Bolton Safeguarding Adults Board Conference

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Law, Criminal Justice
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Bolton Safeguarding Adults Board Conference

‘Being Safe Feeling Safe’ Safeguarding Vulnerable Citizens in Bolton Bolton College 10th July 2012

The Role of the Vulnerable Adults Unit

Sgt Helen Smith - GMP

Vulnerable Adult Unit Bolton Sgt Helen Smith PC Abi Lewis PC Bernie Miller PC Michelle Holland PC Nicola Townley Direct Phone: 0161 856 1539

Safeguarding Responsibilities

Referrals To: • Safeguarding Team

• Mental Health Team • Alcohol (ADS) • Drugs • Adult Social Care •We always seek consent to share info

Safeguarding Responsibilities Criminal Investigations: High risk vulnerable adults who are victims of crime and the offender: a. is a family member OR b. has custody, care of control of the victim OR c. if it is committed in a professional capacity.

MAP-SA Multi Agency Panel – Safeguarding Adults

No Secrets Definition • Vulnerable Adults are defined as a person aged 18 years or over • who is, or may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness; • and who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself, • or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation.

Terms of Reference Adults who appear to be vulnerable but fall outside the GMP/No Secrets definition of Vulnerable Adult and who:1. Pose a significant risk to others - Professional judgment OR 2. Are repeat callers to Emergency Services OR 3. One off, high risk incidents were the vulnerable adult has, or potentially will, suffer significant harm.

Core Panel Chair Mike Sanderson D. Insp GMP Social Care Sue Unsworth Adult Social Care Safeguarding Officer Jane Robinson. Safeguarding Team Safeguarding Lead Dave Hanson NHS PPIU VAU Helen Smith Sgt GMP Alcohol/Drugs Cate Meagher GMW A&E Sue Beswick RBH A&E Sue Franklin RBH Senior manager Stuart Edmondson GMW Mental Health Housing Sector Julie Riley [email protected] Comm.Safety Mngr Derek Dempster GM Fire Service Admin Support Janet Neary Bolton Council

Purpose of Meeting To review known information and make a determination about proportionate response to risk/need that is possible within agency powers, duties and criterion.

Practicalities • MAP-SA will be managed on Sharepoint • Separate referral form for those not able to access to Sharepoint • The running order will be circulated prior to the meeting for agencies to review and come to the meeting prepared • Minutes will be taken and circulated • The venue will be Astley Bridge Police Station or • Le Mans Crescent • Meet every 6 weeks

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‘I’m not laughing’ The impact of hate crime

Daniel Ladd – Bolton Council Sgt Paul Ellis - GMP

The Impact of Hate Crime

What is hate crime?

“Any incident, which may or may not constitute a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hate”

How much hate crime is there?

In 2010, 48,127 hate crimes were recorded by police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

• 1,569 targeted disabled people • Around 3% of all hate crime is disability hate crime • These figures are broadly replicated in Bolton. • 2010/11 there were 344 hate crimes with 1% motivated by disability.

Hate Crime Reporting • Third party reporting. • Community venues (UCANs) and services working with communities (BADGE, BCOM). • Online reporting via • Go to for more info.

I’m Not Laughing Campaign

• Late 2010, a young couple were verbally abused and intimidated by a group of young males, hostile towards their disability. • Compounded by reports of security staff who failed to act to stop this behaviour. • The young couple stated that they no longer felt safe in the town centre and, although they would like to, would not be returning for future nights out in Bolton.

My boyfriend and I decided to dance, and it was obvious we were being stared at but we ignored it, and after a short while we made our way back to our seats. A group of lads were pointing towards us, laughing and swearing, and it was beginning to get too much. What made it worse, was the door staff, they just stood there, with their arms folded, watching and sniggering, without making any attempt to stop the group. The lads surrounded us and it was very frightening.

Training • ‘Accrediting’ licenced premises in Bolton. • Training on disability hate crime and legal, financial and moral obligations to uphold the Equality Act (2010). • Provided real-life examples of direct and indirect discrimination and harassment so that supervisors could apply these lessons.

Awareness Raising • Local campaign – reflect the experiences of Bolton residents. • Five campaign ‘faces’ selected. • ‘Tease’ campaign linking to more information online. • Real stories, real experiences.

Campaign Launch • Launch in town centre bar. • Over 120 people attended the launch. • Over two thousand ‘story’ booklets were handed out on the night across the town, and bar staff and door supervisors publicise. • Sustainable support and promotion via Facebook.

Assessment • We have seen a small increase in reports of disability hate crime. • We HAVE seen an increase in awareness of disability hate crime and the number of people who are willing to understand and act to prevent and tackle this.

Future Plans • We are keen to see the campaign grow. • Promoting at University and Colleges, our upcoming generation of night-time economy users. • Developing an education package for young adults – making young people with disabilities aware of their rights and perpetrators the consequences of their actions. • Implement across borough and promoting the campaign and looking to see if it can be established in other towns and cities.

Anti-Social behaviour Responding to vulnerable victims

Sgt Rob Knight - GMP Lee Armstrong - Bolton Council

Lee Armstrong Antisocial Behaviour Coordinator Bolton Council Sgt Rob Knight Greater Manchester Police

Response To Fiona Pilkington • In 2007 Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Francesca Hardwick died in tragic circumstances. • Inquest found failings in a number of services. • GMP set up Operation Gabriel.

