguay) are up to date with their payments. Marcela Araya (President of ALIO) to contact all the societies that still have not paid their dues of 2010, urging them to settle this with IFORS as soon as possible.

APORS Report 

 

Xiang-Sun Zhang

APORS (Asia-Pacific Operational Research Societies) established in 1985 currently has 11 member societies. Its current President is Yaxiang Yuan (ORSC) Good news:  

IFORS XIX visits APORS for the third time. New society joining IFORS: The Operational Research Society of Nepal (November 5, 2011 ballot deadline).

APORS Report 

Xiang-Sun Zhang

APORS 2010 was organized by MSORSM in Penang, Malaysia, in 12, 5-8, 2010. The 9th Triennial APORS will be held in Xi’an, China next year hosted by ORSC. Geographical dispersion remains a major obstacle in terms of participation from all members. Attract more members from the APORS region

APORS Report 

ORSC celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2010 in Beijing Recent APORS Council Meetings:   

Xiang-Sun Zhang

2009 December in India, 2010 October in China, 2010 December in Malaysia,

Shows an increasing cooperation within APORS.

APORS Report 

Xiang-Sun Zhang

APORS official journal: Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research (APJOR), sponsored by ORSS. ISORA (International Symposium on Operations Research and Applications) sponsored by ORSC will hold its 10th meeting in August 2011in Dunhuang, China. ISORA proceedings: “Lecture Notes in Operations Research”, indexed by ISTP.

EURO Regional Report Elena Fernández 

30 national OR societies within or nearby Europe.

10000 OR specialists.

EURO  

President: M. Grazia Speranza Executive Committee: 

    


Past President: Valerie Belton VP1: Gerhard Wäscher VP2: José Fernando Oliveira Secretary: Jesper Larsen

(UK) (Germany) (Portugal) (Denmark)

Treasurer: Marino Widmer IFORS VP from EURO: Elena Fernandez

(Switzerland) (Spain)

EURO activities: Conferences EURO Conference organized every year except those of the IFORS Triennial conference   

EURO XXIV Lisbon (July 11-14, 2010) EURO XXV Vilnius (July 8 - 11, 2012) EURO/INFORMS Rome (July, 2013)

EURO activities: Workshops & WGs 

28 EURO Working Groups. European-wide networks on all major topics of OR.

Most EURO Working Groups had a meeting in 2010. Members exchanged ideas, and research results.

EURO WGs organize invited sessions at the EURO Conferences & publish featured issues in OR journals

EURO activities: Young researchers 

Summer and Winter Institutes. 


Nonlinear Methods in Combinatorial Optimization Klagenfurt (Austria) Organizer: Franz Rendl ESI 2012: Maritime Logistics Bremen (Germany). June Organizer: Christian Bierwirth

OR Peripatetic Post-graduate Program Promoting scientific exchanges among the future OR generation 

ORP3 2011 Cadiz (Spain) September 13-17 Organizer: Antonio Rodríguez-Chía

EURO: Awards 

The EURO Gold Medal 2010 Rolf Möhring Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

EURO Distinguished Service Medal Maurice Shutler. London School of Economics, UK.

EURO: Awards 

The EURO Excellence in Practice Award Pinar Keskinocak, Georgia Tech, USA, Fararnroze Engineer and Larry Pickering.

EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award Claudia D'Ambrosio. Universitá di Bologna, Italy.

Management Science Strategic Innovation Prize Ioannis Gamvros IBM and S.Raghavan, The Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, USA

EURO: Cooperation with IFORS 

EURO Summer and Winter Institutes - ELAVIO

IFORS-EURO Scholars 

ESI 2012: EURO Summer Institute on “Maritime Logistics” Bremen, Germany. June 3 – 15, 2012

Development of OR in Africa

IFORS Education Resources Web-Based Project


EURO Journal on Computation Optimization. 

Martine Labbé

EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics. 

Editor in Chief:

Editor in Chief:

Michel Bierlaire

EURO Journal on Decision Processes. 

Editor in Chief:

Ahti Salo


Karla Hoffman CORS Publications:  

Quarterly Bulletin Journal: Information Systems and Operations Research (INFOR)

CORS Meetings:    

The 2011 annual CORS/SCRO meeting took place in St. John’s, the provincial capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, May 30-June 1, 2011. Plenary Speakers: Edward Coffman (Columbia Univ.) and Vedat Verter (Mc Gill University) Co-sponsor of the INFORMS Healthcare 2011 conference in Montreal, Canada on June 20-22, 2011. The 2012 CORS/MOPGP International Conference in Niagara Falls Ontario.


Karla Hoffman 2010 CORS award recipients:  

Arnold Lardner Prize: John D.C. Little (MIT) CORS Award of Merit: Bernard Gendron (Universite de Montreal) CORS Service Awards: Neil Barnes (IT Consultant), Vihn Quan (Ryerson University), and Neil Robinson (TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.) CORS 2010 Practice Prize: Burcin Bozkaya (Sabanci University), Erhan Erkut (Ozyegin University), Dan Heaight (University of Alberta), and Gilbert Laport (HEC Montréal).


Karla Hoffman INFORMS (USA) Meetings:  ALIO-INFORMS Joint International Meeting Buenos Aires, June 2010  2010 Annual Meeting: Austin, TX 2010 9 plenary speakers, 74 concurrent sessions   

2011 Annual Meeting: Charlotte, NC 9 Other Special Interest Meetings in 2011 Summer 2012 Meeting: Joint with China OR Society


Karla Hoffman 


INFORMS Publications: 

The John von Neumann Theory Prize: Søren Asmussen & Peter Glynn INFORMS President’s Award : Jonathan Caulkins 11 members became INFORMS Fellows; The George E. Kimball Award: James Bean and Lawrence Wein; INFORMS Impact Award: Fred Glover

12 Journals, 2 magazines, tutorial & book series

INFORMS Communities:  

10 societies, 22 sections, 5 fora, 31 regional chapters, Many student chapters

4. Nominating Committee Report 

Reported by Elise del Rosario

Nominee for IFORS President (2013-2015) 

Nelson Maculan

Full Professor of Optimization, Graduate School of Engineering Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Former President of the Brazilian Society for Operations Research, Vice-President of IFORS and President of ALIO Served as State Secretary for Education, Rio de Janeiro State, National Secretary of Higher Education and President, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Nominee for IFORS Vice President (2013-2015) 

 

Sue Merchant

Former Director of Consultancy and Information Services, Metropolitan Police London Independent management consultant for a range of public and third sector clients Interests: Problem Structuring Methods, Strategy Development, MCDA, promotion of ORS methods in Criminal Justice and charity sectors. Former VP and President of the UK OR Society

5. Open Forum

6. Adjournment

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