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WCVB-TV / HEARST TELEVISION About WCVB-TV Channel 5 and  WCVB-TV/DT Channel 5 is New England’s top-rated news station for local, live coverage.  The first station in the Boston market to broadcast in high definition, WCVB was founded by community leaders in 1972, and has remained committed to its mission to serve the region with quality local programming.  Chronicle, WCVB’s award-winning newsmagazine, airs weeknights at 7:30PM. WCVB’s unrivaled programming also includes CityLine, a weekly urban affairs show, telethons, public service announcements and local specials.  It’s website,, is the top television website in the Boston market.  WCVB has been honored with numerous prestigious national broadcasting honors, including multiple recognitions as Television Station of the Year by the national Gabriel Awards, the National Headliner Awards, the RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Awards, the regional Emmy’s, Associated Press Awards, Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Political Journalism, duPont Awards and Gracie Awards.

Awards & Accolades WCVB-TV has been honored with numerous prestigious national broadcasting honors, including the following: •Multiple recognitions as Television Station of the Year by the national Gabriel Awards •National Headliner Awards, •RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Awards •Regional Emmy Awards •Associated Press Awards •Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Political Journalism, duPont Awards and Gracie Awards.

Broadcast Television is… Sensory Television’s offers a clear competitive advantage over newspapers because of its ability to embrace sight, sound, motion, and emotion.

Eye-popping visuals and the on-going development of high definition technology gives television offers a clear “next generation” advantage over newspapers.

Advancements in television have also paved the way for superior audio technology, meaning viewers can hear the broadcast in the way it was meant to be heard.

WCVB programming gives viewers front row access to great sports broadcasts and action-packed programming.

Whether it be a drama, comedy, or hard-hitting news story, WCVB offers an array of programming that plays to the senses.

Television is… Lifestyle Television is known not just for what it provides on the screen but also for how it influences the lives of those who watch.

Television is often the infrastructure of the home offering an array of programming that brings together families of all ages.

Television helps to create indelible memories that shape our generation.

With cutting-edge, insightful programming, television is a learning experience for viewers of all ages.

Great programming creates “appointment television,” a time to come together.

Television is… Up-To-The-Minute News One of television’s greatest assets is live news programming. Television news provides immediate onthe-spot coverage of the information viewers need to know within seconds of it being available. Conversely, newspapers must abide by earlier printing deadlines and complicated printing/delivery logistics in order to be able to present the news to readers by the following morning.

Breaking News Television has the ability to bring the story to viewers as its happening.

Weather Television news can keep viewers informed with the very latest weather information, relying on Doppler radar and advanced technology

Traffic Television traffic reporting lets viewers scout out their commute in real time before heading out each morning.

Sports Television news provides action-packed sports highlights, box scores, commentary and interviews.

Why WCVB-TV?  Audience Size: In an average week, WCVB reaches 1,954,000 households  Boston is one of the 10 largest U.S. DMAs with a total population of 6,439,192  Television viewing in the home is up +3.6% since last year…the average person watches 151.3 hours per month  WCVB-TV’s “Chronicle” is the longest-running, locally produced news magazine in the country


Age 18-34 35-49 50+

23% 31% 46%

44% / 56% male to female

Occupation White Collar/Prof Working Women Retired Blue Collar Clerical

.41% 34% 17% 11% 9%

Source: Nielsen 4th Qtr 2008 A2/M2 Three Screen Report/NSI Nov ’08/Marshall Marketing 2009/2009 Claritas

Education HS/Some College 44% College 31% Graduate+ 19%

HH Income Less than $30k $30k-$50k $50-$75k $75k-$100k $100k+

19% 18% 17% 20% 26%

Why is the #1 local TV station website in the Boston market, delivering qualified, professional visitors with tremendous purchasing power.

18-34 35-49 50+

26% 34% 40%

Household income of $100k+

1.7 million 21.7 million

College educated

unique visitors per month

page views each month

Source: Webtrends, Marshall Marketing 2009

Shopped or bought online


split of female/male

are married or living together

of traffic occurs between 7am-5pm

5.29 pages

per visit by viewers

WCVB-TV Coverage Map WCVB reaches 100% of the Boston DMA - 2,410,180 TV HH

Market Profile Black






Persons 18+


Persons 18-34


Persons 18-49


Persons 25-54


Persons 35-64


Working Women


WCVB-TV Produced Programs Chronicle Monday-Friday 7:00-7:30 PM New-England’s award-winning television news magazine debuted on January 25, 1982. Currently, Mary Richardson, Anthony Everett, Shayna Seymour, and Ted Reinstein take us down the Main Streets and Back Roads of New England. In addition to showcasing everything “New England,” Chronicle travels around the globe covering a wide range of topics, from news and sports to health, finance, art and culture, always with the emphasis on human interest.

CityLine Sunday 12:00-12:30 PM CityLine is a magazine program addressing the interests, accomplishments, problems and concerns of people of color in Greater Boston. Karen Holmes Ward is the host and executive producer.

SportsCenter5 OT Sunday 11:35-11:45 PM WCVB-TV/DT Channel 5 brings SportsCenter 5 OT, a fast paced look at local sports. It is designed to give fans a quick hit after local news and weather with insightful, colorful commentary and additional coverage. Mike Lynch and the SportsCenter 5 team of Mike Dowling and Bob Halloran give their take on Boston's big teams and offer expanded, hyper-local coverage of the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and area colleges and high schools!

Local Roots – WCVB-TV and the Community Public Service Credibility.. WCVB-TV has pioneered the art of successful public service campaigns. We have made a difference in New England and have passed our proven programs on to stations across the country. Our Public Service goal is to truly make a difference in our community. Not only does WCVB provide awareness for various issues and causes, we act to make tangible improvements for the communities we serve. Chronicle & City Line – both are locally produced WCVB-TV programs that touch upon the pulse of the local community. Awards & Accolades. Numerous WCVB-TV community affairs campaigns have earned high praise and awards, including Commonwealth 5, “A World of Difference” in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League, and Extreme Home Makeover: My Hometown – a local offshoot of the popular tv show.

Benefits of working with WCVB-TV “Connect with your local market…” WCVB-TV works with many advertisers in helping create their local strategy in the Boston DMA. Benefits of working with WCVB-TV on a local level include the following:

Specific local message Working with local broadcast television allows you greater versatility with crafting your campaign to a local viewership.

360 degree opportunities When working with WCVB-TV locally, you can tap into the station’s portfolio of integrated offerings, including, public service programming, promotional opportunities, partnerships, events, and more.

Local production WCVB-TV’s Commercial Production Department works with hundreds of advertisers to bring their campaigns to life with eye-dazzling production and professional quality editing. Additionally, WCVB-TV has full High Definition production capabilities!

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