ASB Calls to Bolton Police 2010/2011 April – February 15534 2011/2012 April – February 13826 - 1708 - 11% During the same period the % of people in Bolton who perceive a high level of asb fell from 6.1% to 4.5%

Click to view Flow Chart

ASB Victims Champion Project Bolton • Managed by Contour Homes

• Funded by Bolton Council

The Role of the ASB Victims Champion • Provide emotional support to vulnerable victims of asb • Provide practical support to vulnerable victims of asb • Liaise between agencies on behalf of person they are supporting • Be the voice of the person supported to agencies.

ASBRAC • Antisocial Behaviour Risk Assessment Conference • Emergency multi-agency meeting • Usual attendees • Multi-agency action plan created • Case Manager assigned • Follow-up meetings

Who refers? • • • •

71% Neighbourhood Policing Teams 17% Bolton at Home 5% Other RSL’s 7% other sources.

Success • 128 cases August 2010 – June 2012 • Winner of SLCNG Best Practice Award 2011 • Exceeded targets set by Bolton Council. Further funding agreed.

Discussion Groups Group





Lee Armstrong & Jane Robinson



Sgt. Helen Smith & Amina Jeewa



Daniel Ladd & Sgt. Paul Ellis



PS Alison Witkiewicz & Claire Burrows



Sgt. Rob Knight & Dave Hanson

Domestic abuse Multi agency response

PS Alison Witkiewicz - GMP Claire Burrows - Bolton at Home

Domestic Abuse PS Alison Witkiewicz

Categories of Domestic Abuse • Physical • Sexual • Emotional • Financial

What is Domestic Abuse? ACPO definition: “Any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, financial or emotional) between adults aged 18 or over, who are or have been intimate partners or are family members, regardless of gender”.

Why do victims not report it? • • • • • • • •

Fear Stigma Financial sacrifices Denial Children No better alternative Lack of understanding Lack of support / knowledge

What options are available?

Police • • • • • • • •

Call 999 or 101 Positive action D.A.S.H risk assessment Immediate safety planning Statements / evidence gathering Domestic Abuse Unit Charge / caution / no further action Bail conditions

Specialist DV court  SDVC is every Monday at Bolton Magistrates Court.  All domestic abuse cases heard at Bolton Magistrates Court will be listed for SDVC (only exception will be overnight remand in custody cases).  Specialist CPS lawyer and specifically trained clerks and magistrates.

Benefits.....  Improved understanding of domestic abuse cases  Better victim service  Special measures  Better results  More appropriate sentencing

Civil Orders      

Non-molestation order Restraining order Occupation order Residency order Prohibited steps order Domestic Violence Protection order


M.A.R.A.C • Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference • High Risk cases only • Meetings held every 4 weeks • Information Sharing Process • Action Plans set to address specific areas of risk • Individual Agency Responsibility • Referral threshold and pathway

Specialist support • Fort Alice / Lewis House • Safe Haven

• Victim Support • National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV)

• Paws for Kids • Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA)

• St. Mary’s Referral Centre

Forced Marriages and Honour Based Violence “ A marriage conducted without the valid consent of one or both parties, where duress is a factor” “Honour based violence is a crime or incident, which has or may have been committed to protect or defend the honour of the family and/or community members”

It has only recently become a criminal offence to force someone into a marriage, previously had to look at other offences. FM/HBV incidents are still massively under reported due to the strong cultural pressures.

Awareness is increasing and support for victims of FM/HBV is improving: • Karma Nirvana • Foreign & Commonwealth Office / Forced Marriage Unit • Forced Marriage Protection Order (FMPO) • IDVA support – Manchester City Centre

Any Questions ?

Bolton at Home’s Domestic Abuse Service Claire Burrows Neighbourhood Safety Services

Domestic Abuse Service • Introduced to support & deliver some of the actions identified in Bolton’s Domestic Abuse Strategy • Domestic Abuse policy

• Breach of Tenancy • Cross Tenure Service for Bolton Community Homes tenancies

Domestic Abuse Service • Bespoke victim centred service • Multi-agency approach, working closely

with partner agencies to provide help, support & rehabilitation to victims

Aims and objectives of the service • • • • • •

Reducing homelessness Sustaining tenancies Reducing repeat victimisation Supporting victims and families Creating safer neighbourhoods Working with partners on the strategic direction for Domestic Abuse services • Raise awareness of domestic abuse

Service for victims • Allocated case worker • Risk assessments • Provides an action and support plan which

includes: • Housing - Improving security - Temporary accommodation e.g. Lewis House

- Fire risk assessments

Service for victims (continued) – Permanent rehousing

• Health and Wellbeing – Children’s and Adults Services – Mental Health Services

– GP, Health Visitor & Midwife – ADS – Disability Team

Service for victims (continued) • General Safety Advice • Advise on legal matters

• Financial advice • Multiagency working

• Referring onto other support agencies

Enforcement • Tenancy agreement

• Warnings letters • Undertakings/Injunctions

• Possession proceedings The wishes and need of the victims are paramount

Rehabilitation of perpetrators • Referrals to other services / agencies • Support the delivery of ‘Footsteps’

behavioural change programme • Rehousing • Additions to the tenancy agreement

Performance •

131 cases opened 2011/12

Currently 51 live cases

Average case opened for 2 to 6 months

Mostly BH customers, 4 RSL cases

Majority of outcomes successful (13 victims left property in 2011/12)

Only one dissatisfied evaluation returned 2011/12

Referring into the service

• Contact the Neighbourhood Safety Team on: 01204 332868 or email [email protected]

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